Our work is heavily computer-oriented, either for academic number crunching or for web development.

Web Development

John is having a wonderfully creative time at Blurtit based in Norfolk. He is lead developer on the Blurtit project, and specialises in system architecture, optimisation and monitoring.

Academically Speaking

The thing about academia is that you never quite leave it (bit like The Hotel California in the Eagles song). Julii recently finally had published a good paper in an excellent environmental economics journal (Ecological Economics), then she was asked to review another paper submitted to that journal (which goes with the privilege of having a paper accepted, really). So maybe, maybe, maybe, after all that (and four years after her last contract expired at UEA), Julii can almost say she has stopped working for UEA, and can move onto something else.

Any ideas? Because she's not too sure what work to do that would fit around demands of little ones, and that also doesn't involve selling or performing or making things (she is sadly, extremely untalented in all such areas).