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The Swindells family, 2012

The Swindells family, 2012


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25-mile time trial (Wolsey RC)

Time Trialling

Mark Arnold (CC Desiragear) made short work of the 2-lap circuit between Harleston and Bungay, setting a new course record of 53:45. Conditions ...

Stowmarket & Dist CC 20-mile time trial

Time Trialling

A mild north-easterly breeze in dry conditions gave riders a reasonably comfortable ride, and James Trenchard's time of 45:06 confirmed that ...

Gt Yarmouth CC Good Friday '10 TT

Time Trialling

Competitors enjoyed relatively tame weather conditions for this popular tem-mile blast along the A143. There were hints of rain and a gentle ...

Calculate your Eddington Number!


The Eddington Number is a strangely addictive score for cyclists, devised by British astrophysicist Arthur Eddington for ranking their achievements ...

Horsford '10 TT (first one of the year)

Time Trialling

There was a great turnout for North Norfolk Wheelers' first club event of the year, between Horsford and the Holt roundabout. Conditions were ...

Windows 10 Preview


The Windows 10 preview edition has been out for a while now, and its performance is important because Windows 10 will rapidly become the dominant ...

21-mile West Suffolk Wheelers time trial

Time Trialling

A tough north-easterly breeze caused problems for many riders, but David McGaw (Cambridge CC) still put in a decisive winning time of 46:36 ...

Early potatoes are growing well!


I'm trying a couple of things to get an early crop of potatoes this year. The first is to simply buy a bagful of seed potatoes and let them ...

Apple Watch app on iOS


iOS 8.2 is out, and one bundled feature is the Apple Watch app. Its main purpose is to pair with Apple's latest flagship product, but is only ...

CC Breckland 10-mile time trial

Time Trialling

Course record fell and times were generally very fast on a warm sunny afternoon, despite a nagging west-south-westerly breeze. David McGaw ...

How much oil is really in my tank??

Heating Oil Prices: A Buyer's Guide

So you check your "tank level" regularly, right? That's good, but how do you know just how much oil is remaining in the tank? You might get ...

An interview with Matt Bottrill, British TT legend

Time Trialling

Mark Florence had the honour of interviewing top GB time triallist Matt Bottrill. Bottrill is 37, got into time trialling in 1998, started ...

Eastern Cross Team Championships


The under-10, under-12 and youth races were played out as individual races, so not as a team. The vet50+ and women riders rode a lucky dip ...

Pecking order at feeding time


One time that the cats don't fight is when they're being fed - although they do have a strict pecking order. Claudius has first go, followed ...

Trinity Park Cross 1


There was plenty of fast racing on a new-look course at Trinity Park, with reasonably firm grass sections and enough road to spin the mud off ...

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