Apple Watch app on iOS

iOS 8.2 is out, and one bundled feature is the Apple Watch app. Its main purpose is to pair with Apple's latest flagship product, but is only much use if you actually have an Apple Watch! Until you have an Apple Watch, the app attempts to seduce you with still images; nice, but not enticing. We are also given a bit of a teaser about the App Store "built just for Apple Watch", but it's currently "coming soon".

So, is this app a sensible pre-cursor to the hugely successful launch of Apple Watch, or is it just a Fan-boi marketing ploy to ramp up interest in an otherwise un-needed product? I really don't see why I need the app if I'm not going to get the watch. Update the OS by all means, to provision the device support and so on, but leave the app off until I actually need it please!

Oh, and what about the app icon? I really don't like it myself - it's just a sideways view of a watch, after all!


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