John Swindells

I am a career professional in software development, becoming proficient in various systems and languages since 1992. In recent years I have been especially active in web and mobile app projects.

John Swindells

John Swindells


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I stepped down in April 2013 from a nine-year web development role, in order to help out more with my super-busy family and so that my wife can get back into her academic research career. I therefore work freelance projects around duties such as the school run and after-school activities. In my spare time I go cycling as much as possible, and can otherwise be found at home doing home improvement (DIY) and gardening.

A brief summary of expertise:

  • Web Design: HTML; CSS; JavaScript; jQuery; UI frameworks; inspection tools; accessibility; URL formatting; site structure & internal linkage.
  • Web Programming: PHP; MySQL; MongoDB; Memcached; Sphinx search; ElasticSearch; API clients; API servers.
  • Website Performance & Integrity: Monitoring; diagnosing; prevention and cure; intrusion detection; disaster recovery.
  • Linux Server Administration: Shared, cloud and dedicated systems; command-line tools; scripting; package management; MySQL replication.
  • Web crawling: Off-the-shelf tools; custom spiders; data abstraction.
  • C++ Programming: MS Windows GUIs; Silicon Graphics GUIs; HP-UX daemons and kernel modules.
  • iOS App Development: native iOS apps; app-server communication; App Store management.
  • Online promotion: Pay-per-click campaign management (eg, Adwords, Facebook); conversion optimisation.
  • Project Management: Managing small teams; third party co-ordination; source control; documentation; testing processes; continuing professional development (CPD).
  • Self Employment: self-assessment; time management; maintaining productivity.
  • Continuing Professional Development: Tracking latest developments; conferences; webinars and courses.

For more of a background, have a read of my CV (last updated in October 2013). If you would like me to work for you, please head over to and get in touch from there.