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The Swindells family, 2012

The Swindells family, 2012


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Windows 10 wants to upload all your data


During the installation of Windows 10, I was presented with the "Customise settings" screen that explains what sort of data it wants to upload ...

Car Performance Readings for VW Passat

My Car Costs

EDCA 100-mile District Champs

Time Trialling

The weather was good and times were fast for the 70 riders of this 100-mile time trial. In overcast and calm conditions, the air temperature ...

Norfolk Summer CX League round 4: Hempton


Once again there was sunshine, warmth and torrential rain for the Norfolk Cross. This time the women and vet50+ riders got a drenching, as ...

Gas Hill Gasp 2015


The annual Gas Hill Gasp event returned once more to the steepest road in Norwich, after missing a year due to the Tour de France's start in ...

15-mile East District Champs

Time Trialling

It was hot work on the A11, with temperatures around 25C and only a mild easterly breeze blowing. Mary Bower (Chelmer CC) put in a women's ...

50-mile East District Champs

Time Trialling

Headed by John Pugh, Godric CC put on a fantastic event from the Broome village hall, with a generous buffet spread greeting riders after their ...

Six-seater MPV options

Family Car

The MPV market tends to wax and wane over the years, and decent models from a few years ago may not be available at all now. Used models will ...

VC Baracchi 50-mile time trial

Time Trialling

A moderate westerly crosswind did little to deter fast times, and Joe Skipper (Rock Estate) took a chunk off the course record with a time ...

CC Breckland 10-mile time trial (DC)

Time Trialling

A brisk north-easterly wind was blowing, making the going difficult for the longer return leg down the exposed A11 dual carriageway. ...

Eastern Cross League 2015/16 fixtures


The fixture list for the 2015/16 Eastern Cyclo-Cross League is live, and it's going to be another busy season! Here are the highlights: ...

Tour of Cambridgeshire: Gran Fondo


This event was quite exhilarating, on 80 miles of closed roads. We passed through many villages full of cheering residents, lots of exposed ...

Tour of Cambridgeshire: UCI UWCT time trial

Time Trialling

This colossal event went ahead almost without a hitch, with competitors enjoying the freedom and safety of closed roads. The strong south ...

Lotus League Team Time Trial

Time Trialling

It was a great night for Iceni Velo teams, as Iceni A won the event with a time of 22:37, and Iceni B came a close 3rd in 23:39! Defending ...

Century ride to Southwold


Southwold is an extremely popular destination for Norfolk cyclists, especially those living near Norwich. For me, though, it's around 50 miles ...