The modern world is supported and influenced by technology in a wide variety of ways. Almost nobody in the developed nations can claim to be free of technology, and in fact most homes are stuffed with highly advanced gadgets and appliances.

In this section you will find articles on Personal Computers and their operating systems, notably, Windows Vista and Linux. We also look at the ever expanding and evolving topic of Internet Access.

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Keeping your iPhone mobile data under control

iPhone 4

It's amazing how much data some apps consume nowadays. If you're on a wi-fi network, that's not a big deal. Your mobile contract (or PAYG ...

Smartphones on Pay-as-you-Go? Watch out!

Smartphones are exceptional pieces of kit nowadays. Models like the Nokia Lumia, HTC One and Apple iPhone have reached the point of being ...

The Essential Geek Reading List

These are books that every good geek and tech follower should read, for the most part because they give an important historical context to ...

Budget iPad docking stations with speakers

iPhone 4

Luna speaker dock £40 from Power output: 15w + 2 x 5w (RMS) / 150w (PMPO) Henson Audio HDB-400 dock £70 from Amazon 40 Watts ...

Don't let your child's iPhone or iPad store payment information!

iPhone 4

Have you heard of in-app purchases? If you haven't now, you might have by the time your credit card bill or bank statement comes in. It's ...

What's new in iOS-6

iPhone 4

Apple has launched its new flagship phone, the iPhone 5, and at the same time has released its latest mobile operating system (iOS-6) to anybody ...

Don't let your mobile bill roam free

iPhone 4

Going abroad with your smart-phone? Understand roaming! Nowadays there's no excuse to be 'ignorant' of the colossal charges you could incur ...

Get a CentOS Server Web-Ready

Rackspace Cloud Hosting

Here are the command-line steps needed to get a bare CentOS distro ready for full LAMP (Apache-MySQL-PHP) hosting: (Note - replace mysite ...

Keeping your iPhone secure

iPhone 4

Apple has recently bumped up its security procedure, by asking subscribers for three questions and answers that can be used to verify their ...

Be careful what you view on Facebook

The Social Web

I'm not one to complain about a free service like Facebook, especially when it works so well at keeping people in touch, but... I was very ...

Get your Content Labelled!

Search Engine Optimization

It's time to start labelling your content. If you're one of those web publishers who spends a lot of time writing (or sourcing) decent content ...

The Facebook Timeline

The Social Web

The fantastic people at Facebook certainly know how to progress, improve and revolutionise. They sometimes take flak for a new feature, especially ...

Google Plus Needs You!

The Social Web

Google Plus (or Google+ for short, or G+ for even shorter) is search giant Google's latest attempt to 'go social'. It is doing this so that ...

System Resource Monitor

The Developer's Apple Mac

There is a rather neat system monitoring tool, Magician Monitor, which is free to download and gives a handy view on how much network, CPU and ...

Solved: the Zoomed-In Unlock Screen

iPhone 4

Hitting the power button on my iPhone this evening, I was shocked to discover that the screen was zoomed in - the 'Unlock' slider was massive ...