The Facebook Timeline

The fantastic people at Facebook certainly know how to progress, improve and revolutionise. They sometimes take flak for a new feature, especially if it goes against how people currently use this massive social platform. In the case of Timeline, however, I think that there will be few negative comments and lots of admiration for the fresh new interface.

The timeline is a replacement to your profile (so what other people see of you), and is designed to provide a complete browsable history of your Facebook activity. The main screen area is in a two-column format, and is dressed up like a magazine; you get highlights of your timeline, but not everything. You can choose months of the current year, and also earlier years - and then choosing specific months inside those years. As you go right back in time you are encouraged to supply old photos, so they want you to build a complete history. Until it goes fully public only developers can switch to it, and the Facebook techies warn you that you may see bugs.

People are saying that Facebook is about your past and old friends, whereas Twitter has cornered the future - where you follow new people and look to what's around the corner. That pay be true for a lot of people on Facebook, but it doesn't seem to be causing retention issues for the Californian software giant; they apparently serve up to 500 MILLION visitors EACH DAY!


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