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Here you can do an activity search across all types of activity (run, walk, etc), and also have a closer look at one of your own Strava activities, and compare it to other times you've done the same type of activity! You can now also search for an activity, by type (ride, run, etc), month, year or title and view an activity in more detail.

You can also see a summary of your activities at My Strava Activities: charted! and you can also search for old activities there.

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by Jeroen on 21 February 2022
Thanks for the great tool. Just one Q: why does the km and mile E-number not match (in my case).

KM: 105

Miles: 70

But using the 1.609 conversion I would get to 112, which does not match my number of rides over 112km. Am I missing something?

by John Swindells on 21 February 2022
Glad to hear that you like it, Jeroen. The reason for the km/miles discrepancy though, is because the count also factors into the formula - so a score of 112 needs 112 days at that distance, whether it's in km or in miles.
by Jarek on 16 December 2021
How is the "New distance" metric calculated? I can't find such an attribute in the data pulled from the Strava API.
by John Swindells on 16 December 2021
Hi Jarek, I calculate this myself by storing activity co-ordinates and figuring out for a new activity which co-ordinates are new. It's a bit crude, but gives a reasonable estimate of the new distance covered.
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by Gonzalo on 02 November 2021
Hi John, great insights!

I was hoping to be one step closer to 46 (km) but somewhow, of the rides for 01 Nov 2021 only read one of the two rides I did (one started home, finished mid-trip (28ish km), and the second started a few minutes later from where the first ended, and went all the way home again (21ish km)... only the first appears, so instead of a 49 kms day, i've got a 28 kms day)

Just checking to see if this is something particular of this day, a bug, or how it would be expected to work.

Thanks again, Gonzalo!

by John Swindells on 03 November 2021
Hi Gonzalo! I've been doing some server maintenance work recently, so it may be that your other ride was missed out. Best thing to do is for you to check my little "Help Guide" (link at the top left of the page).
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by Malcolm Rawlins on 23 September 2020
Hi John. I've been making use of the Activity Analyser, a very useful tool! One observation; it asks for the ride parameters in miles but gives the results in metric which, unless I've missed a control somewhere, seems illogical? Would it also be possible to add an ascent filter? Cheers Malcolm
by John Swindells on 03 October 2020
And... you've now got an ascent filter!
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