Get digging for better rural broadband

It's quite common for rural communities to be told by broadband intrastructure providers (eg, BT Openreach) that it simply isn't cost-effective to lay the miles of fibre optic cable needed for a superfast internet connection. The very high costs are largely due to logistical issues with laying cables under publicly accessible land such as roads, so residents are getting creative with the cable routes by cutting across farmland and doing the digging themselves.

Residents of the Lancashire village of Arkholme did just that, negotiating free access to farmland and hiring a digger to do the work. This was done under the name of "B4RN". Source:

Now, Altnaharra and Skerray in Scotland are getting a boost in Internet access from a measly 0.5Mbps to 330Mbps, as residents dig trenches and lay cables - to Openreach specifications - to achieve these ultrafast broadband speeds. Source: IET Engineering & Technology.


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