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Here you can do an activity search across all types of activity (run, walk, etc), and also have a closer look at one of your own Strava activities, and compare it to other times you've done the same type of activity! You can now also search for an activity, by type (ride, run, etc), month, year or title and view an activity in more detail.

You can also see a summary of your activities at My Strava Activities: charted! and you can also search for old activities there.

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by Malcolm Rawlins on 23 September 2020
Hi John. I've been making use of the Activity Analyser, a very useful tool! One observation; it asks for the ride parameters in miles but gives the results in metric which, unless I've missed a control somewhere, seems illogical? Would it also be possible to add an ascent filter? Cheers Malcolm
by John Swindells on 03 October 2020
And... you've now got an ascent filter!
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