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The Swindells family, 2012

The Swindells family, 2012


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Run Norwich 2015


This was the first time roads were closed in the centre of Norwich for a 10-kilometre running race, and it went exceptionally well! There ...

30-mile East District Champs

Time Trialling

Daniel Bloy (Team Velovelocity) posted a convincing win in the 30-mile time trial on the All dual carriageway, finishing almost two minute ...

Fit a visor to your aero helmet!

Time Trialling

For years I've been riding time trials with a standard pointy "Giro Advantage" aero helmet, and apart from the amplified road noise am quite ...

Kings Lynn CC 25-mile time trial

Time Trialling

Daniel Bloy was in winning form on the rolling B25/33 course at Fincham, on a warm and reasonably calm afternoon. There was quite a lot of ...

My Strava Feed

Strava tools

Get more efficient with your Strava feed! Here you will find the activities of everyone you're following, but prioritised by each athlete ...

My Strava Segments

Strava tools

Here are the segments that you've favourited on Strava, maybe for future targeting or to keep an eye on how you're doing.

How to prevent the chain coming off a single chainring


I run a single chainring on my time trial bike, and until recently haven't bothered with a front mech or any sort of chain guide. However ...

Great weekend of cycling in Buckinghamshire


I headed down to Buckinghamshire to compete in the Men's National 25-mile time trial, and made sure to squeeze in some hilly miles in the process ...

Men's National 25-mile time trial champs

Time Trialling

All 111 finishers enjoyed almost perfect weather conditions for the "Blue Riband" time trialling event of the UK, and Ryan Perry (Langdale ...

Windows 10 wants to upload all your data


During the installation of Windows 10, I was presented with the "Customise settings" screen that explains what sort of data it wants to upload ...

Car Performance Readings for VW Passat

My Car Costs

EDCA 100-mile District Champs

Time Trialling

The weather was good and times were fast for the 70 riders of this 100-mile time trial. In overcast and calm conditions, the air temperature ...

Norfolk Summer CX League round 4: Hempton


Once again there was sunshine, warmth and torrential rain for the Norfolk Cross. This time the women and vet50+ riders got a drenching, as ...

My Strava Club Activities

Strava tools

Are you a member of any clubs that have a presence on Strava? You will find all sorts of stats and details here!

Gas Hill Gasp 2015


The annual Gas Hill Gasp event returned once more to the steepest road in Norwich, after missing a year due to the Tour de France's start in ...