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Keeping active and having fun!

Keeping active and having fun!


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The Active Days score is the highest number of days that you've been able to average that number of miles. So if you, at best, manage to average 25 miles per day for 25 consecutive days, then your score is 25! The idea of this is to reward consistency rather than just big miles, as your score will benefit from all those low mileage days when you're just popping to the shops or out for a countryside ramble.

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by ChrisTonaBike on 01 February 2021
Hi, just a minor thing - the current score (which is presumably for this year) is more than the Best Score for this year. Also, in previous years, it has say, 88 miles over 7 days as a score of 7, but wouldn't this be 9 and a bit miles [average per day -ed] over 9 days, giving a score of 9?
by John Swindells on 02 February 2021
Hi Chris, it looks like your first issue was a mix-up between metric and imperial stats; this should be fixed now.

As for your score for previous years, I suspect that you only had 7 days in a row of that activity type. As soon as there's a day's gap in the activity, the score stops.

by Fab4ever on 06 October 2020
I don't get it. What's the difference with the yearly Eddington number?
by John Swindells on 13 October 2020
These two metrics are fairly different for me. The Active Days score tracks your activities on consecutive days, and also includes those shorter activities that the Eddington Number ignores.
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