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The New-Distance Eddington Number is the greatest number of days that you've travelled that far on new roads/trails. So, if you've managed 30 or more 30-mile days, then your number is 30. If you've only managed 20 or more 20-mile days, then your score is 20.


by Creston on 29 October 2023
This year alone I have over 150 rides for over 2400 miles. A week ago I just rode 100 new miles but my Eddington number is zero? Ok.
by John Swindells on 30 October 2023
Hello Creston, I'm not seeing any rides from you since August this year, so you may need to disconnect and connect again. Despite this, I've looked at your new distances and you should have a New-rides E-number of around 30, based on the activities that I have for you. Again, the disconnect/connect will hopefully resolve it!
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by Barry on 10 March 2022
Well, that's depressing - I rode over 3000 miles last year but only 24 new miles. Guess I really need to make an effort to ride some new routes.
by John Swindells on 11 March 2022
Don't feel obliged, Barry! But if you do discover alternative routes, so much the better.
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