Become an Organ Donor

The National Health Service is constantly asking for people to sign up to their organ donor register. At any one time, more than 9000 people in the UK need a transplant.

One donor can give life to several people and restore the sight of two more. To decide whether or not you want to give life to someone else after you have died is something very personal and you need to make your own decision. Please also let your family and friends know your wishes.

Sign Up To The Organ Donor Register Here!

By joining the register you are giving your agreement to your organs and tissues being used for transplantation to save or enhance the lives of others after your death.


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Tour de France 2012

Tour de France 2012 Dan and I flew down to Lourdes with our road bikes to hit some cols and watch some TDF action. We've broken the trip down day by day below, but here's a playlist of all the videos: (more)

Cycling Performance Programme

Performance Programme This is my plan and diary for a structured, quality year of competitive cycling in 2017. The plan consists of target events and training schedule; the diary breaks down a recent run of play, with some attempt at analysis ... (more)

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East Anglian CC Xmas Day 15-km time trial

Phil Hollingsworth and the East Anglian CC faithful put on a superb Christmas morning event, with hot drinks and seasonal snacks on offer after the time trial. There was even a raffle with some rather yummy prizes! The time trial itself ... (more)

CC Breckland 10-mile time trial

It's a simple out-and-back early season fitness-checker on the Watton Road between Hingham and Watton. Expect cold cross-winds on this exposed road. More info on the CTT website. (more)

The effect of currency exchange rates on heating oil

Exchange rates amongst developed nations are usually quite stable, and their fluctuations are typically only of interest to financial traders. Recently, however, the UK pound has been taking a bit of a battering as the ramifications of a ... (more)

Lack of thought in UK "Hang Back" campaign

The UK's Department for Transport released a "left-hook" video ad as part of its Autumn THINK! campaign, and the video shows a lorry overtaking a cyclist immediately before turning left. What the cyclist could do in this situation isn't remotely ... (more)

Crivit products

The Crivit® product range If you're looking for outdoors clothing or accessories, you could do worse than to browse the Crivit® range. Crivit® is a brand of German supermarket Lidl's, so it's most convenient for UK customers to head down ... (more)

A Social Feed

This is a feed of everything I'm interested in, filtered and categorised according to my choices. Channels: Twitter (multiple accounts) Facebook groups Facebook pages Google+ LinkedIn Flickr Youtube Website RSS Webpage updates ... (more)



John Swindells

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National Trophy 2016, round 4

Ipswich BC hosted an excellent day of cyclocross racing for round 4 of the British Cycling National Trophy. The course had a lot of flat sections and this, combined with little recent rain, made for some high speeds. The 4x4 training ground ... (more)

Push Sport Cross - Southwold

Flat, fun and fast in the grounds of St Felix School, Southwold! There were a few short descents and climbs, but the races were won and lost on the flat grassy sections and in the woodland. Full results on the Eastern Cross website. ... (more)

Stow Scramble

A fun day's racing was had at Chantry Park in Ipswich, as the sun shone and just a gentle breeze blew. The grassy course held up nicely, and even the muddy wooded section didn't cause many problems. Full results on the Eastern League website ... (more)