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The Swindells family, 2012

The Swindells family, 2012


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Iceni Velo Road Race


What a great afternoon's racing! Bright sunshine, enthusiastic supporters and marshals, and top organising :) Fergus Muir has published a ...

GYCC Spring Road Race


This was a very fast and twitchy race that saw a few breaks make a few seconds gap before being reeled in, until mid-way through when Dougal ...

2016 Programme and Diary

Cycling Performance Programme

17 April: Solid '25 and a tough road race A 20-mile ride down to the time trial meant that I was nicely warmed up when lots of people seemed ...

Wolsey RC 25-mile time trial

Time Trialling

People struggled to get going on a chilly morning at the Norfolk/Suffolk border. It was sunny and there was only a gentle southerly cross ...

North Norfolk Wheelers 10-mile time trial on the Holt Road

Time Trialling

There was a high quality and quantity of riders at NNW's first evening club TT of 2016, on the Holt Road. The sun was setting as the last ...

Garden pond coming to life in Spring-time


After relocating our garden pond late last Autumn, we were a bit concerned how the wildlife might adjust. Well, we shouldn't have worried ...

Diss & District CC 25-mile time trial

Time Trialling

Paul Groombridge and I managed a comfortable win (with a time of 54:54) in the 2-up event of the Diss & District CC 25-mile time trial ...

Lotus League 2016 is taking pre-entries!


The all-new Norfolk Cycle Racing website is now taking "intent to compete" entries for the 2016 edition of the Lotus League, run on the super ...

Calculate your Eddington Number!


The Eddington Number is a strangely addictive score for cyclists, devised by British astrophysicist Arthur Eddington for ranking their achievements ...

Fakenham Town Centre Crits 2016


A strong southerly wind and bitter icy showers made things extremely unpleasant for the youth riders in the early races, but for the later ...

Gt Yarmouth CC Good Friday '10 (10-mile time trial)

Time Trialling

A brisk northerly cross-wind breeze didn't stop some excellent times being posted on a sunny and relatively mild morning. Feat of the day ...

Horsford '10 time trial

Time Trialling

Rolling stop/go roadworks on the Holt road put a stop to the 2016 edition of this extremely popular early season event. It looked for a short ...

CC Breckland 10-mile time trial

Time Trialling

Conditions were tough in this early season out-and-back event on the Watton Road between Hingham and Watton. A strong, chilly north-westerly ...

2015 Programme and Diary

Cycling Performance Programme

In general, I intended to place specific focus on: Top 5 placing in East District time trial champs Top 20% placing (vet 40-44) in National ...

NorDevCon 2016

Web Hosting

Lots of interesting topics covered at this year's main tech conference for Norfolk. More topics could be covered as it was spread over two ...

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Julii is a research associate at the University of East Anglia.

John works on mobile development and analytics at Axon Vibe.


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22 May 2016: Gt Yarmouth CC 25-mile time trial

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