London-Edinburgh-London 2025

Taking place on at 5AM

Location: Writtle University College, Lordship Rd, Writtle, Chelmsford CM1 3RR

After a gap of just three years, LEL is back at its original slot in the Audax calendar and will take place two years after Paris-Brest-Paris. It will run between August 3 and August 8, and unlike in 2022 there will not be a "100 hours speedy" option with special early-start treatment - so everyone will be allocated a start time. The route is 1530km (951 miles), starting and finishing at Writtle College near Chelmsford; the northern-most point is Edinburgh, so no Forth Bridge crossing like in 2022.

Are you riding the event too, or helping out along the route? Let me know in the comments below! If you're riding, what sort of schedule are you planning? Hare or tortoise? What is on your equipment list?

The LEL Organisation

For official information, head over to the LEL website. It's also important that enough people step forward to volunteer, so please see how you can help!

Getting advice

There will be a dedicated section on the YACF forum at some point, in their Audax section.

The official forum is the London Edinburgh London group on Facebook. Lots of interesting posts and questions, including information from the LEL organisers.

Previous experiences

To get some idea of what it's like to ride LEL, I've been reading back-issues of Arrivee. Look for the Autumn editions from 2013, 2017 and 2022 for some good stories.

By John Swindells

Category: Audax: long-distance cycling


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My name is John Swindells and I'm a keen recreational cyclist with a preference for long one-day rides. I've also previously dabbled in time trialling and cyclo-cross. See more of what I get up to on Strava!