Tools for the Strava Athlete

Here is a collection of Strava tools that I've put together, which you are free to use. Note that the tools only read data from Strava, and don't post or update anything on your behalf.

The main tool is an analysis of your entire history of activities, primarily to calculate your Eddington Number. I have also extended this to the club level, so you can track the Eddington Number for each of your clubs (running, cycling, etc).

You can also track your "Climbing Number", which is similar to the Eddington Number but is based on elevation gains instead. There are also maps of your KoMs (the ones that actually go uphill!) and of your starred segments. I've also added a little tool to calculate your "Hour Record".

All you have to do is "Connect to Strava" below, and the website does the rest!

To get started with these Strava analysis tools:

This page uses the Strava v3 API: The authentication protocol is oAuth2, and involves token sharing instead of password sharing for allowing to securely communicate with

Here are some more of your Strava stats