The Essential Geek Reading List

These are books that every good geek and tech follower should read, for the most part because they give an important historical context to the modern way of life. It's easy to think that things are the way the are, "just because", but the events that lead up to a particular technology's acceptance and dominance can be quite surprising. Check out these books, but be warned: you may learn, but you may not like!

Buses, Bankers & the Beer of Revolution

by Justin Pollard

Insanely Simple

by Ken Seagall

Physics of the Future

by Michio Kaku

Steve Jobs

by Walter Isaacson

The Idea Factory

by Jon Gardner

The Master Switch

by Tim Wu

What a Wonderful World!

by Marcus Chown
Not one that I've read yet, it has had a glowing review in the IET magazine. Subtitled "One man's attempt to explain the Big Stuff", the book examines things that we typically take for granted, such as time and electricity. Marcus Chown has the distinguished honour of having been taught at CalTech by Physics supremo (and bongo player) Richard Feynman, and has gone on to work with many other big names over the years.

Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman!

by Richard Feynman, and edited by Ralph Leighton
You can read this book online.

There will be loads of other books that should be on this list. If you have any suggestions, please let me know what they are (and your reasons) and I'll research them!


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