Compare Solar PV Installers

Below is a list of Solar PV installation companies, most of which we have contacted for a quotation. We have included a diary of responses they gave, plus estimates or quotations.

We have also published a Solar PV Return on Investment spreadsheet, where you can put in your own numbers and make up your own mind how good the returns really might be.

You may also want to read the list of Solar Suppliers recommended by Good Energy.

  • Feed-in Renewable Solutions Emailed on 16 Feb, they replied on 22 Feb for more information. Replied straight away. I tried calling them on 5 March, call was dropped and couldn't get through after that.
  • Peninsula Renewable Energy (Cornwall) @PenEnergy They contacted us on 24 Feb, we replied on 25 Feb. They've provided more background information on 1 March, and ask if we'd like a solar pv site assessment form for a firm quotation. PDF assessment form arrived on 7 March; I completed and returned (as JPGs!) on same day. Quotation supplied on 8 March: 2.66kWp, using 14 x Caymao 190 kWp panels and a Sungrow SG3 KTL inverter. Cost: £13580.
  • Photon Energy Emailed on 28 Feb.
  • Dulas Ltd @Dulas_Ltd Contacted on 28 Feb. They replied on 3 March, having passed details to Solar Focus Technologies.
  • Solar Century Filled in online application form, on Feb 28. They passed my details to Evo Energy on 1 March.
  • Evo Energy (Nottingham) @EvoEnergy They called us on 2 March, asking for more information. Chris Brooks called on 9 March, looked us up on Google Earth and gave a quote (subject to survey) of £15K for a 3.24kW (18x Sharp 180) system with an IG30 inverter, producing approx 2500kWh/yr. Five years labour & parts on their workmanship, 5 years on inverter, performance guarantee of 80% after 25 years. They'd need 25% up front, 75% on completion. They aren't on an assurance scheme - considered REIGA, but not happy that it's not underwritten or regulated by the FSA, so would be no comeback if the scheme failed. Quote received on March 10: 2.52kWp system (14 panel) that can generate 2007kWh/year of electricity will cost £12,880; 3.24kW system (18 panel) will generate 2,580kWh/yr and cost £15,061. Both systems use SHARP 180 NU (E1) panels. Following a call on March 24, an appointment was made for site survey on April 6. On April 6, Chris Brooke checked various dimensions and would provide an exact quote. He mentioned that we would need to notify the local network operator (EDF) if we exceed 3.6kW peak generation - which we would if we install a 3kW solar system and get our 1kW wind turbine working again. He also said that they favoured Sharp panels because of the company's excellent 25+ years in the UK; newcomers such as Ying-Li (Chinese company) were very much an unknown quantity and could not yet be relied upon to still be supplying spares and replacements for the lifetime of an installation. We received a new set of quotations on April 8, putting the 18 panel system (3.24kW peak) at £14800 fully installed and with a 5 year warranty on top of the manufacturers’ warranties.
  • Mark Group Filled in online request form on Feb 28. Missed a call on 3 March, called back on 4 March and was given an estimate of £14800 (inc VAT) for a 2x8 array of Sharp 175 panels (2.8kW, 2.3MWh/yr). Fromius inverter (5yr warranty) installed.
  • Ren Energy Ltd (Norwich) Completed online enquiry form on Feb 28. They replied on March 2, with some background information; they will check on Google Earth for a roof area estimate.
  • Sundog Energy (Wales) Filled in online enquiry form on Feb 28. They replied on March 10; they only operate in NE and NW regions of the country and are therefore unable to issue a quotation.
  • Altenergy Ltd (London) Not contacted yet?
  • Inherent Energy Ltd @InherentEnergy Not contacted yet?
  • All Eco Energy (Solihull) Completed online enquiry form on Feb 28.
  • SIG Sustainable Solutions Completed online form on 28 Feb. They replied on 1 March, saying that they would contact me again with more specific information.
  • Segen Impressive online estimation form filled in, with request for more information, on March 3. They replied instantly with a guide and stating that they have passed our details to Sufficient Energy.
  • Sufficient Energy (Norwich) Segen's reseller in Norfolk and Cambs. They received our enquiry on March 3, and should be in touch soon. Jon Bell called on March 5, referred from Segen. MCS and REA registered. After basic discussion, they emailed a survey form and will call next week for an appointment. Neal Shave called on March 9, to locate us on Google Earth (thought we were 1/4 mile down the road, at a lorry park!), and arranged an appointment for March 16. Following a successful site survey, we finally received a quote on March 26: £12700 for a 2.88kWp (16 x NU180 Sharp mono-crystalline) producing an expected 2,357 kWh per year. Jon Bell made courtesy call on 21 April.
  • Ltd (Bourne) Referred for wind turbine repair on March 17. They provided a solar PV quote as well: 14 Poly-220 Schott Solar Modules 993x1685mm 220wp, generating 3.05kW peak, £14,000 + vat @ 5%, subject to a site visit.
  • Green Home Energy Solutions (Norwich) Referred by a friend on March 20. Confusing (and mis-linked) survey forms; a phone call will be required instead. Called just before 5PM on March 25, left a message. Kerry called back later, and will visit us on Saturday. Is flexible in terms of solar panel choice; inverters are causing a supply problem at the moment. Fantastic visit from Kerry Durrant on March 27, where he showed me an SMA Sunny Boy inverter and four different types of panel. His company is covered by the REA (Renewable Energy Association). We received three paper quotes on April 1, for different types of solar module. The cheapest used 3.22kW of Yingli YL 230-P29b modules and an IG30 inverter, and cost £13500. A 3.36kW Kyocera system, using 16 KD210GH-2PU modules and an SMA SB3000 Sunny Boy inverter, came to £15500. Very similar to the Kyocera quote, 14 Sanyo HIT-240HDE4 modules and an SB3300 inverter had a peak rating of 3.36kW and cost £16800.
  • DABBrook (Great Yarmouth) Contacted us on April 23: They have been providing Solar PV systems since 1998. MCS approved distributors / installers of Sharp, Mitsubishi, and BP Solar and also approved installers of most others manufacturers panels.
  • (Manchester) Contacted us on August 04: Just wanted to give you a quote from our company: 3.22kW of Yingli YL 230-P29b modules and a Fronius IG30 inverter including Installation plus Vat £12600. 3.36kW Kyocera system, using 16 KD210GH-2PU modules and an SMA SB3000 Sunny Boy inverter, came to £14200. 14 Sanyo HIT-240HDE4 modules and an SB3300 inverter had a peak rating of 3.36kW and cost £15900. We will get the MCS approval in three weeks. Please email us for further information. Regards Ricardo

For some real-life experiences of micro solar installations, I'd recommend that you have a read of Is Solar Generation a good / viable investment for a home owner living in the UK?


by Liz on 12 October 2012
I have just decided to purchase solar panels as my son had some installed over 2 years ago and is very happy, His installer was not around anymore so I had a recommedation from my friend to use eco deal in heywood so I decided to go with them as a installer and now I am a happy owner of a 3.4 kw system. I am a very low user of electric but my money was better of in solar than the bank. thank you eco deal.
Hi we currently have Yingi 265w 9th best panel in the world , with solar edge inverter 6th best inverter in the world at some great prices see our website , we returns of upto 14% so get looking
by David Bailey on 12 February 2012
Green Home Energy Solutions just installed my system 3.76kw. They completed the whole process from initial inquiry on 31.1.2012 to installation and commissioning by 08.02.2012. Excellent workers who left the place as they found it clean and tidy. Very impressed with the efficiency of the company, thank you Mr Durrant.
by John Swindells on 12 February 2012
I'm not surprised to hear that Durrant's did a professional job for you, David. They're a great team.

What did you have installed, if you don't mind me asking?

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by MEP ELECTRICAL on 08 January 2012
Hi Guys yes 43.3p has gone for now awaiting friday 13th !!!! but the tariff will NOT go lower than 21p . this is still a good rate as system prices have droped around 2k so we are selling a 4kw for 8500 now with sharp and sunnyboy inverter


time to start thinking positive about pv again life goes on after the cuts

by Jed on 27 March 2012
The gamble paid off for us we bought a system in march and turns out we got 43.3p instead of 21p.

great returns at 21p thats why we got a system but even better at 21p !!! happy days xxxx

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by Mike on 13 December 2011
Have recently had PV panels installed by Kerry Durrant and the 'A' team at Green Home energy Solutions. They did an excellent job and were extremely helpful. Debbie answered our many queries patiently and efficiently. They are truly a great company. If you live in the Norwich area give them a ring.
by John Swindells on 13 December 2011
I completely agree with you Mike! They really are a great team.
by F&P Energy Solutions on 31 October 2011
I have spoken with a couple of energy providers today and both recommend, in light of today's announcement, that the FIT application forms are sent recorded delivery by 8 December 2011 to claim the current FIT rate of 43.3p. The 12th is a Monday and closure is at midnight on the 11th apparently (Sunday). Don't get caught out by this. Please email should you require help!
by John Swindells on 31 October 2011
That's excellent advice, thanks!
by Leif Morrison on 29 October 2011
Hi there,

Would anybody like to install a 16 panel 250w Sanyo HIT solar system for me for under 10K.

Better to sell it to me than be stuck with it after 7th Dec.North of Scotland.

by F&P Energy Solutions on 28 October 2011
If you believe the press it sounds like Solar PV might be devasted by huge cuts it the FIT from 31 March 2012. The Financial Times even ran an article on Wednesday suggesting that it might not be as bad as 9p per kW but 20p per kW. The only way back is if the big players drop their costs by 50%. Anouncement due from DECC soon.
by John Swindells on 29 October 2011
Thanks for the heads-up on this. There is a lot of speculation flying about, and not a lot of reaction from the Government.
by Fin on 27 October 2011
I live in Oldmeldrum ( Northwest of Aberdeen) and am looking to install PV panels on my roof which is east/west facing and at a 45deg angle and almost no shading. I have had a couple of quotes ranging from ?11000 - ?14600 for a 4KW system comprising 16 panels. One of the companies suggested splitting the panels 8 each side but the other suggested that having all 16 on the western side would be best. I have since heard conflicting stories about separate inverters being needed for each string. Any advice on what is the best configuration to go with given my location and roof slope angle? Are there panels/inverters that are better when it comes to a split scenario?



by Andy on 09 October 2011
Hi - we completed our first East / West split array last week. A fabulous looking black Schott system kicking out nearly 4kW. We can deliver this was an Aurora inverter for ?10,500 inc VAT.
by John Sterling on 25 October 2011
Hi All - I am in Herts and looking to install south facing 4k system - happy to receive quotes to add to the few I already have - also happy to receive adcie re grant situation - thanks - John
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by Kevin Moore on 06 October 2011
We provide free quotes for purchased solar and for those who don't want to invest we can provide free domestic and commercial solar. Its better to buy if you can afford it but if you can't its better to do something rather than nothing and at least you'll get a reduction in electric bills
by Pavel on 06 October 2011
Does anybody know anything good/bad about modules from Samsung and/or Luxor in terms of performance and reliability and how they compare with more established manufacturers like Suntech?
by Prof Roberts on 10 August 2012
We just saw an analysis of Samsung, Sharp, Solar World, Kyocera, and Rec. In terms of PV Sol estimations, Sharp and Samsung delivered the most annual energy. However, if you apply PTC ratings and CEC % which equate to more real world conditions, Samsung comes out on top. Additionally, they use EL x-RAY in both their cell and module MFG-something that will be better appreciated with the growing micro-crack controversy.
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by Dave S on 05 October 2011
We have a South facing flat roof garage 4.25 m at widest by 5m in Kent ! We have had indicative quotes from 4 companies today ! 1st said you don't need planning permission and quoted for 12 Sanyo Hits but wanted to weigh them down with 25 kg bags of shingle as a rubber membrame roof !!! Next 2 said not to do Garage as too difficult and do 16 Panel East (6) - West (10) Split with scaffolding and split system costs which seemed to escalate price with Conergy or Suntech Panels !! Last one said they can get planning and we would be better putting 12 to 14 panel Sanyo or any Panel system on garage roof weighed down with enclosed blocks !! Any views on the east west split scenario or smaller 100 % South facing ? Should we rule split out ? What is the best fixing for flat roof without puncturing it ? Spoke to Council who confirmed need planning if higher than 200mm !! Been a day of going round in circles !!! Any advice gratefully received !!!
by Dave S on 11 October 2011
i would like to thank Michael from MEP electrical, Andy FP Energy, Chris at Inversol and Mike at Solar Professionals for their time, guidance and help. Things are coming together on a East/West split !!
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by Phil Hill on 05 October 2011
I am looking for a solar PV 2kw system with around 6 panels.
on 06 October 2011
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by Andy on 01 October 2011
Quality 4kWh systems for less than ?10k including 6 year warranty, vat, scaffold and roofer. Email me at or call us on 0845 116 3194
by Colin Weir on 30 September 2011
Looking for a 4Kw system split over 2 roofs , 1 south facing other more to good quote using hyundai panels & fronius invertor ,any advice would be useful
by Chris Walker on 01 October 2011
Hi Colin where are you from? I would be able to give you a very competitive quote if you are interested email
by Mike on 30 September 2011
Just been quoted ?10,500 for 16 Sunlink 245 panels and Aurapower inverter. Any comments please
by Kevin Moore on 06 October 2011
sounds cheap but We can install for free
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by Stuart Gardner on 30 September 2011
WEST COAST SCOTLAND,...I am collecting quotes for a 4kw system from acredited fitters, I live a hour west of Fort William,.. I have a south west facing bungalow roof with one small skylight, my roof tiles are a slate/concrete mix,...
by Mhairi Kennedy on 30 September 2011
Hi Stuart, Iam a Renewable Energy Consultant based in Stirling. I work with a few companies in Central Scotland one of which does alot of work in West Coast. I can arrange for a full quotation if you would like? Please send me your details and any photos you have of your roof and can pull something together for you.



by Gareth Jenkins on 30 September 2011
Hi all, some very helpful stuff hear. I have bin looking for a while now to find a decent impartial comparison of installers and there products. The other day I stumbled across this mob called "Solar Selections" ( They have a very personal approach and its a free service (I think they take a small commission from the installer for the business, but they do offer discounts). They can provide a quote comparison and follow up call within minutes to discuss the options and what is suitable for your situation. Check em out!
by Michael on 30 September 2011
A little too heavy with the self marketing "Gareth"
by Bristol boy on 26 September 2011
Looking for quotes for an up to 4kw system

east facing,split between two parts of roof

on a bungalow.

with split strings.

like sanyo panels and sma 4000 as space is quite tight.


by Chris Walker on 28 September 2011
Hi we would be more than happy to give you a quote if you could email me so I can ask you some more questions,


Chris Walker

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