Developer notes for MacOS Mojave

Apple's new, freely-downloadable OS for the Mac is v10.14 and is called Mojave. As with every major release from the company, custom applications and OS-supplied developer tools may well have changed - and probably will need a bit of TLC to get them running again! Here's my list of updates that I've come across, and the remedial actions:

  • Apache httpd The server version is now Apache/2.4.34 (Unix), built on Aug 17 2018 16:29:43. It comes bundled with PHP 7.0 support (an upgrade from PHP 5.5). Note that the old php.ini is renamed php.ini.previous, and the new ini file is called php.ini.default - and this needs reviewing before copying into place as php.ini.
  • Mysql server is at 5.6.24, for osx10.8 (x86_64) - so it looks like this has been left alone.

My big headache with this update is that the OS-supplied webserver doesn't run PHP 5.5 - and I actively develop a website that contains lots of deprecated functions (eg, mysql_connect). My solution to this is to instead develop that website inside a VM - and I've opted for a Homestead-configured vagrant machine running inside VirtualBox. This is a better way to develop anyway, as my development environment is now much closer to that of the live web server.

My software versioning tools - git and svn - are both working fine after the Mojave update.


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