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The Swindells family, 2012

The Swindells family, 2012


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Push Sport Cross (round 14)


Many riders were looking for a cleaner, calmer day of cyclo-cross racing after the previous day's mud-fest at Redgrave, but it mostly wasn ...

Redgrave Cross (round 13)


This was a proper muddy, cold, wet, windy and basically tough day of cyclo-cross racing, with the early under-10 and under-12 riders having ...

Ways to improve Strava

Strava tools

Strava is a truly excellent company with a reliable product of world-wide appeal. However, there's always room for improvement, and here are ...

Hempton Cross (round 12)


A real course of all seasons, this one, as heavy rain created some muddy spots but left other stretches quite firm. There was also some grass ...

West Suffolk Cross (round 11)


This was quite an eventful day on many counts! Heavy overnight rain and daytime showers quickly turned the grassy course into a very slippery ...

Dead bat found in garden


We often see bats flitting around at dusk, especially when the sky is clear and there is little wind, but we've never seen one up close and ...

Nero likes frogs!


I disturbed a lot of frogs when moving our garden pond, and Nero hung around so that he could practice his stalking skills on them. Here he ...

Simple steps to making a garden pond


A pond is a wonderful addition to a garden, but it's important that you take some simple measures to avoid disappointment down the line. ...

Mistley Cross (Eastern Cross round 9)


The Mistley Cross delivered a fun day of racing in warm sunshine, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves on the muddy climbs and off ...

Sending email in a secure, IPv6 world

Web Hosting

This is a guide to updating your Linux server for SSL-enabled, IPv6-happy email transmission using sendmail! Here are the things you need ...

PHP-MySQL webserver, post El Capitan

Web Hosting

Apple is very supportive with the buying public by releasing free upgrades for its operating systems. These upgrades usually go through without ...

Get a CentOS Server Web-Ready

Rackspace Cloud Hosting

Here are the command-line steps needed to get a bare CentOS distro ready for full LAMP (Apache-MySQL-PHP) hosting: (Note - replace mysite ...

SOLVED: Pair a speed sensor to a Garmin 310XT


Garmin has a really neat ANT+ speed-sensing device, which fits to the hub and does away with the need for a spoke-mounted magnet. It can also ...

Setting up email sending/receiving on Mac OS X


postfix is the MTA (mail transfer agent) that takes email requests and forwards them on, eg to local mailbox or external MTA. dovecot is a ...

SOLVED: Fix a broken zip

House and Home

For a while I've been struggling with a really nice cycling jacket that became difficult to zip up: the teeth would fail to mesh together, ...

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Julii is a research associate at the University of East Anglia.

John works on mobile development and analytics at Axon Vibe.


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