Broadband auto-compensation really rolling out?

Back in November 2017 Ofcom (the body responsible for regulating UK communications tech) announced that there would be automatic compensation for delays in repairs or installations for broadband and landline work. This was a voluntary scheme, signed up to by only five suppliers - Sky, Talktalk, BT, Zen Internet and Virgin Media - but looked like a step in the right direction for consumers who found themselves without this vital service.

Sixteen months on, and the same deal has been re-announced as part of Ofcom's "Fairness for customers" initiative. Consumers will be paid compensation automatically for missed appointments, delayed service fixes and delays to new services. Openreach will pay the compensation, and tThe same five suppliers are promising to do this automatically. All other service providers may still be obliged to pay the same compensation (via Openreach); it just won't be automatic.

This scheme isn't just for home consumers: small and medium sized businesses will also be eligible to for money back. Once the fault is reported, the clock starts ticking and the compensation will kick in once the minimum delay has been reached.

For more information, including the compensation rates, see Ofcom's news item from March 2019.


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