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The Eddington Number is the greatest number of days that you've ridden that distance. So, if you've managed 30 or more 30-mile days, then your number is 30. If you've only managed 20 or more 20-mile days, then your score is 20. It's an interesting self-improvement statistic, but is quite difficult to calculate - so here is a Strava-based tool that does it for you!
Need more background information? Read more about the Eddington Number, plus some all-athlete charts.

You can now see a breakdown of your Eddington number within each year, seeing how it increases month by month!


by Peter on 21 October 2020 Reply
Hi John,

I just discovered this page and it's very interesting! But, setting a "Distance preference" to "km" I'm still getting E-numbers in left column in imperial, not in metric. At least, "Metric Ride Eddington Number" and "Ride Hour Record" as well. Or am I missing something?

by John Swindells on 21 October 2020 Reply
Ah, I just fixed a mistake in the display of the metric Eddington number - so you should see the correct stat there now!
by Peter on 21 October 2020 Reply
Yes, it's correct now. Thanks!
by John Swindells on 21 October 2020 Reply
Hi Peter, that's a good point! The distance preference is a recent addition - and so far the only place I'm using it is in the activity analyser. I'll update the sidebar numbers soon.
by andy on 13 October 2020 Reply

Is there somewhere you can add rides that were not on Strava from a while ago? Ive got 9 on Strava of 100 mile plus but have another 15 in history.

by John Swindells on 13 October 2020 Reply
You can add rides manually to Strava, no matter how long ago they were. After you've done that, head back over here and see if the rides have been added. If not, you may need to re-fetch your activities from scratch. Note that the rides must be publicly viewable for them to be included here.
by Malcolm Rawlins on 08 September 2020 Reply
Hi John, is the Help Guide link broken? I get 'about:blank#blocked' when I try to follow it. Kind regards Malcolm
by John Swindells on 08 September 2020 Reply
Hi Malcolm, it's fixed now. Thanks for letting me know!
by Allen Horrigan on 26 June 2020 Reply
Hi. My eddington number is 64 but if I do a search of rides over 64 it only shows 58 I have disconnected and started again but the same.

It says I need 3 more rides to get to 66 but says I have only done 59 at 66 miles.

Thanks though it's a great site.

by John Swindells on 27 June 2020 Reply
Hi Allen, I've put together a more detailed "Help Guide" (see the link near the top of this page) which covers common issues. Please check through it and let me know how you get on!
by Gordon Smith on 09 June 2020 Reply

My stats seemed to have frozen at October 2019, with an error code of Strava Authorisation.

Checked my Strava privacy settings and they are set at everyone.

Did a reset from scratch and have lost all data now.

Can you help?



by John Swindells on 10 June 2020 Reply
Hi Gordon, the solution is to click "disconnect" at the top left of this page, then to go to your list of apps on Strava and remove, then come back here and try to connect again.
by Gordon Smith on 10 June 2020 Reply
Perfect. That worked. Thanks.

Gone from 44 to 51 over night.

by Javi on 24 May 2020 Reply
It would be interesting to have a multisport Eddington number. For triathletes, there are plenty of Brick workouts
by John Swindells on 24 May 2020 Reply
That's a neat idea. Without over-complicating it (eg, by choosing activity types), we could have an all-activity Eddington number. Does that sound sufficient?
by Javi on 24 May 2020 Reply
Sounds awesome!
by Johan on 16 May 2020 Reply
Could there be a miscalculation when switching to metric?

My imperial nr is 69, that is equivalent to 112km.

However, my metric eddington nr is 98, and although i rode several 100km rides since my promotion, the eddingtonnr didn't change.

I do understand the difference between 69 times 69 miles vs 112 times 112 km's, that's probably the answer?

by John Swindells on 17 May 2020 Reply
Hi Johan, I've been looking at your Strava activities that my site has access to, and there are only 97 rides of 100km or more. (You can see them on my Strava Activity Analyser page.) If you know you've done more than that, maybe they're not set to "public"?
by Mark Worthington on 07 May 2020 Reply
Great app, thanks for your contribution to the cycling community!

For clarity, if I upload to Strava 2 rides for the same day, a morning commute and an afternoon commute, does your app pick this up and sum them to achieve daily mileage? Sorry if it's a dumb question, and I'm sure the answer is obvious...

Second question is what happens when a ride starts one day, and finishes the next?



by John Swindells on 07 May 2020 Reply
Hi Mark, thanks for your comments - much appreciated :)

If you do two or more rides in a day, they get added together to count for the day's total miles. So daily mileage is determined by all the activities in each day.

As for a multi-day ride, the mileage is chopped up according to what time proportion of the ride each day accounts for. This isn't exact of course (as you might slow down into the next day, for example), but is a reasonably approximation without getting into detailed GPX analysis.

by Reuben C on 27 April 2020 Reply
There are a couple Strava plugins that'll update your ride description with the weather or similar info after you save it. Any chance that you can look into adding a "New Eddington number = x" or something tag if that day's ride ups my E#?

I don't always think to come check after I have a long day, and I think it'd help popularize the idea of the Eddington number as well.

by John Swindells on 27 April 2020 Reply
Hey that's a great idea! I'll look into it, but it would probably be fairly straightforward.
by YJ on 27 April 2020 Reply
Hi John,

I've clicked the orange Connect to Strava button and it shows on the list of authorized apps on the Strava site, but every time I return to the Eddington number page the orange Connect button is still there, and there isn't a number. Am I doing something wrong?

by John Swindells on 27 April 2020 Reply
Hi, that's very odd - you're doing it right! Try refreshing/reloading this page, to see if it triggers a fresh page load.
by YJ on 16 May 2020 Reply
It works now. Magic. Thank you!
by Mark Jones on 04 May 2020 Reply
I have encountered the same problem over the past two weeks. My Eddington Number page just shows a blank space where my number used to appear. It reports at the top of the page: Strava error: Authorization error
by John Swindells on 04 May 2020 Reply
Hi Mark, can you make sure that you're disconnecting from Strava on this site (ie, click "Disconnect" if you see it), go to your list of apps on Strava and remove, then come back here and try to connect again.
by Mehdi on 09 April 2020 Reply
I had a bunch of activities on a different app. I just uploaded them to Strava. But I still don't see them here. What is the way to trigger a "pull" so these numbers get updated?
by John Swindells on 09 April 2020 Reply
Hi, you can use the %u201Crefresh the score from scratch%u201D link near the top of this page.
by Mehdi on 09 April 2020 Reply
I did that. Still did not refresh. I uploaded like 30 activities from 2014 and 2015 but still see like 4 here. Should the activities be "public" for you to fetch? The activities are Private in Strava.
by John Swindells on 10 April 2020 Reply
Yes! I can only see your public activities.
by Al Horrigan on 18 January 2020 Reply
I like looking back at my 100 mile rides on strava but they take a long time to find on IOS.

Is there a function that could pull all the 100milers out to view on here


by John Swindells on 20 January 2020 Reply
Sounds like you want to use the activity analyser. You can use that to browse and filter your activities by type, distance, year, etc.
by Al on 14 March 2020 Reply
by Jackie on 25 December 2019 Reply
Hi John. Is there any chance of showing how many more days you need to do to get to the next few E numbers per year like you do for all time? It is only really needed for the current year but it might be nice to see how far off you were in previous years of getting a better one. My example: coming up to the end of 2019 I have an E number of 43 but I don't have any idea if I need to do just 1 or many more rides to get to 44 before 31st. The breakdown per year only shows what has happened in relation to your current E number.

I might be missing it somewhere else but if not, then I think it could be a nice addition.

Of course I don't expect you to look into this before the end of this year! Thank you very much for all your work on this site. It is really nice to use to track my progress.

by John Swindells on 27 December 2019 Reply
Great idea, Jackie; I've just added this for the current year's targets. Does it work ok for you?

Glad you're finding my Strava tools useful :)

by Jackie on 28 December 2019 Reply
Yes, I can see this year's targets directly under the all time targets! The only thing is that you have reduced the number of all time targets you display down to just the next 3 which I think that is a bit of a shame as it was nice to see further off targets as well. Is there a way to show say 10 targets of each with a line break between the two types to make it a bit clearer, I didn't notice them at first as I assumed they would be accessible by clicking on the actual year. Thank you for looking into this so quickly.
by John Swindells on 28 December 2019 Reply
All excellent points. I've now moved the per-year targets to the per-year pages, which makes much more sense and means that you can see how far off you were in previous years.
by Jackie on 28 December 2019 Reply
That looks great, thank you very much. The other good thing is that I now know I need just one more ride for 44, which I should get tomorrow, all being well :-) Wishing you a Happy New Year!
by Douglas on 17 November 2019 Reply
Any sight on a solution for the strava authorization error? It is almost 31/12 and i have to see if my eddington goal is achieved.
by John Swindells on 17 November 2019 Reply
Hi Douglas, my update in October cleared any outstanding authorisation issues. You may need to head over to Strava ( and revoke my app's access, before heading back here and trying to connect again.
by Douglas on 17 November 2019 Reply
Thanks! It s working again! Thanks for the app by the way. Great for setting goals!
by Javier on 19 October 2019 Reply
It seems activities are not fetched since October 15. Could you take a look at it? Great job by the way. Thank you very much for this awesome tool
by John Swindells on 20 October 2019 Reply
I've made an update to my Strava auth code, so you should be able to get your recent activities. If that doesn't work, try revoking's access (at, reload this page and then connect with Strava again.
by Jackie D on 21 October 2019 Reply
Hi John. My Eddington number wasn't being changed so I saw this post and followed your instructions and revoked's access. I then reloaded this page but it was still not being updated and now when I go to my apps on Strava I can't see how to connect to again. When I use explore apps on Strava it gives whole lists of apps to choose from but no way of searching them and I can't see your app there anywhere. Or am I being stupid and I do it some other way? Many thanks.
by John Swindells on 21 October 2019 Reply
Hi Jackie, you need to be on one of my Strava pages, eg,, and click on the orange 'connect with Strava' button. I hope that works!
by Jackie D on 21 October 2019 Reply
Thank you, I didn't see that before! I've done that and Strava is showing in my apps now but I think my E number should have been increased to 54 after yesterdays ride. It said before that I had 53 and needed one more ride to get to 54 and it is still saying the same, even after reconnecting and reloading this page.
by John Swindells on 21 October 2019 Reply
I checked your activities and can see your most recent 56-mile ride yesterday. I also did a count of your days with 54 miles or more, and could only see 53! So I can't explain how you saw "1 more day" before yesterday's ride... sorry! You should definitely be on 54 after your next big ride.
by Jackie D on 22 October 2019 Reply
Thank you John. I must have been mistaken and thought I only needed one more before the ride. That probably means I didn't need to go through all this palaver at all! Sorry to bother you.
by John Swindells on 19 October 2019 Reply
This looks like an authorization error with Strava. I'll try to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible! Glad you like the tool :)
by James T on 25 August 2019 Reply
Really appreciate the website - thanks for this!

Interesting position in my stats right now. Looking at metric, I have an Eddington number of 74, and the targets beneath say that I "need 4 more days (of 76 km or more) to achieve an Eddington number of 76". What about 75? If the 76 target is correct, then surely I only need three more rides of 75km to hit 75 - but this is missing from the list if targets???

by John Swindells on 26 August 2019 Reply
Hi James, glad that you find this useful! When displaying the targets, I don't show all of them (as there could be a lot of them), but I'm not sure why you're not seeing your next target #75. Will need to do a bit of head-stratching there...
by Reuben on 13 September 2019 Reply
I've noticed that it doesn't give you a target if you've never ridden exactly that distance before. Check the "Going the Distance" page. I'm seeing the same thing for 60 miles. I can ride 19 more days of 59 miles or more or 22 days of 61 miles or more, but since I've never had a day where I rode exactly 60, it doesn't have a number for that.
by John Swindells on 14 September 2019 Reply
Yes, that'll be why! I only have an Eddington number "bucket" for each distance that's been ridden in a day. I've now updated the targets to fill in those gaps. Thanks for the clue, Rueben :)
by Joris on 15 September 2019 Reply
Hi John, thanks for the addition, but I think that you give a too high number of days required to achieve a new eddington level for a mileage that you have not ridden before. You seem to base the calculation of the next higher mileage that you have done before, but I think you have to base it on the actual eddington number. By the way: great tool you made! I regularly check my progress on your side
by John Swindells on 15 September 2019 Reply
Oops, silly mistake, fixed now! Glad you're finding it useful 👍
by Reuben on 05 November 2019 Reply
One similar follow-up idea: since now it's now showing the next 20 mile targets, can you add in also showing "key" numbers if they don't show up in the next 20 sequential amounts? Like always show how many to get to 50, 62, 100, that sort of thing. I frequently check the graph page to look for that info, but it could show up in this table, too.
by John Swindells on 05 November 2019 Reply
Good idea! I've added a bunch of these to give you some more distant targets.
by Reuben on 05 November 2019 Reply
Thanks (although now it's a lot more intimidating...)
by Simon on 13 August 2019 Reply
Hey all

Just letting you know, Ive uploaded all my rides from mapmyfitness to strava - actually worked!

Thanks all


by Rudi Mayr on 05 August 2019 Reply
John, it appears if I record a ride that takes more than one day, it is all credited to the day the ride begins. Is there a way to credit the distance ridden to the day it was ridden?

So, for example:

This ride took place over 4 days:

day 1 61.8

day 2 236.1

day 3 206.4

day 4 124.8


by John Swindells on 26 August 2019 Reply
Hi Rudi, please have a look at your Eddington score now. Multi-day rides should now be split up.
by John Swindells on 05 August 2019 Reply
Hi Rudi, what an amazing ride! That's a big old lake isn't it.

I've been pondering this issue for a while, and the problem with it is that I'd have to analyse the data points for the ride rather than just looking at the summary. I'll have another think about it to see what's possible - even to divide it up approximately.

by Thomas Hamann on 25 August 2019 Reply
Hi John, that would be really nice because I also like to do long distance rides like Paris-Brest-Paris (

Thank you very much!

by John Swindells on 26 August 2019 Reply
Hi Thomas, well done with PBP! I'd like to attempt it one year.

Have a look at your score now; multi-day rides should now be split up.

by Thomas Hamann on 26 August 2019 Reply
Thanks John, looks like you nailed it. Regarding PBP, you should definitely do it if you can. I was a bit skeptical in advance because I don't speak any French but I enjoyed every minute of it.
by Phil Fox on 02 January 2020 Reply
Hi John - Speaking of PBP, my multiday efforts are not showing up. I've been doing 24 hour efforts and those rides aren't populating in my eddington stats.

Here's my effort at PBP (on no sleep)

by John Swindells on 02 January 2020 Reply
That's an amazing time Phil, well done. It somehow didn't get added to your list of activities on though, so would you hit the 'refresh score from scratch' link at the top of this page to grab everything all over again please?
by Phil Fox on 04 January 2020 Reply
Ahhhh, I feel much better now. Thank you John!

Finally got my Eddington Score of 100!

by Tim Doran on 04 July 2018 Reply
John - does the calculation take in to consideration multiple rides per day? Many of my rides include a break to go to work (sad times). My average journey is 7/8ish miles each way. I think that the calculation should sum the distance for the entire day. Happy to eat my cycling cap if I am wrong.

I love your work, thanks very much

by John Swindells on 04 July 2018 Reply
Hi Tim, you are wrong, but please don't eat your cap! I add up the distance for all rides in each day, so please let give me an example if you think it's not correct.
by Tim Doran on 04 July 2018 Reply
I have exported my data from strava. I think that I have a score of 22, which is by no means very exciting. Would it be possible for me to send you a spreadsheet to see if you agree?
by Tim Doran on 11 July 2018 Reply
Thanks very much for John's advice. The Eddington number only looks an non private rides. My GPS had uploaded most as private. I have fixed all my rides and now get the correct score.

I used IMacros plugin for firefox v49.0.2 to set them all to non private.

Here is the macro in case anyone else has lots of rides to fix. It sets the top private ride in the list to non private. Set the loop option in Imacros to fix many rides.








by captainkickstand on 13 May 2018 Reply
And I have one more observation: as I mentioned, I am trying to bring my e-number up to 50 by late August. So I imported to Strava three old rides I had recorded on Map My Ride. I downloaded them from MMR as .TCX files and then uploaded them to Strava. All were from 2015 and each was more than 50 miles but they had no impact on the number of rides I needed to get to 50. In other words, before importing, my number was 40 and I needed 23 more 50 mile rides and after the import, I still needed 23. It seems like it's ignoring them. Thanks again for putting this together!
on 13 May 2018 Reply
Disregard! I had tried the 'Fetch new activities' link and that didn't do it but the 'calculate from scratch one did.' Sorry for the comment spam!
by Mark M on 19 February 2018 Reply
Hi John, your calc does not seem to include virtual rides on Zwift - is this your long term intention, or might you include them? Thanks!
by John Swindells on 19 February 2018 Reply
Hi there Mark. Virtual rides are a separate type of activity, and you should have your own Eddington number for those. I don't mix any activity types when calculating the Eddington number, and don't intend to change that.
by captainkickstand on 11 May 2018 Reply
Thanks for that. Nothing against Zwift, but I've seen too many people in ride challenges claim to have 'Everested' in one day in Watopia to take those numbers seriously, no matter how good a workout it is. Leave those of us who ride exclusively outside something, before the e-bikes take over.

Thank you for putting this tool together. I do not have good riding logs for most of the years I have been riding but I am trying to get my e-number up to 50 by my 50th birthday this year. (I don't want to sound like I'm hating on Zwift so please don't feel like you have to 'approve' this comment).

by Jesse on 03 January 2018 Reply
It seems I'm now seeing someone else's data instead of my own
by John Swindells on 03 January 2018 Reply
Hi Jesse, that's not good! Would you send a screenshot to please, along with your Strava Id or username. Thanks.
by SLS on 22 November 2017 Reply
Thanks for adding ads so that we can continue enjoy your site!

But the data table in the new layout makes it difficult to scan the data. If you remove the units from each data point and instead add the unit in the header, it will be easy to compare all the numbers.

by John Swindells on 23 November 2017 Reply
I've moved the units into the table header, as you suggest. It does look neater now, don't you think?
by SLS on 23 November 2017 Reply
It looks great! Thanks for the quick response, John.
by Joe Wein on 27 September 2017 Reply
My Eddington number shows as:

Ride: 103 Hike: 5 Run: 4 Walk: 1 Workout: 1

The single "Workout" is listed for September. All my September events are rides, though there is one ride that matches the distance and time listed. It was accidentally initially uploaded as a "Workout", after Strava changed the default activity type for uploads. I edited the activity type later. This app doesn't seem to re-read the activity, even when I unauthorize it and re-authorize it (which leads me to believe that all local data is retained when you revoke Strava authorization).

by John Swindells on 27 September 2017 Reply
That's correct, Joe - I don't remove your data if you disconnect from Strava. I should really make that clear, and give you the option to remove your data.

In your case you can use the "refresh the score from scratch" link to re-fetch your activities from Strava.

by Joe Wein on 28 September 2017 Reply
Thanks, John! That link fixed it :-) Somehow I had failed to see it.
by John Swindells on 28 September 2017 Reply
No problem. By the way, well done with your Eddington number!
by Greville on 03 May 2017 Reply
Is it me, or is there a problem with this page? It does not display my Eddington details, only invites me to connect (although already connected). Strava dashboard shows current overall E number, but "details" brings me back to invitation to connect!
by Olof on 23 June 2017 Reply
I (and a friend of mine) have the same issue.
by John Swindells on 26 June 2017 Reply
I'll see if I can fix this. In the meantime, can you try refreshing/reloading the page in your browser please?
by David Streever on 05 September 2017 Reply
refresh fixes it for me
by Doug Bruce on 02 May 2017 Reply
Something seems to be amiss with the link "Switch to Metric". I am no longer getting a number displayed when I do click that link, whereas I was ... up until today.
by John Swindells on 03 May 2017 Reply
Try the "Re-calculate my Eddington Number" link. Failing that, try "refresh the score from scratch".
by Randy Schulz on 24 April 2017 Reply
Hey John - Perhaps my understanding of E-number is wrong, but I thought that with my number at 51 my 61-mile ride today would have brought my E-number up to 52, right? But it did not (I did click the re-calculate link).
by John Swindells on 24 April 2017 Reply
Hi Randy, to get from an E-number of 51 to 52 depends on how many of your previous days were 52 miles or more. As an extreme example, if you rode exactly 51 miles on 51 days, then none of those would count towards your next target of 52 - so you'd have to do 52 days' riding of 52 miles or more each day!
by Randy Schulz on 28 April 2017 Reply
Got it.
by Jan C on 30 March 2017 Reply
You can also compute a weekly Eddington number: the number of weeks you have biked at least as many miles (kms). It varies a little depending on the day you decide to start the week. I have used Sunday, Monday, and 'any day that gives the best result.'

You can also define an elevation Eddington number: the number of feet (meter) you have climbed in as many days.

by John Swindells on 30 March 2017 Reply
Interesting ideas Jan. I do already have a climbing number calculator which you might like to check out.
by David Baxter on 15 March 2017 Reply
Cool free tool. Thanks for putting this together!

One quibble: It says my Eddington number of 110 puts me in the top 0%. Shouldn't that be the top 1%?

by John Swindells on 15 March 2017 Reply
That's your fault for having such a high number, David! Take a look now though - it should be fixed.
by Phil Millham on 20 February 2017 Reply
Hi John, without giving any names away, is there a chance you could tell us what the highest Eddington number is (Imperial of course)at the moment based on your users. I'm at 99 at the moment with 4 more rides to get to the magic 100 (think I'll retire after that), just curious anyway. I'd assume its some 'animal' like Steve A, up near 150 or so? Totally understand if you don't want to say.
by Fab4ever on 06 October 2020 Reply
A few month ago, I was wondering the same: what would be the record Edington Number someone has reached. I'm at 106 currently, 4 rides short of 107. I think that's quite high. Nice to find some confirmation here.
by John Swindells on 24 February 2017 Reply
Hi Phil, you can see the range of Eddington numbers on my Calculate your Eddington Number page. Currently at 192!

Well done with your figure of 99 - way above average! It'll be very satisfying when you hit a "ton of centuries".

by John S on 17 January 2017 Reply
Hi, still enjoying these Eddington tools - thank you. One question that shows I still don't understand how the number is worked out. In imperial, it says I am in the top 37% of the distribution, but in metric, this changes to the top 8%. I don't mind about the absolutes - 37% sound more right - but I am struggling with how a relative position in a distribution of the same rides everyone has done could change so much (or at all) with a change in units. Thanks if you can help me understand!
by John Swindells on 17 January 2017 Reply
Ah, the reason for that is because much fewer people check their metric Eddington Number - so there's only a small pool of people that you're comparing to. I'm probably going to change it so that both metric and imperial numbers are calculated at the same time - but that'll take time for the "relative position" stats to improve.
by John S on 17 January 2017 Reply
OK many thanks - that makers sense. I had assumed there was the same big bucket of rides and these were just looked at through metric or imperial goggles. I shall keep comparing myself to the more exclusive metric riders then - much more flattering:-)
by James on 16 January 2017 Reply

Have you (or anyone else!) considered an analog of the Edddington Number for altitude? Say number x days of x hundred meters climbed for runners/cyclists?

This might be mixed up with distance, so how about Eddington number conditioned on a certain amount of climbing -- Eddintgon number given all days have at least x hundred metres climbing.

Just a thought!

I've enjoyed using some of your strava tools!

by John Swindells on 16 January 2017 Reply
Hi James, that's a really interesting idea! I'll have a play and see how the numbers work out.
by Ausied on 01 January 2017 Reply
How do I add pre strava / Garmin recorded rides so that they count on my Eddington number
by John Swindells on 01 January 2017 Reply
You need to add them manually (on the Strava website), then come back here and click the "refresh the score from scratch" link.
by coma_g on 13 December 2016 Reply
This reports that I am in the top N%. Can you tell me what this relates to please? I would assume the set involved is those users that have used your site to calculate their E number rather than a wider Strava population?
by John Swindells on 13 December 2016 Reply
It's only based on people who have calculated their E number on this site - a couple of thousand in total. Note that far fewer people have looked at their metric E number, so your "top N%" there is quite different.
by coma_g on 13 December 2016 Reply
Thanks. Yes, I happened to click on the metric option today and was surprised to find a different ranking than the imperial one.
by Simon Burge on 05 December 2016 Reply
Similar problem to Phil... On Oct 15 my Eddington number was 74 (needing two more days of 75 miles to get to 75), but today it's back to 73 needing two more 74 mile days to get back to 74. I've done three 74 mile rides since Oct 15. It's hard enough going forward without going backward :).
by John Swindells on 05 December 2016 Reply
Your Eddington Number is now reading as 75, Simon. When you checked, I wonder if a bunch of your recent rides got missed off somehow.
by John Swindells on 05 December 2016 Reply
I quite agree! The last thing you want is for the number to go down. I'll try to figure out what's going on.
by Simon Burge on 05 December 2016 Reply
Great! That looks much better!

I did do a "refresh from scratch" yesterday and it made no difference.

by John Swindells on 09 December 2016 Reply
Glad to hear it, Simon. I managed to trace the problem to an over-zealous webpage cache option that I'd enabled recently.
by Philip Plummer on 03 December 2016 Reply
My Eddington was the last time I looked was 53 but today when recalculated it's gone back to 50 ?
by John Swindells on 09 December 2016 Reply
I suspect that your score of 53 was wrong, Philip. Can you do a "refresh from scratch" please? That should make sure that there's no rogue data lurking in your activities list.
by Phil plummer on 08 December 2016 Reply
Anything happening still reading 50
by Phil plummer on 04 December 2016 Reply
About 2 weeks ago it was 53
by John Swindells on 04 December 2016 Reply
Hey there Philip, when did you check your E-number previously? I have fixed a few things over the last year, but the calculation has been unchanged for several months now.
by SS on 29 February 2016 Reply
I really like this tool! Unfortunately, it rounds down each strava activity which incorrectly calculates the daily total mileage. This is not such a big deal for cycling, but for hikes which are of shorter duration, this can make a difference. There are a number of people who hike multiple peaks in one day and are losing up to 10% of some days. Would it be possible to fix this?
by John Swindells on 01 March 2016 Reply
Thanks for pointing this out! I was rounding down each activity, which is unfair. It should be correct now, in imperial and metric, all-time and year-by-year.
by Russell on 17 April 2016 Reply
Simple answer, ride further, take out need for fine margins
by dean gaudet on 29 February 2016 Reply
i understand you round down, but if there are multiple tracks in the day do you round down once for the day or once for each track?

by my calculation i have 12 hikes of 13 miles, this is based only on sorting my strava activities by distance and counting. i have days with multiple tracks totaling 13 as well... but the tool indicates that i have 3 more days to go for hike=13.

3 more seems to be at odds both with the sorted-by-distance activity view, and also at odds with the days which sum to 13 .

by John Swindells on 01 March 2016 Reply
Hi Dean, I think I've fixed this rounding-down error now. Thanks for pointing it out, and let me know whether it improves for you!
by dean gaudet on 13 March 2016 Reply
yep seems more accurate now, thanks!
by Andrew W on 25 January 2016 Reply

Thanks for doing this, it has given me an impetus to ride for longer. I'm slightly puzzled by the overall figures - Strava has my total for this year so far as 285.9 while you have it as 276. The difference for last year was in the region of 100. Am I correct in thinking that this is because you round down (which would make perfect sense)or is it about privacy zones? Thanks

by John Swindells on 25 January 2016 Reply
Hi Andrew, I think that this is just because I round down; my 2016 mileage is 10km down compared to Strava, for 20 rides. I don't think privacy zone settings will cause an issue, as the "total distance" for a ride should still be correct. Might be wrong though!
by Andrew W on 25 January 2016 Reply
Looking at my commutes I think it is the rounding down. I need to lengthen my ride to and from work in half mile increments!
by John Swindells on 25 January 2016 Reply
Nice incentive to ride just a little bit further :)
by Chris OHearn on 02 January 2016 Reply
Hi John,

Thanks for setting this up and adding the metric version too - it's a fascinating number to track.

Is it possible to look at all rides together - at the moment it is showing 'Virtual Rides' as a separate category.

That probably comes from Strava as they have separated them from challenge totals and so on but for people who ride indoors on programs like Zwift and want to look at everything together it would be good to look at it combined.

Thanks, Chris

by John Swindells on 03 January 2016 Reply
Hi Chris, I'll see if I can add that as an option. Some people may well not want to merge real and virtual rides.
by Dave Warnock on 01 January 2016 Reply
Oddly on my tablet this page misses the actual Eddington Number tables unless I ask for the desktop site.

Would be helpful to at least display a message on the mobile version of the site that the detail is only available on the desktop version of the page.

by John Swindells on 02 January 2016 Reply
Hi Dave, thanks for your feedback! I'll need some more info from you if that's ok (screenshot, tablet model & operating system version, which browser you're using). You can contact me directly on
by Simon on 19 November 2015 Reply
Hi, I'm getting an Eddington number of 85/metric and 61/imperial, 85 km = 52 miles doesn't it?
by John Swindells on 19 November 2015 Reply
I'm afraid that this is a twisted symptom of the Eddington Number, Simon. Remember that it's not just about the distance; it's also about the count. In your case you just don't have 84 days of 84km or more (84km = 52 miles).
by Tony Houlihan on 15 November 2015 Reply
My 2012 cycling results don't appear in the recalculated figures. I have checked Strava and the data is there. Can I do anything to correct this from my end?
by John Swindells on 15 November 2015 Reply
Hi Tony, there's a link on this page, "refresh the score from scratch". Give that a go, and please let me know if it still doesn't work!
by Chai on 11 November 2015 Reply
I think there is something amiss.

Veloviewer says my eddington is 31.

Your calcs says

"My Ride Eddington Number is 28!"

However, in the next section, it says,

"Here are some targets for you...

You need 4 more days (of 32 miles or more) to achieve an Eddington number of 32"

- which is my next Eddington number. Not sure if this is a coincidence.

by John Swindells on 11 November 2015 Reply
According to my stats, Chai, you have 30 days of 28 miles or more, and 28 days of 32 miles or more. Would you be able to check through your rides and see how many days had 31 miles or more?
by Chai Ang on 12 November 2015 Reply

I wrote a script to calculate my eddington from the csv file downloaded via and the calculated number matches the VV number.

Ahhhh... could it be timezones... I think I had to add 10 hours (GMT 10) being in Melbourne, Australia and all.

Maybe that is what's skewing the numbers.

by John Swindells on 12 November 2015 Reply
Ah, you're right - I've been using Strava's UTC-based start_time! I've now switched this to start_time_local, so please let me know if this fixes it for you :)
by Chai Ang on 13 November 2015 Reply
Yay. My Eddington is now 31. Which matches VV

as well as my csv script.

However, VV says 1 more ride to 32.

Yours say 2 more rides. script says I am already at 32 :-) I like my script better... but I think VV is correct.

by John Swindells on 13 November 2015 Reply
That's great, at least they all agree now! Thanks for pointing out the timezone issue and for checking it again.
by James M on 07 November 2015 Reply
Can you check the targets are correct? I've done 24 days of 23 miles or more, and 23 days of 24 miles or more, but the target suggests I need two more days to reach E24. If the targets went to the upper bounds of my distance, they'd say I need 106 more days to reach 106 miles when in fact I need 105 more days. Not absolutely certain I haven't got the wrong end of the fence post here though.
by John Swindells on 08 November 2015 Reply
Hi James, I did a quick check of your rides and can only find 18 days where you rode 24 miles or more.

Bear in mind that when calculating the Eddington number I always round down (after adding up all the rides for each day), so 23.9 miles is only a 23-mile day.

by James M on 09 November 2015 Reply
I see... Checking my scripts... ... I see... I'm using gpsbabel to convert GPX files to KML which gives distance as a by-product of the conversion. The mileages compared with Strava are slightly different. Noticed this before actually using Viking with my GPX. For instance, my ride on 2015/04/07 to strava is 23.3 but 24.1 in the KML/Viking.
by John Seton on 05 November 2015 Reply
Just discovered this at same time as started using Strava again to log rides - really useful addition - thanks. I am a bit confused by the difference between Imperial and Metric. They both show the same number of rides, hours and total distance (in miles /km as appropriate), but the Imperial cumulative number is 15 at the moment, but the metric is only 8. I would have expected the Metric to be higher? Possible explanations (i) I tried Strava briefly 2 years ago and gave up on it until 2 months ago (ii) I sometimes forget to use Strava and instead upload rides to Strava as .fit files from Garmin Edge and these are often split into a morning an afternoon ride, so the total for the day might be 75km, but this is made up from 2 or more shorter rides for the day - or (iii) (most likely) I simply don't understand how it works and where the number comes from! Thanks if you can help me...
by John Swindells on 06 November 2015 Reply
Hi John, this should be sorted now. How does it look for you now?
by John Swindells on 05 November 2015 Reply
Hi John, that's definitely not right! I've looked at your rides on Strava (you have some decent miles in there) and you should probably have a metric all-time score of 20 or so. It doesn't matter how you captured your rides, and rides are grouped into distance-per-day, so it looks like something is going wrong! I'll look into your stats and try to figure it out.
by John Seton on 06 November 2015 Reply
HI John - thanks very much for taking a look so soon - that's more like what I expected. The current year has also populated as well as the cumulative, so that all looks great now.
by stone on 26 August 2015 Reply
I like the table view of previous years a lot. Right now, the last row is 2015 (the current year). It would be great to see the trailing 12 mos. as the last row.

Since we're in the middle of they year, my "2015 E" is 4 lower than "all time E", but if i look at rides "since this date last year", my E is only 1 less. I'm close to eclipsing my all time E when looking at the rolling year.

by John Swindells on 26 August 2015 Reply
Glad you like it! I see what you mean about the current year e-number being artificially lower than for previous year - but it does give you something to aim for this year!
by Dave Warnock on 09 July 2015 Reply

This is great! Thanks. I'm quite pleased with a score of 54 at age 50 :-)

I am curious. If a ride goes past midnight how does it count?

I wonder if it would be possible to see a list of the rides that make up the current cumulative Eddington Number?

by John Swindells on 09 July 2015 Reply
Dave, I only consider the start time of a ride. I suppose I could chop a ride into two bits if it spans two days, though!

That's a great idea to be able to see which rides form your Edington number; I'll add that to the to-do list. Well done with your score - now see how high you might be able to get it!

by Dave Warnock on 26 September 2015 Reply
Just a little update. I've increased my Eddington No to 56 and aiming for 60 by the end of the year.
by John Swindells on 27 September 2015 Reply
Nice one, Dave! I'm now up to 54, and hopefully up to 56 by year end. Good luck with your 60 target!
by Kevin on 14 June 2015 Reply
I like what you've done here. Am I missing something?

I have an E number of 46 and, according to, I need 2 more rides of at least 50 miles to get it up to 50. If the latter statement is true, I must already have 48 rides of at least 50 miles. If that's the case then my E number must be at least 48.

by John Swindells on 14 June 2015 Reply
Thanks for your feedback, Kevin. Is your all-time E-number definitely 46, as opposed to your one-year E-number?
by John Swindells on 14 June 2015 Reply
Try it now; I had a "greater than or equal" condition, instead of a "greater than", when cumulatively bucketing up the distances.
by Kevin on 14 June 2015 Reply
The number has changed. it now read "50" but I think it's now gone the other way. I have 46 rides of 50 and the next is 47.5. I think that should report as an E number of 47 and 4 more 50 rides to make it up to 50.

Does your calculation group rides on the same day? I know I had at least a couple of rides where Garmin shenanigans resulted in the the ride being split.

by John Swindells on 20 June 2015 Reply
I calculate the number of miles ridden in a day, so it won't matter if your day's riding has been split up.

So now you've been given an E-number of 50, when you only have 46 days of 50 miles or more? That's not right either! I'd like to get to the bottom of this, Kevin, so would you email me a screenshot please (to and I'll try to figure it out :)

by kevin on 21 June 2015 Reply
I think it's working properly now. When I said I had 46 rides that wasn't 46 days. The number's correct (50) when each day's mileage is grouped together.

Now to see if I can get the 31 days of 57 miles or more to get my E number up to my age before next November!

Thanks for sorting this.

by John Swindells on 21 June 2015 Reply
Phew, thanks for letting me know! Good luck with your age-related target :)
by kevin on 14 June 2015 Reply
John: yes, it is the All Time number. This year's is only 28!
by Dafydd on 06 June 2015 Reply
great work. Be interest to know how the distribution of E/age pans out. I'm 46 with a same value E. The challenge will be to maintain the same ration as I grow older...
by John Swindells on 14 June 2015 Reply
You can now see how your Eddington number has improved over the years. Let me know what you think!
by John Swindells on 12 June 2015 Reply
That's a nice target to have - but will get harder and harder to maintain!
by JDub on 14 May 2015 Reply
I'd love to be able to see this per year. I'm trying to improve my number this year, and it would be great to see the number of rides for just this year's activities.

Nice work.

by John Swindells on 14 June 2015 Reply
I've now given you a breakdown per year (as well as giving you a historical view of your all-time Eddington number). Hope it helps!
by John Swindells on 15 May 2015 Reply
I like that idea! A previous year's number would be a good target to try and improve on. Leave it with me ;)
by Alex Brown on 20 April 2015 Reply
Cool! Would be nice to see the Number calculated using miles too!
by John Swindells on 21 April 2015 Reply
Ah, the Eddington number here is actually in miles, as is the total distance per activity type (and that did have the wrong label). Sorry for the confusion!
by Chris Fraser on 16 October 2015 Reply
I'd love to see the Metric Eddington Number too.
by John Swindells on 17 October 2015 Reply
Hi again Chris, I've added the metric equivalent for the Eddington Number. You can find the link near the top of the page, under your Strava profile photo.
by John Swindells on 17 October 2015 Reply
I'll see what I can do, Chris!

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