My Strava Achievements (KoMs/Qoms/CRs)

This is a list of your winning segments, with a start-to-finish gradient of at least 0.5%. The segments are crudely ordered by difficulty, by multiplying the gradient by the distance.

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by Dave on 23 May 2018 Reply
In mountain biking descents are challenging and the KOM's should be included as they can be hard earned
by John Swindells on 27 May 2018 Reply
That's a fair point. This KoM list is really aimed at road riding, where downhill segments are rarely challenging.
on 30 November 2015 Reply
Where are the downhill koms?
by John Swindells on 30 November 2015 Reply
I deliberately show only the uphill KoMs, since downhill KoMs don't make a lot of sense!
by Chris on 22 December 2016 Reply
You could call it a kod, king of descent. KOM is now just a general term for the fastest over a section, not necessarily climbing. Maybe you could add options so we can choose.
by John Swindells on 22 December 2016 Reply
King of Ascent, surely! KoA and QoA...

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