John is quite a keen gardener so we have written loads of info about gardening. Julii spends way too much time on family history. Her most documented names are Brainard and Bacon: but she has way more info than time to put it all online.

We've also spent a lot of time trying to understand ethical investment options. We've compiled some notes about raising kids, and local information like accomodation near North Walsham and travel to and bed and breakfasts in the Loughborough area (where we used to live).

John is keen that we get a larger vehicle so is busy researching six-seater cars and bigger. We don't actually drive that much -- but are very concerned about safety on the roads. For a while John was commuting to work on the east side of Norwich, and he even waged his own campaign to persuade the County Council to improve road surfaces or even create a new rail station on the edge of the large commercial and industrial estate where he worked. Sadly not successful, yet, but maybe one day!

Helping some very creative friends out we have also discovered a lot about how to self-publish books; it's a complicated business.