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Do you like targets that get increasingly difficult to achieve? Well, with this one you need to travel (eg, run) the furthest distance you can at an average speed of at least that much! So a number of 20 means that the best you've done is to travel at least 20 miles at 20mph or more.

To get started:


by Mark on 21 March 2018
The link to the activity is broken, and the date is shown as 1 jan 1970.
by John Swindells on 21 March 2018
Thanks for pointing that out, Mark. I've fixed it now!
by Mark van Wolfswinkel on 08 June 2017
Interesting stats for this max distance at certain speed. But there is a little "flaw" in the calculation. For example mine is (metric) 36,5 that has been done in a ride of 90KM. But when I look at the ride as a whole there is indeed 36,5KM/h average.

Wouldn't it be a lot nicer if there was a calculation on the fastest speed per distance within the total ride. So for example, what I found with looking at the details was that within the ride my max speed over that same distance was 37,7km/h. So In that case I would say my score should be 37,7 and not 36,5.

I don't know how difficult it is to measure. It sure is possible but needs a lot more calculation than when you look at the avg speed over the complete ride.

by John Swindells on 08 June 2017
Yes, I did think that it would be ideal to find this stat within each ride - but would need to analyse the actual ride data to figure it out. Much more difficult, but definitely possible.
by Berend on 19 December 2016
Can we do this one in Metric too (for all the non imperial users :D)
by John Swindells on 19 December 2016
You now have the metric option!
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by Green Machine on 12 September 2016
Does this include terrain factor grade %? Basically if I find a 30 mile downhill that I can ride at 30MPH then my number will be easily 30.
by John Swindells on 13 September 2016
It doesn't look at the elevation difference between the start and end, but I think that would be easy to add in. Rides where there is a downward slope of more than 0.5%, say, could be ignored from this score.
by Tim Higgs on 18 August 2015
Is "Max distance at that speed" x miles at Xmph? Essentially, your own hour record?
by John Swindells on 18 August 2015
It's not your hour record, as the ride time probably won't be an hour. You are allowed to go faster than the distance, so the definition is technically "x miles at x mph or more". So a 20-mile ride at 21mph scores the same as a 20-mile ride at 24mph. The incentive in that case is to try and ride 24 miles at 24mph!
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