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strava joules per beat

strava joules per beat


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If you record power and heart rate when you're cycling, then you can calculate the joules of energy delivered per heart-beat. This is a figure I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else, and I've made it possible to calculate the figure for each Strava activity that contains these data. This number will clearly vary from person to person, depending mostly on their heart capacity and muscular efficiency. For comparison, my 'typical' joules-per-beat is around 100, and during a time trial it is more like 115.

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by John Swindells on 27 May 2016 Reply
Good idea! That would need much more development work, but could be much more useful than the average for the entire activity.
by lucaP on 27 May 2016 Reply
very interesting figure! it would make more sense on selected segments, the total on a normal ride is not that significant (traffic, 'cruising along' segments etc)

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