My activities, charted!

Here is some analysis of your activites! Within each type of activity you will find various histograms (frequency plots) showing the number of times that you've done that type of activity at certain speeds, distances, etc.

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by Peter on 04 July 2017
Are you able to add a checkbox to exclude rides that are flagged in Strava as commutes?

There might also be some other charts on other pages where excluding commutes might be useful

by John Swindells on 05 July 2017
That's a pretty good idea; I have an enormous spike on my time & distance charts above, due to all of my commutes.
by Berend on 19 December 2016
Nice! Can you put the average and standerd deviation in? And is this per year, or is it accumulated over the whole time i'm using strava?
by John Swindells on 20 December 2016
You now have a year-by-year option!
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by Wilfried on 29 October 2016
Great,! Can i get this also in metric?
by John Swindells on 29 October 2016
Great idea. Take a look now, Wilfried!
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