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John Swindells

John is a scalable web development specialist, taking great interest in performance, security and simplicity. Read more about John Swindells here.


by joey on 12 July 2011
HI, I'm doing some geneaology work and looking for David Cameron any of you happen to know him??? Pls e-mail me if you do!
by Dan swindells on 07 May 2011
hey john we could be related,ive heard swindells apparently means valley of the pigs
by John Swindells on 07 May 2011
Hi Dan, I've heard that name meaning too! The name Swindells is actually quite common, but we could still be distantly related.
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Julii Brainard

Julii is a senior research assistant at the University of East Anglia (Norfolk). She is also available for freelance research including data analysis.


by Peter on 11 September 2011
Heating Oil (and anything else) If you really want to provide a useful service you could publish a list of oil prices from different suppliers updated OFTEN. I am sick to death of filling in fictitious details a real email address simply to get a quote for my quantity & area.Tell the truth and you are pestered to death!
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