Compare Solar PV Installers

Below is a list of Solar PV installation companies, most of which we have contacted for a quotation. We have included a diary of responses they gave, plus estimates or quotations.

We have also published a Solar PV Return on Investment spreadsheet, where you can put in your own numbers and make up your own mind how good the returns really might be.

You may also want to read the list of Solar Suppliers recommended by Good Energy.

  • Feed-in Renewable Solutions Emailed on 16 Feb, they replied on 22 Feb for more information. Replied straight away. I tried calling them on 5 March, call was dropped and couldn't get through after that.
  • Peninsula Renewable Energy (Cornwall) @PenEnergy They contacted us on 24 Feb, we replied on 25 Feb. They've provided more background information on 1 March, and ask if we'd like a solar pv site assessment form for a firm quotation. PDF assessment form arrived on 7 March; I completed and returned (as JPGs!) on same day. Quotation supplied on 8 March: 2.66kWp, using 14 x Caymao 190 kWp panels and a Sungrow SG3 KTL inverter. Cost: £13580.
  • Photon Energy Emailed on 28 Feb.
  • Dulas Ltd @Dulas_Ltd Contacted on 28 Feb. They replied on 3 March, having passed details to Solar Focus Technologies.
  • Solar Century Filled in online application form, on Feb 28. They passed my details to Evo Energy on 1 March.
  • Evo Energy (Nottingham) @EvoEnergy They called us on 2 March, asking for more information. Chris Brooks called on 9 March, looked us up on Google Earth and gave a quote (subject to survey) of £15K for a 3.24kW (18x Sharp 180) system with an IG30 inverter, producing approx 2500kWh/yr. Five years labour & parts on their workmanship, 5 years on inverter, performance guarantee of 80% after 25 years. They'd need 25% up front, 75% on completion. They aren't on an assurance scheme - considered REIGA, but not happy that it's not underwritten or regulated by the FSA, so would be no comeback if the scheme failed. Quote received on March 10: 2.52kWp system (14 panel) that can generate 2007kWh/year of electricity will cost £12,880; 3.24kW system (18 panel) will generate 2,580kWh/yr and cost £15,061. Both systems use SHARP 180 NU (E1) panels. Following a call on March 24, an appointment was made for site survey on April 6. On April 6, Chris Brooke checked various dimensions and would provide an exact quote. He mentioned that we would need to notify the local network operator (EDF) if we exceed 3.6kW peak generation - which we would if we install a 3kW solar system and get our 1kW wind turbine working again. He also said that they favoured Sharp panels because of the company's excellent 25+ years in the UK; newcomers such as Ying-Li (Chinese company) were very much an unknown quantity and could not yet be relied upon to still be supplying spares and replacements for the lifetime of an installation. We received a new set of quotations on April 8, putting the 18 panel system (3.24kW peak) at £14800 fully installed and with a 5 year warranty on top of the manufacturers warranties.
  • Mark Group Filled in online request form on Feb 28. Missed a call on 3 March, called back on 4 March and was given an estimate of £14800 (inc VAT) for a 2x8 array of Sharp 175 panels (2.8kW, 2.3MWh/yr). Fromius inverter (5yr warranty) installed.
  • Ren Energy Ltd (Norwich) Completed online enquiry form on Feb 28. They replied on March 2, with some background information; they will check on Google Earth for a roof area estimate.
  • Sundog Energy (Wales) Filled in online enquiry form on Feb 28. They replied on March 10; they only operate in NE and NW regions of the country and are therefore unable to issue a quotation.
  • Altenergy Ltd (London) Not contacted yet?
  • Inherent Energy Ltd @InherentEnergy Not contacted yet?
  • All Eco Energy (Solihull) Completed online enquiry form on Feb 28.
  • SIG Sustainable Solutions Completed online form on 28 Feb. They replied on 1 March, saying that they would contact me again with more specific information.
  • Segen Impressive online estimation form filled in, with request for more information, on March 3. They replied instantly with a guide and stating that they have passed our details to Sufficient Energy.
  • Sufficient Energy (Norwich) Segen's reseller in Norfolk and Cambs. They received our enquiry on March 3, and should be in touch soon. Jon Bell called on March 5, referred from Segen. MCS and REA registered. After basic discussion, they emailed a survey form and will call next week for an appointment. Neal Shave called on March 9, to locate us on Google Earth (thought we were 1/4 mile down the road, at a lorry park!), and arranged an appointment for March 16. Following a successful site survey, we finally received a quote on March 26: £12700 for a 2.88kWp (16 x NU180 Sharp mono-crystalline) producing an expected 2,357 kWh per year. Jon Bell made courtesy call on 21 April.
  • Ltd (Bourne) Referred for wind turbine repair on March 17. They provided a solar PV quote as well: 14 Poly-220 Schott Solar Modules 993x1685mm 220wp, generating 3.05kW peak, £14,000 + vat @ 5%, subject to a site visit.
  • Green Home Energy Solutions (Norwich) Referred by a friend on March 20. Confusing (and mis-linked) survey forms; a phone call will be required instead. Called just before 5PM on March 25, left a message. Kerry called back later, and will visit us on Saturday. Is flexible in terms of solar panel choice; inverters are causing a supply problem at the moment. Fantastic visit from Kerry Durrant on March 27, where he showed me an SMA Sunny Boy inverter and four different types of panel. His company is covered by the REA (Renewable Energy Association). We received three paper quotes on April 1, for different types of solar module. The cheapest used 3.22kW of Yingli YL 230-P29b modules and an IG30 inverter, and cost £13500. A 3.36kW Kyocera system, using 16 KD210GH-2PU modules and an SMA SB3000 Sunny Boy inverter, came to £15500. Very similar to the Kyocera quote, 14 Sanyo HIT-240HDE4 modules and an SB3300 inverter had a peak rating of 3.36kW and cost £16800.
  • DABBrook (Great Yarmouth) Contacted us on April 23: They have been providing Solar PV systems since 1998. MCS approved distributors / installers of Sharp, Mitsubishi, and BP Solar and also approved installers of most others manufacturers panels.
  • (Manchester) Contacted us on August 04: Just wanted to give you a quote from our company: 3.22kW of Yingli YL 230-P29b modules and a Fronius IG30 inverter including Installation plus Vat £12600. 3.36kW Kyocera system, using 16 KD210GH-2PU modules and an SMA SB3000 Sunny Boy inverter, came to £14200. 14 Sanyo HIT-240HDE4 modules and an SB3300 inverter had a peak rating of 3.36kW and cost £15900. We will get the MCS approval in three weeks. Please email us for further information. Regards Ricardo

For some real-life experiences of micro solar installations, I'd recommend that you have a read of Is Solar Generation a good / viable investment for a home owner living in the UK?


by Liz on 12 October 2012 Reply
I have just decided to purchase solar panels as my son had some installed over 2 years ago and is very happy, His installer was not around anymore so I had a recommedation from my friend to use eco deal in heywood so I decided to go with them as a installer and now I am a happy owner of a 3.4 kw system. I am a very low user of electric but my money was better of in solar than the bank. thank you eco deal.
by MEP ELECTRICAL SERVICES LTD on 27 March 2012 Reply
Hi we currently have Yingi 265w 9th best panel in the world , with solar edge inverter 6th best inverter in the world at some great prices see our website , we returns of upto 14% so get looking
by David Bailey on 12 February 2012 Reply
Green Home Energy Solutions just installed my system 3.76kw. They completed the whole process from initial inquiry on 31.1.2012 to installation and commissioning by 08.02.2012. Excellent workers who left the place as they found it clean and tidy. Very impressed with the efficiency of the company, thank you Mr Durrant.
by John Swindells on 12 February 2012 Reply
I'm not surprised to hear that Durrant's did a professional job for you, David. They're a great team.

What did you have installed, if you don't mind me asking?

by david bailey on 15 March 2012 Reply
Hi John, sorry I have not replied earlier but I have been out of UK and have not had access to my paperwork. My installation comprised of:-

16 Sanyo HIT- N235SE10 235 Watt Pv Modules.

The roof mounting system.

1 SMA SB3300 Inverter- 10 year warranty.

kWh Display Meter.

DC Disconnect Cables & Ancillaries.

AC Cables,Connectors, etc.

Certification to Part B building regs.

Installation and Commissioning.

As yet I do not know what I am saving/earning as Eon FIT Team when I spoke to them in early February stated that I was registered but they were still dealing with the December applications!

One anomaly that has arisen is with an electricity recorder that I have attached to the mains cable which records your daily useage. Now that I have the PV array whenever the sun shines the recorder shows that my useage rises, in fact I do not use anything extra although the recorder tells me otherwise. Any Ideas why this is happening?I am not an electrician so I am somewhat confused.

Kindest Regards

David Bailey.

Ps I forgot to madd the cost of the installation was ?12,400.

by MEP ELECTRICAL on 20 May 2012 Reply
Hi I did run this by SMA sunny design and the 400TL would of been the better option plus it has TWO MPPT trackers so 8 panel on one string and 8 on other string where now you have 16 panels shring one MPPT.

but a 3300 is ok but you would of got more out of the system if you spent a few bob more on a SB4000TL

by MEP ELECTRICAL on 20 May 2012 Reply
Hi John

Sanyo are a great panel.

The thing I wanted to point out is the SB 3300 seems very under rated for your system size.

so your system could reach 3700 kwp but using the 3300 kwp it will cap off at this (3300 kwp )

you should of gone for a sb4000TL which is capped off at 3600 kwp .

if you download sunny design from SMA website and run your panels into software and see the out come.

I have not checked this on sunny design

by MEP ELECTRICAL on 08 January 2012 Reply
Hi Guys yes 43.3p has gone for now awaiting friday 13th !!!! but the tariff will NOT go lower than 21p . this is still a good rate as system prices have droped around 2k so we are selling a 4kw for 8500 now with sharp and sunnyboy inverter


time to start thinking positive about pv again life goes on after the cuts

by Jed on 27 March 2012 Reply
The gamble paid off for us we bought a system in march and turns out we got 43.3p instead of 21p.

great returns at 21p thats why we got a system but even better at 21p !!! happy days xxxx

by John Swindells on 01 February 2012 Reply
Confusion reigns as the FiT battle bounces around in the courts... all of this uncertainty can't be good for suppliers or micro-generators. 21p per unit is still a decent payment, but it is such a massive drop from the current level.
by Tim on 02 February 2012 Reply
I have a quote from a supplier local to me, and could install straight away but cannot source 13 Sanyo Hybrid 240Wp panels. Anyone who has a stock now and might be willing to sell is welcome to contact me. South East London area.
by Mike on 13 December 2011 Reply
Have recently had PV panels installed by Kerry Durrant and the 'A' team at Green Home energy Solutions. They did an excellent job and were extremely helpful. Debbie answered our many queries patiently and efficiently. They are truly a great company. If you live in the Norwich area give them a ring.
by John Swindells on 13 December 2011 Reply
I completely agree with you Mike! They really are a great team.
by F&P Energy Solutions on 31 October 2011 Reply
I have spoken with a couple of energy providers today and both recommend, in light of today's announcement, that the FIT application forms are sent recorded delivery by 8 December 2011 to claim the current FIT rate of 43.3p. The 12th is a Monday and closure is at midnight on the 11th apparently (Sunday). Don't get caught out by this. Please email should you require help!
by John Swindells on 31 October 2011 Reply
That's excellent advice, thanks!
by Leif Morrison on 29 October 2011 Reply
Hi there,

Would anybody like to install a 16 panel 250w Sanyo HIT solar system for me for under 10K.

Better to sell it to me than be stuck with it after 7th Dec.North of Scotland.

by F&P Energy Solutions on 28 October 2011 Reply
If you believe the press it sounds like Solar PV might be devasted by huge cuts it the FIT from 31 March 2012. The Financial Times even ran an article on Wednesday suggesting that it might not be as bad as 9p per kW but 20p per kW. The only way back is if the big players drop their costs by 50%. Anouncement due from DECC soon.
by John Swindells on 29 October 2011 Reply
Thanks for the heads-up on this. There is a lot of speculation flying about, and not a lot of reaction from the Government.
by Fin on 27 October 2011 Reply
I live in Oldmeldrum ( Northwest of Aberdeen) and am looking to install PV panels on my roof which is east/west facing and at a 45deg angle and almost no shading. I have had a couple of quotes ranging from ?11000 - ?14600 for a 4KW system comprising 16 panels. One of the companies suggested splitting the panels 8 each side but the other suggested that having all 16 on the western side would be best. I have since heard conflicting stories about separate inverters being needed for each string. Any advice on what is the best configuration to go with given my location and roof slope angle? Are there panels/inverters that are better when it comes to a split scenario?



by Andy on 09 October 2011 Reply
Hi - we completed our first East / West split array last week. A fabulous looking black Schott system kicking out nearly 4kW. We can deliver this was an Aurora inverter for ?10,500 inc VAT.
by John Sterling on 25 October 2011 Reply
Hi All - I am in Herts and looking to install south facing 4k system - happy to receive quotes to add to the few I already have - also happy to receive adcie re grant situation - thanks - John
by Dave S on 09 October 2011 Reply
Hi Andy !! What Model of Panels did you use so I can look up the size as our west roof is slightly facing North (10* someone said) so want to try to only use South end and Garage is 4.25 reducing to 3.2 by 5.25 so gets difficult on bigger panels to get 4 across w/o it looking even more monstrous and to try to get thru planning if required.
by Andy on 09 October 2011 Reply
Hi Dave - if you drop me an email and I will send you the data sheets with sizes on etc and other alternatives.
by Dave S on 10 October 2011 Reply
Thanks Andy for your input even though you weren't able to quote as the job wasn't in your area !! I appreciate the time and unbiased advice provided !! Many Thanks Dave S
by Kevin Moore on 06 October 2011 Reply
We provide free quotes for purchased solar and for those who don't want to invest we can provide free domestic and commercial solar. Its better to buy if you can afford it but if you can't its better to do something rather than nothing and at least you'll get a reduction in electric bills
by Pavel on 06 October 2011 Reply
Does anybody know anything good/bad about modules from Samsung and/or Luxor in terms of performance and reliability and how they compare with more established manufacturers like Suntech?
by Prof Roberts on 10 August 2012 Reply
We just saw an analysis of Samsung, Sharp, Solar World, Kyocera, and Rec. In terms of PV Sol estimations, Sharp and Samsung delivered the most annual energy. However, if you apply PTC ratings and CEC % which equate to more real world conditions, Samsung comes out on top. Additionally, they use EL x-RAY in both their cell and module MFG-something that will be better appreciated with the growing micro-crack controversy.
by David Ice baby on 10 October 2011 Reply
I have a samsung 247 3.9kw been good upto now

with a solar edge inverter Producing well on dull days getting the free electricity as we speak

I was going to have a sma inverter but our fitter mep recommened solar edge inverters with internet monitoring doing there job

by Dave S on 11 October 2011 Reply
Hi D I B !! Looking at going the same way as you with East/West split !! Where are you ? Looks good option are you seeing improved performance with Solar Edge inverter have you got power enhancers as well ? What are you getting on a cloudy day ?
by Dave S on 05 October 2011 Reply
We have a South facing flat roof garage 4.25 m at widest by 5m in Kent ! We have had indicative quotes from 4 companies today ! 1st said you don't need planning permission and quoted for 12 Sanyo Hits but wanted to weigh them down with 25 kg bags of shingle as a rubber membrame roof !!! Next 2 said not to do Garage as too difficult and do 16 Panel East (6) - West (10) Split with scaffolding and split system costs which seemed to escalate price with Conergy or Suntech Panels !! Last one said they can get planning and we would be better putting 12 to 14 panel Sanyo or any Panel system on garage roof weighed down with enclosed blocks !! Any views on the east west split scenario or smaller 100 % South facing ? Should we rule split out ? What is the best fixing for flat roof without puncturing it ? Spoke to Council who confirmed need planning if higher than 200mm !! Been a day of going round in circles !!! Any advice gratefully received !!!
by Dave S on 11 October 2011 Reply
i would like to thank Michael from MEP electrical, Andy FP Energy, Chris at Inversol and Mike at Solar Professionals for their time, guidance and help. Things are coming together on a East/West split !!
by steve on 06 December 2011 Reply
same situation myself have gone for east west split. but what inverter should i use
by Mike Smith on 12 October 2011 Reply
Thanks Dave

We are always happy to give advice (when time allows) relating to all PV issues. By far the most common request is to advise on panel / inverter combinations.

When speaking with your potential installer always ask him what the potential output figures are based on his proposed configuration. There are several software options that will look at orientation, shading, angles and importantly weather conditions and any decent installer should have access to this data.

If you do this you will then have the data on which to base an important financial (investment) decision

I saw a quote the other day at a potential customers that stated a particular panel and inverter combination would produce an 'excellent output' - This gives absolutely no credible information on which to make a decision.

rant over...


Mike Smith

by George on 21 December 2011 Reply
Could you please tell me, if you were fixing panels to a slate roof would you drill the slate because i've had installers here who were going to do just that, so I said no as it's pretty obvious to me that the slate would not stand the pressure.Could you (Please Please) give a quick reply as they were here this morning.Also which is the best mounting system for slate roof's Cheer's George.
by Kevin Moore on 06 October 2011 Reply
Any installation which alters the roof contour requires PP. We offer free domestic solar installations and self funded so you have a choice.
by John Walker on 24 January 2012 Reply
Have a historic grade 2 listed building with a slate roof. Do you have any knowledge of fixing?

Thanks for your reply.

by Dave S on 10 October 2011 Reply
Spot on Kevin . Council Planner said we could get it through but as you would see it from the road it would have to be much lower than normal to stand a chance . So looks like we will try to source a cost effective East/West split
by kevin on 11 October 2011 Reply
Do you require a competitive price on that Dave? If you can get me the roof area's I'll give you generation levels and a choice of panels to suit your budget.
by Phil Hill on 05 October 2011 Reply
I am looking for a solar PV 2kw system with around 6 panels.
on 06 October 2011 Reply
by Chris Walker on 05 October 2011 Reply
Hi Phil, we would be very interested in giving you a very competitive quote, if you send me any information you have to we can get started on your quote
by Andy on 05 October 2011 Reply
Where are you based Phil? Please drop me an email and we would be delighted to provide a quote.
by Andy on 01 October 2011 Reply
Quality 4kWh systems for less than ?10k including 6 year warranty, vat, scaffold and roofer. Email me at or call us on 0845 116 3194
by Colin Weir on 30 September 2011 Reply
Looking for a 4Kw system split over 2 roofs , 1 south facing other more to good quote using hyundai panels & fronius invertor ,any advice would be useful
by Chris Walker on 01 October 2011 Reply
Hi Colin where are you from? I would be able to give you a very competitive quote if you are interested email
by Mike on 30 September 2011 Reply
Just been quoted ?10,500 for 16 Sunlink 245 panels and Aurapower inverter. Any comments please
by Kevin Moore on 06 October 2011 Reply
sounds cheap but We can install for free
by David Ice baby on 10 October 2011 Reply
might be free but beenfits more ???? the user or the invester ???? why give somebody your roof to earn 45 - 50k plus ??? for 200 less per year these people aint stuid thats why we all researched this site & lots of others ?
by Andy on 30 September 2011 Reply
On the face of it, it looks a good price Mike (what about the VAT, scaffold, roofer and warranty?)
by Stuart Gardner on 30 September 2011 Reply
WEST COAST SCOTLAND,...I am collecting quotes for a 4kw system from acredited fitters, I live a hour west of Fort William,.. I have a south west facing bungalow roof with one small skylight, my roof tiles are a slate/concrete mix,...
by Mhairi Kennedy on 30 September 2011 Reply
Hi Stuart, Iam a Renewable Energy Consultant based in Stirling. I work with a few companies in Central Scotland one of which does alot of work in West Coast. I can arrange for a full quotation if you would like? Please send me your details and any photos you have of your roof and can pull something together for you.



by Gareth Jenkins on 30 September 2011 Reply
Hi all, some very helpful stuff hear. I have bin looking for a while now to find a decent impartial comparison of installers and there products. The other day I stumbled across this mob called "Solar Selections" ( They have a very personal approach and its a free service (I think they take a small commission from the installer for the business, but they do offer discounts). They can provide a quote comparison and follow up call within minutes to discuss the options and what is suitable for your situation. Check em out!
by Michael on 30 September 2011 Reply
A little too heavy with the self marketing "Gareth"
by Bristol boy on 26 September 2011 Reply
Looking for quotes for an up to 4kw system

east facing,split between two parts of roof

on a bungalow.

with split strings.

like sanyo panels and sma 4000 as space is quite tight.


by Chris Walker on 28 September 2011 Reply
Hi we would be more than happy to give you a quote if you could email me so I can ask you some more questions,


Chris Walker

by Barry on 22 September 2011 Reply
Looking for a 10kw installation on a steel portal frame building in Elgin, Moray. Roof faces slightly East of due South.
by Elizabeth on 04 October 2011 Reply
Sorry Barry - I should have said the steel framed portal building is 45 ft long by 22 ft wide (not 32ft)and 3 bays.

by Elizabeth on 04 October 2011 Reply
Hi Barry,

Have you had any quotes yet ? I only ask because my father has a 32 ft steel framed portal building and one solar pv installer has said there is no way to fit 10KW on the SE facing roof and the other installer says there is no problem at all. Very confusing. (the 32 x solar pv panels will be Sanyo HIT250 apparently)

by chris walker on 24 September 2011 Reply
Hi Barry, if you would like Inversol Energy to give you a quote please send us any information to
by Richard Newman on 23 September 2011 Reply
Hi Barry,

Take a look at my web site and use Solar Prospector to have a look at your roof and calculate how many panels you can fit. There is also a solar returns calculator which does the number crunching. Regards,

by Richard Newman on 23 September 2011 Reply
Hi Barry,

It may have been worth my mentioning that the web address is

by George on 21 September 2011 Reply
I am in North of Scotland. Looking for advice,(and possibly, quotes); thinking of installing 4kw Sanyo HIT panels for an East/West facing roof, 8 panels a side, advice on most suitable inverters would be much appreciated.
by CRAIG on 03 October 2011 Reply
Hi George, I'm also looking to install a 4kW 16 panel system and live on Culloden Moor. I have been quoted ?14700 from Cairngorm. After further research I think I can get cheaper price and perhaps more efficient kit. If you haven't commited perhaps clubbing together we may get a reduced price. Like you I'm also considering Sanyo HIT panels. I would be interested in hearing what company(s) you are considering. Of course teh local boys really do labour the point that they are indeed local, established and will be around should any future problems occur.
by George on 04 October 2011 Reply
Hi Craig and Lawrence,

I'm still looking for a 4kw system, and would be interested in clubbing together to get a better deal.

(You're right about local lads, I was quoted ?15,200 by Cairngorm for a Schott system.)

by Lawrence on 08 October 2011 Reply
Hi George and Craig can you dropme a line on Spoken to a good guy recently and we might get a price if we combine. Ta
by lawrence on 03 October 2011 Reply
Hi Craig

I'm also looking at a 4kw system near Perth. I have been given a couple of good leads one of whom will offer a discount for multiple contracts. I'm considering them but only have one house! Fancy agreeing a combined offer?

by Mike Kelly on 22 September 2011 Reply
Hi, I am looking for 16 Sanyo HIt-H250E01 Panels with a Sunny Boy 4000 tl-20 we are near Bath .. have had a quote of just under ?14k what do you think? also they said Shuuco on roof mounting system?

Thanks Mike

by John on 08 October 2011 Reply
Hi Mike and Fred

We don't think Sanyo HIT modules are worth the money particularly if you have enough space on your roof. Please get in touch with us if you would like some independent research which may well save you quite a lot of money.

Ethical Solar - Bristol, Southampton, North Lincolnshire and Leeds. T: 0117 3149040



by Fred Carpenter on 04 October 2011 Reply
Hello Mike, I live in Bath and just had building regs so will be building soon. Wondered what system/suppliers you went for.

Regards, Fred

by chris walker on 24 September 2011 Reply
Hi Mike im pretty sure we could beat that price, send me your details and I will put you a quote together.
by Michael Kelly on 24 September 2011 Reply
Thanks for the offer .. I have a quote of ?12,900

16 Sanyo HIT 250 .. Sunny Boy 4000TL .. Wireless

Display unit and a 10 Year insurance Gaurantee ..

Just have to wait for the Technical Survey.


by Sue Sudbury on 08 October 2011 Reply
Hi mike

We're in Dorset - can you let me know which company was quoting 12,900 for the 16 sanyo 250 hit system. All quotes we've had so far are about 14k.



by Rob on 29 September 2011 Reply
Mike, can you post the contact details of the people offering the system please?

by Lawrence on 26 September 2011 Reply
Hi Mike I live in central Scotland and have a similar quote but would welcome another. Could you pass on your installers details if poss' pls. ta
by Michael Kelly on 26 September 2011 Reply
Im happy to ask .. I think they only work in the Devon/Dorset Wiltshire /Somerset / /Gloucestershire, and perhaps surrounding Area. But will ask later today
by Chris Walker on 24 September 2011 Reply
Thanks for the reply Mike, good luck with the install.
by Andy on 22 September 2011 Reply
Hi Mike - the quote is a touch on the expensive side. Please email me at and we would be delighted to provide a quote.
by Michael Kelly on 22 September 2011 Reply
Im hoping to find a Lower quote.. still looking
by Bob Baldwin on 22 September 2011 Reply
We are looking for a reputable supplier for SolarPV panels on our south facing roof in Werst Devon. Any recommndations?
by chris walker on 24 September 2011 Reply
Hi Bob Inversol Energy is a reputable company based in Newcastle but cover the whole UK, if you would like a quote feel free to contact us with your information at
by lawrence on 21 September 2011 Reply
Hi George

I'm considering similar poss a 4kw system in Crieff fancy combining a bid to lower costs?

by George on 23 September 2011 Reply
Hi Lawrence, Thanks, but as I'm 20 miles north of Inverness, don't know if it would make a difference.
by Anna Smith on 16 September 2011 Reply
Recently met the team at

This sounds like a great scheme. Knowing my luck I will buy the solar panels then the government will offer them for free.

by Ian Naismith on 18 September 2011 Reply
Anna would you like 1st4solar to give you a quote please email

Thank you Ian

by chris walker on 18 September 2011 Reply
Hi Anna would you be interested in a quote from Inversol Energy, if so we would be more than happy to give you a quote, please contact us at

by Jimmy Gordon on 14 September 2011 Reply
SOLAR PROFESSIONALS,MANCHESTER - I have spent the last few months researching Solar PV. Mike Smith from this company has been extremely helpful and his knowledge and advice of all things Solar has been invaluable. Despite finally doing a deal with a local firm, Mike has still provided assistance and taken time to answer my questions. He freely and continually provided advice on both prices and products (this is a rarity these days!) His quote was very competitive but the logistics would prove to be a slight issue for me (I'm in Fife, Scotland). Otherwise, my business would have gone to Mike and his company. Mike is the man to speak to.
by Mike Smith on 19 September 2011 Reply
Hi Jimmy & Lawrence

Many thanks for your kind words. I'm always happy to help anyone who is interested in installing Solar PV. Unfortunately there is a great deal of misinformation particularly during the sales process and this can cast a negative shadow over the industry. PV is an important investment and having the correct information to make an informed decision is vital.

Thanks once again guys maybe we should consider an office in Scotland :-)

by Martin on 28 October 2011 Reply
Just started looking into getting a 3KWh system installed and would like some advice please. Someone who has looked into this a while ago has said the Sanyo hit panels are the ones to go for with a sunny boy 4000TL inverter. Is this still good advice or is there a better system on the market now. Only had one quote so far from British Gas unknown make of panel or inverter which was over ?12,000. Roof is south facing and was told will only get 12 panels on the roof. Also some recommendations of someone in the Nottingham area to fit it would be helpful. Thanks
by lawrence on 19 September 2011 Reply
Mike was very helpful but again distance an issue. We live in Crieff be interested to know if you could recommend local installer as helpful as Mike.
by Jimmy Gordon on 19 September 2011 Reply
Hi Lawrence,I have an installation starting next week,please contact me for further info
by Alan (Cumbria) on 12 September 2011 Reply
Beginning to despair. Comparatively small roof (8.5 x 3.2m) facing SE at c30 degree pitch in North Cumbria with chimney in middle but high up. Looking for 2 sets of 6 Sanyo HIT-N SE panels (1580 x 798 mm) in landscape with Aorora Power One PVI-3.0-OUTD Inverter (2 strings to offset chimney shade in summer) and ClickFit mounting system. Got a couple of good quotes close to this spec, but nothing exact. Am I asking too much?
by chris walker on 12 September 2011 Reply
Hi Alan if you send me all the info in an email ( I will give you as close to what you want as possible. Can I ask why you want an Aorora inverter?
by F&P Energy Solutions Limited on 11 September 2011 Reply
4kWh systems installed for under ?10k. Please email me for quotes or advice at
by M.E.P Electrical Services Ltd on 10 September 2011 Reply
Hello if your intrested in seeing the live performance of SOLAR EDGE INVERTER solar pv system plese see are results on our facebook page!/pages/MEP-Electrical-Services-Ltd-MCS-Solar-Power-Installations/57302944832

alot of questions have been asked about this sytem so we decided to show the results rather than tell you readings daily.

HOPE this helps you all see how a solar pv performs on a month to month basis.

by chris walker on 09 September 2011 Reply
Hello everyone,Inversol Energy is an Mcs accredited solar PV company. We have 10 years combined in the renewable energy industry. Having worked for companies and seeing how not to install solar PV we decided to set up our own company and do things the correct way. we will give you the best quote with top products as we dont believe in cheap products, contact us for a free quote.
by Chris Walker on 09 September 2011 Reply
Hello everyone, we are an Mcs accredited solar PV company. We have 10 years combined in the renewable energy industry. Having worked for companies and seeing how not to install solar PV we decided to set up our own company and do things the correct way. we will give you the best quote with top products as we dont believe in cheap products, contact us for a free quote.
by Leigh Duffy on 08 September 2011 Reply
Hi Guys

We're in the process of selecting a PV System and wondered if anyone fancied offering a quote that would compete with our local installers for a system 1-1.4kwp for installation into a new-build house (scaffolding up) in Pembrokeshire, S.W.Wales?

Quotes and information gladly received at without .nospam. and we will be looking for panel installation in next 6-8 weeks.

Look forward to hearing from any willing and competitive installers,



by Anna Dixie on 22 September 2011 Reply
Hi Leigh,

I am writing to you from a lovely company based in Bristol called Ethical Solar. Our business ethos is to install panels which are both efficient, proven AND as green as possible. The typical cost of our installations range from ?12,500 being the most expensive 4kW system to ?8,000. If you would like to give us a call on 0117 314 9040 we will be happy to arrange a survey and quote for you which is completely free of charge and non obligatory. Or if you would just like to ask us some questions and get some advice we will be happy to do that too.

Our website is

All the best,


by chris walker on 09 September 2011 Reply
Hi leigh we would be happy to give you a quote if you would like to send us an email with what you are looking for and we can take it from there


Chris Walker

by dave unwin on 12 September 2011 Reply
hi chris, also looking for 3.9kw system to be installed in next couple of months in pembrokeshire, thanks dave
by Anna Dixie on 22 September 2011 Reply
Hiya Dave,

I work for a company called Ethical Solar and we install solar systems that are performance tested, cost effective and are the most sustainable systems on the UK market.

Please do give me a call on 0117 314 9040 and I will be happy to answer any of your questions or arrange you a survey.

All the best,


by John Swindells on 12 September 2011 Reply
Chris Walker's email address is
by chris walker on 12 September 2011 Reply
Hi Dave we would be more than happy to give you a quote, if you could email me any details you have and we can take it from there, thanks.
by James Manthorpe on 06 September 2011 Reply
Good morning, we have just launched our new website -

Please feel free to visit our site, fill in the enquiry form and we shall arrange a survey for you.

We are a BRE accredited MCS installer with over 10 years experience in installing solar PV.

Our prices our competitive because of our buying power, not because we compromise on quality.

Regards, James Manthorpe, Head of Renewable Energy

by Andrew on 05 September 2011 Reply
Currently getting quotes for a 4kw array on our slate roof south west , 32 degrees pitch. Trying to get a price about ?10k. South Norfolk. Please contact me if you can provide a very competitive price
by colm on 09 September 2011 Reply
10k for 4kw on a slate roof is looking for trouble.

Would you like your slate roof drilled and have the latest Chinese panels, in ten years the distributor for the panels will not be around as the FIT's payments to new entrants will be reduced, the market place won't be so boyant then and as a lot of these manufacturers have only been around for 10 minutes, their panels have not stood the test of time, try and get spare panels in 10 years time that should be a plane ride to China and your roof will be rotting away due to the fact that you have had your slate roof drilled. I would suggest that you invest your 10K somewhere else as this is a 25 year investment, not 10 years.

by Roger on 09 September 2011 Reply
I think ?10k for a fully installed 4kWp system is overly optomistic at this time.
by Andrew Clarke on 09 September 2011 Reply
Hi Roger,

You are right - i now have quotes ranging from ?10.6k to ?16k


by Roger on 15 September 2011 Reply
Andrew, I should probably have added some caveats to my pricing comment. The solar market is starting to flood with equipment of unproven quality and, as with the purchase of most goods, you tend to get what you pay for. In the end this is a purchase that you expect to have good use from for 25 or more years. Personaly I'm inclined to buy product from a manufacturer which has a track record, however, every market has a place for 'budget' products and some of those may even turn out to be ok, only time will tell on that front.
by Andrew on 15 September 2011 Reply
We have opted for Hyundai HiS-S250MG panels x 16, a SB 4000TL inverter (with 10 year guarantee). Panels are fitted using Schuco brackets (no drilling into slate). Total cost ?11300. Would welcome comments please
by Andy on 15 September 2011 Reply
Can I ask why the Hyundai? There are a couple of alternatives you may consider. Please drop me an email should you want a further quote. Good luck though

by mick on 25 August 2011 Reply
Looking for a solar PV installation approx 12 panels in the teesside area. get back to me if your interested with a decent price. Have been reading here and there seems to be some decent deals to be done!!


by AndyB on 30 August 2011 Reply
Mick, I am also in the Teesside area, at present trying to get a reasonable (10k) price on a 4Kw system, perhaps we could share information, perhaps even combine our buying power, I am in no rush, email me at Andy
by Marie on 25 August 2011 Reply
Looking at Sanyo HIT panels for an East facing roof,40degree pitch,unshaded in Scottish Borders.

Have been quoted ?10,500 for 12 Sanyo Hit panels 235w with SMA inverter with 25yr extended warranty on an east-facing 40deg unshaded roof in Scottish Borders;?11,595 for 14panel array & ?12,795 for 16 panels.These seem fair quotes to us.Husband concerned that firm - Minel Energy -only been into solar panel installation for about a year & isn't registered with REIGA or IWIZ.They are with REAL & have MiSC certificate.Any advice welcome.

by Ian Naismith on 18 September 2011 Reply
Marie I would be interested in giving you a quote please contact me at


by chris walker on 13 September 2011 Reply
Hi Marie, have you accepted a quote yet or would you like us to quote for you, i'm pretty sure we could beat that quote.If you are interested contact us


Chris Walker

by MelC on 31 August 2011 Reply
Just to advice that MCS have just replied, and confirmed Minel are MCS accredited.
by MelC on 31 August 2011 Reply
Marie, I also have a quote from Minel. It is a very competitive quote so Im v interested. However I cannot see them listed on the MCS website so have just emailed MCS a few minutes ago to ask them to confirm Minel are still a member of the scheme. Friends of ours have used them and are happy with the installation, but they didnt do much if any research. A Companies House search shows the Directors have another company listed at their registered office (Marine Avenue in Whitley Bay.) Their other company (Minel Leisure Ltd) has had its Credit Rating suspended. Dont know what this means in reality so Im checking the REAL scheme insurance backed guarantee - for an additional ?35 it apparently covers the installers warrantly (5 yrs I think) if they go bust. At present still digging, not sure what to do yet. If you find anything pls advise. Hope this helps
by mick on 26 August 2011 Reply
hiya, can you get in touch with me and tell me what you thought of minel energy when they came round please
by Marie on 28 August 2011 Reply
Hi Mick,

the installation manager who came to house to measure roof seemed interested in getting us the best system for us and both husband & I felt confident he would do a good job. Our concerns are if firm should go out of business in future and where it would leave us re warranties etc.

by ERICA DAVIES on 08 September 2011 Reply
I was worried about having a firm fit the panels only for them to be out of business when you had a problem in the future. I went with Tesco Home Efficiency. They sub contract to a local supplier but if there are any problems, Tesco sort them out and your guarantee is with Tesco. I was very happy with the service and the price was very competitive - in fact the cheapes! And you get clubcard points!!!
by jason on 20 August 2011 Reply
A company called sunseeker uk from spalding phoned us and said they were the government grants agency and said they would conduct a free solar survey so we agreed and they came and saw us. They asked if we had already been quoted so we said NO but we had. The surveyor Karl (Who turns out to be a salesman (as well as we found out later the director). He said that the PV system take up a lot of room on the roof and give very little return. So he tried to push a thermal hot water system on us for ?12,000. He then said with the subsidy we would get it for ?6,000. This is a total lie there is no subsidy. He said we had to order then or sign paperwork accepting that we did not want the subsidy. He then back tracked and tried to sell us a 1.42 kw PV system for ?10,000 then ?9,000. Then we said not going to make a decision with out looking at alternatives. He then started being rude suggesting that we could not afford his german quality and left. The next day we were called by a man who identified himself as Matt the manager (we have since found out this is Karls partner in crime) who said they had got 300 panels to sell off cheap and offered us the same system for ?7,000. When pushed for the make and model he declared they were german make called trina. It turns out trina are from china. I would say it would be best to avoid this company like the plague. We should have realised earlier that they were a cowboy outfit when Karl the surveyor alias the salesman alias the director turned up in a white audi convertable with matching white interior.
by chris walker on 13 September 2011 Reply
Hi Jason, are you still looking to have this system installed, if so we would be more than happy to give you a very competitive quote.


Chris Walker

by Gary Roberts on 20 August 2011 Reply
4KWh-16 panels sanyo hybrid,sma 4000tl sunnybeam monitor,rails,scaffold,installed with paperwork completed for FITS.

Welcome any info on resonable price,also these panels against the Sharp or Schott -4KWh

Live Telford,Shropshire area ...South East facing roof...Thanks

by chris walker on 13 September 2011 Reply
Hi Gary, are you still looking for this system to be installed? if so we would be more than happy to give you a competitive quote.


Chris Walker

by M.E.P Electrical Services Ltd on 08 September 2011 Reply
Hi guys , we offer a range of systems with our best price on a 4kw at 10k inc VAT! just completed our 60th solar pv job today and all 60 of our customers have been 100% satisfied. we install samsung , sharp , sanyo & trina solar modules with sma , power one & solar edge inverters . visit us at


by nick brooks on 10 September 2011 Reply
Hi.Is your company with REAL, and are you MSC certified.?I would be interested in a 4KWh-system.Cheers,Nick.
by M.E.P Electrical Services Ltd on 10 September 2011 Reply
Yes we are REAL, MCS & NICEIC REG.

send us an email on and I can provide a written quote

by Andy on 24 August 2011 Reply
Gary - are you after a quote or what might be a reasonable cost for you to charge for this installation? Its not clear from your post


by gary roberts on 24 August 2011 Reply
hi Andy,sorry,i am after quotes minus the haggeling,just the best price possible..Thanks
by Andy on 25 August 2011 Reply
Thanks Gary - I would be delighted to produce a quote for you. My email address is If you could drop me an email so I have your details I will produce a quotation by the end of the week.
by Jane on 17 August 2011 Reply
Dug, I'm on the verge of accepting a quote from the same company, ?11,700 for a 3.5kw system (14 Sharp panels). Were you also offered the 'Cleaner Air Solutions'25 year invertor guarantee for ?480? Do you, or does anyone else, think it's a good idea to take this? I've been told that I'm very likely to need at least 2 invertors (current cost around ?1,200 each)during the lifetime of the system so it does seem worthwhile. Any comments?
by Andy on 18 August 2011 Reply
Jane - the ?480 isn't worth it in my opinion. The inverter should have it's own warranty covering the majority of a 25 year period. IF it does need replacing (and there are contrasting views on this) then the price of such technology will be far lower than today. Ensure you get a good installers warranty (say 3 years).

I have recently set up a Solar PV business having had lots of experience installing for a much larger firm. My MCS accreditation is pending (which I can prove) and we are members of NAPIT and REAL. I am looking to share say 25% of the cost of a first installation with someone so I can get fully accredited. If anyone is interested please call 0845 116 3194 - THANKS

by Rob on 18 August 2011 Reply
Andy, where are you based? Rob
by Andy on 24 August 2011 Reply
Hi Rob - we are West Midlands based...willing to travel!
by Dennis on 17 August 2011 Reply
Looking for a 4kw system on a small modern terraced house in Shropshire. Slate roof - 32 degrees pitch - front is west facing and back is east facing. Looking for 2k on front and 2kw on back. Prefer black panels and black frames/mounting. I know my return will be limited to about 85% of a due south roof so really need to max out at the full 4kw. Looking at something like REC 250PE panels which have a 5w tolerance. Also need a good inverter with dual inputs like the Sunny Boy 4000TL or the Power One PVI-3.6 OUTD which will fit in my wardrobe. Loft is far too hot. Any chance I can get this system for around 10K? the most I really want to pay as my annual return is going to be lower.
by MEP electrical services ltd on 08 September 2011 Reply
yes we can offer this price or lower , call us on 0800 644 0040 .
by Mike Smith on 26 August 2011 Reply
Hi Dennis

If you are still looking I'd be happy to discuss your requirements. With your particular situation it would be very useful to look at some simulated models based on a west / east installation. For instance it may well be the case that 2 individual smaller capacity inverters are more efficient and give you an overall better return.

If I can be of help or you just need some free unbiased advice give me a shout



by Dennis on 30 August 2011 Reply
Hi Mike

Thanks for your offer to help/quote. I think I may be fixed up - I now have 3 good quotes, one of which is very competive, subject to survey, using the cheaper PV-3.0 OUTD which will easily cope with 2kwp per string on most makes of panels (especially considering the lower peak power output of an E/W installation). I think a dual MPPT tracker will work out cheaper than 2 separated inveters and I am not sure my bedroom cupboard has room for 2 separate inverters anyway.

If I get any problems with my existing quotes I will get back to you. Thanks for your interest.


by Becki Woods on 17 August 2011 Reply
I used The Energy Conservation Group. I was really impressed with their service, as well as the fact that they weren't hanging around for days and days making the place look untidy. The whole installation was done in a day and they also monitor the output so that you're getting the most use out of it. Great for those massively important Feed-In Tariff payments! Cha ching!
by Dennis on 18 August 2011 Reply
Just had a call from Energy Conservation Group. Was told they only fit Kioto 200w panels. No choice and definitely no black framed panels. I find it strange that one make/size of panel can suit all jobs? Kioto are cheap but they did poorly in a recent test. There are about 200 manufacturers of panels. Some jobs definitely need other panel types/sizes. For example if space is really tight and you want to get the maximum KW on your roof you might want to choose the more expensive but compact Sanyo HIT panels.

by Rob on 16 August 2011 Reply
I have a large south facing wall on 1930's property and would like to know if it is possible to mount a 4kw system onto it and more importantly whether it is efficient or not. There is no shading of the wall and the panels I guess could be mounted at 30/40 degree angle. Should cost be the same as a roof mount?
by Andy on 18 August 2011 Reply
This would be subject to a surveyor ensuring the building can cope with the extra weight, but it sounds possible.

?10k is cheap for a 4kWh system. There are undoubtedly ways of doing it for this but you won't get the better panels, inverters etc and you will end up having installers cutting corners like not using roofers when they should.

by Rob on 16 August 2011 Reply
Going by the comments earlier on the price for a half decent 3.8-4kw system/installation should be around the 10k Inclusive of VAT mark why do companies still start off at 14-15k and then come down to this point, surely in the long run you lose credibility by doing this?
by Chris on 15 August 2011 Reply
Nice research work, maybe you would wish to evaluate solar equipment in the UK on our comprehensive website for solar installers in the UK
by Tom flynn on 14 August 2011 Reply
Has anyone used evoenergy in the Bristol area, from the quote and visit they seem to know the business. I need comments before I order.

by Mark Cole on 01 September 2011 Reply
i used IGS LTD in the bristol area they were great and i compared them to five other companys and they came out the cheapest . Really tidy job hassle free
by dug hunter on 14 August 2011 Reply
been quoted ?9000 for 9 sharp 250w panels sunnyboy inverter and data logger with 25year guarentee on them all

near glasgow is this a good price??

by Ian Naismith on 25 August 2011 Reply
If you wish to obtain a nother quote please contact me and I will be delighted to give you a quote and please check out
by LORNA duff on 16 August 2011 Reply
Great price what company ?
by dug hunter on 17 August 2011 Reply
by johnkr66 on 13 August 2011 Reply
very good reading, i feel sorry for all those saleman who"s time you wasted. to read that in the end you ordered from green home energy solutions. why didnt you do that on the night if you were that impressed. i paid ?13,999 for 18 sharp 230k/w system from solar direct savings. we couldnt beat the overall package. the price the system quality and how professional they explained the F.I.T they even gave us our own project manager all the way through. we ordered on the night however were a little sceptical of paying a 25% deposit but they offer a deposit indemnity scheme that covers our deposit plus we paid on our credit card. the system was fitted with in a month. we live in telford shropshire and have to say its been 4 months now and not one problem at all. take care and good luck to you all searching for your company. i can only speak as i find and S.D.S get our vote.
by Jane on 03 August 2011 Reply
Thank you for helpful comments. I have two more quotes to come and continue to read as much as possible. Going to be tricky deciding on the company to use-so many variables to consider.
by Liam on 03 August 2011 Reply
Read with interest, I am thinking of Solar PV panels and solar thermal panels(do I need both or just one system). Had some one round and said I could fit 4Kwh, at present, on my roof Schott 190 panels and an Itialian made inverter (not sure which)25 year warranty on everything, approx ?15000 and approx ?6000 for the thermal. I live in the Doncaster area and looking for quotes.
by on 03 August 2011 Reply
Great blog post, and such a thorough discussion in the long list of comments! I'd like to suggest to also use for comparing prices and local installers.

Our site provides instant online quotes and allows you to filter based on e.g. price, financial return, panel brands, warranty and installer experience. Everything is based on your own roof selection and solar potential, which gives you a good overview of whether it makes sense to go solar or not.

Regards, Gertjan van der Goot (Company Director)

by John Swindells on 05 August 2011 Reply
Thanks for the info, Gertjan. Looks interesting!
by Jane on 02 August 2011 Reply
I have just been quoted ?11900 for a 3Kw system: 16 black Antaris (German) panels. The salesman said these are the very best on the market but I don't see Antaris mentioned above. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of these...and what about the quote? - he's coming back on Friday for my decision!
by Mike Smith on 03 August 2011 Reply
Hi Jane - This is as you say a German manufacturer and distributor. The panel is a high quality panel and their premium ASM series panel will rank alongside Sanyo in kWh output tests. It's not a cheap price by current standards but it is a quality product that will give an excellent return. The price of a 3KWp Sanyo would from ourselves would be aprox ?10,350.

If you need any advice please feel free to visit us at

by steve on 27 July 2011 Reply
Had a 3.92kw system fitted, using 16 Day4 245w panels and a fronius inverter,by ADS SOLAR LTD of Heathfield East Sussex.Both panels and inverter came with 10 year warranty and company was MCS approved,members of REAL and IWA BIZ.A very professional and knowledgeable company.?15,500. VERY PLEASED
by normalbloke on 02 August 2011 Reply
I've just been quoted ?13.2k for a 4k sanyo 250 system with sunnyboy 4000tl invertor and K2 rack.

Is this good or should I sit in the dunces corner?

by Bob on 25 July 2011 Reply
Be wary of the company "plug into the sun" Cornwall.

They have returned 4 times to fit my system which finally worked after fitting less expensive parts.There was a minimal refund no where near the actual costs. The system took in total almost two months to get working and in the meantime i was producing next to no power whilst my 25 years started to countdown. There has been promises of compensation for the lost revenue but as to date nothing.


Very poor communication.

by Jim on 23 July 2011 Reply
I am looking for a Schuco / Sanyo 3.7kWp quality system to be fitted to a barn roof, easy access, wood purlins, 4 metre access height, 20' pitch. Run back to a bungalow about 15 metres away for 10K inclusive.

Location Buckfastleigh, Devon TQ11.

Can you help? Please email or post

3 other PV systems also need installing in

by Liz @ Ethical Solar on 21 July 2011 Reply
Heya, I'm not sure if it's okay to comment coming from a solar company, but we don't do Sharp panels because our business ethos is to install panels which are both efficient, proven AND as green as possible, and we don't believe the latter is true for these. So many people just go for the cheapest or biggest companies, but buying solar panels doesn't always mean you're making an ethical choice. We do 4kW from 12,400 - 13,500, we're a small Bristol-based company with a friendly team of eco-minded people and we run our vans on veg oil :)

Viva la solar revolution, good luck everyone on your hunt for the right system!

by B. Bose on 21 July 2011 Reply
Need solar PV panels for my house.

Address:19 Palmerston Crescent.London N13 4UE

Can u contact me asap for survey.

by Liz on 27 July 2011 Reply
Hello there,

Unfortunately we don't currently cover the London area but stick to the South-West (due to the environmental cost of driving all over the country!) but there will be companies more local to you if you google around your area. Good luck!

Liz @ Ethical Solar

by rob on 25 July 2011 Reply
can i get in touch with you over the email or phone for your PV modules..?
by Liz on 27 July 2011 Reply
Hi Rob! You can contact me on or phone us at the office on 0117 314 9040. Thanks for getting in touch,


by Mike Smith on 21 July 2011 Reply
Hi Guys

Some great comments on here.

We're installers from Manchester operating across the North West and Yorkshire. We are a small family company and passionate about renewables.

My biggest beef is the fact that MCS quite rightly make us jump through hoops in terms of installs and quality management but fail to regulate what is being spouted by ex double glazing salesmen in peoples houses. The REAL Code of Contact goes some way of course but not far enough. I would call for all sales people to be accredited by MCS after a suitable Solar PV Course and resultant exam based qualification.

That's the rant over. As far as prices are concerned we can just about achieve ?10K for 4KWp system but will only supply quality panels and inverters. We have great pricing on Sanyo HIT systems so please feel free to call

by Frederick Hibbs on 02 September 2011 Reply
Is Great Malvern in Worcestershire too far south for you? My garage roof is 6.5m long by 3.3m high, south facing at 45 degrees and I would certainly be interested in say 3.5 kWp for ?10K. Please call me on 01684 573112 asap - thanks.
by Steve on 29 August 2011 Reply

Have house in Yeadon, Leeds, looking for a 4kW installation at or under ?10k, would be interested in your offer.

by Mike Smith on 30 August 2011 Reply
Hi Steve

I will reply via your email - many thanks for your enquiry

Kind Regards

Mike Smith

by Dave Reynolds on 21 July 2011 Reply
We had a system installed by a company called GREEN LTD. Very professional. We visited their showroom in Bedfordshire and spoke to George. Very nice fella. We had a 16 panel 245W Sunlink system with Power one inverter for ?10495.00. Highly recommend
by Sivas on 24 July 2011 Reply

Could you please give me a contact detail for this company. I am looking for a system close to 4kw on my roof. Thank you

by Adrian on 29 July 2011 Reply
Hi Dave, thanks for the recommendation, glad you were happy with our company. Sivas please contact me through the website at

or on 01767 817806. Thanks Adrian Shiels Operations Director

by Solar pv scotland on 18 July 2011 Reply
I see many of the comments are about the high value charged by solar pv installers . Many companies are still trying to cash in using cheap panels and untrained sellers and installers . We are a family run business providing a high quality service and we like to set are profit margins low . Why ? becuase most of our work comes from recommendations and repeat custom . Our installations for 4kw range from 8K to 13K plus VAT(5%) . Its about time the MCS also monitored the amount charged , many consumers are simply being ripped off .
by Robert on 17 July 2011 Reply
I live in Middlesex.I have a directly south facing unshaded pitched roof,3 bedrooms semi detached.I want a 4kwh system for ?10000 or less. Is there any company who could do this? I would like to hear from you. You can also email me on: Thank you. Robert
by Dr Marttand Patel on 05 July 2011 Reply
We are an independent installation company. We give advice of a number of different panels. The Sanyo HIT are considered to be the best panels by most installer, but I have yet to see an independent study justifying their very high premium price. In all our installations the Sanyo H and N series, have preformed well. But we have found that your ROI is better on some other panels than the sanyos, over time. Please visit our web site or give us a call for independent advice.

by Mark on 01 July 2011 Reply
I was very interested in Rob's
by Nikki on 27 June 2011 Reply
hi everyone just been reading the comments thought i'd let you know we had a 14 panel system fitted by eco way solar ( for ?10,500 fitted in 1 day. 25 yr guarantee on panel output 10 yr extendable guarantee on inverter and 7 yr company warranty.Installers where proffesional clean and tidy,the salesman darren was great (liked a cup of tea)very informative and had a way of explaining things in simple terms.Had other quotes but they didn't seem to be able to explain how the tariff worked properly just kept saying use more electric, use more electric evenhad to watch a dvd for 20 mins with one. Good experience here are his card details :- sales consultant Darren Alcock tel:-07732697013 email :- web:- GOOD LUCK
by 1st Solar Generation on 25 June 2011 Reply
Thanks to all of you who enquired about the new 19% efficieng Sanyo HIT N panels, Still installing these as they are the best panels on the market. (just so you know, I'm an independant UK installer and not associated with any panel manufacturer!) Just got an offer on Caymax panels with an Eversoler inverter - ?10300 installed! thats a MCS accredited 3.8Kw system on your roof for the offer price of ?10,300



1st Solar Generation

by Rod Dann on 26 June 2011 Reply
Do you cover Cornwall? We are looking for 3.8kw system on frames in garden facing south, around ?10,000.
by Paul Caddone on 30 June 2011 Reply
Hi Rod, Sorry about the delay in responding, if you're still interested in a system please contact me via the web site with your phone no and I'll be happy to discuss your requirements.



by Intelligent Energy Solutions on 20 June 2011 Reply
Intelligent Energy Solutions are a fully accredited MCS installer and are also Renewable Energy Assurance Listed (REAL). Specialising in solar panels and solar PV technology, Intelligent Energy Solutions have branches in Leicestershire, Yorkshire and Gloucestershire.
by dave on 18 June 2011 Reply
hi here in the midlands we found eco-way solar very good and professional,salesman was a dream very informative friendly not pushy at all,had a 3.6 system fitted for 15k expertly done tradesmen were great BP Solar panels with PORSCHE engeering and shock absorbing corners supposedly one of the best panels out there could have had sharp panels for 13.5k but wanted the best as they are going to last in excess of 25yrs.well worth getting a quote from.i would give darren a call on 07732697013 or email him at

good luck everybody

by Paul at 1st Solar Generation on 28 May 2011 Reply
1st Solar install a 3.84kw system using Sanyo HITN panels (these are amorphous silicon, considered the best on the market) that have a 19% efficiency far better than poly or mono silicon panels, for under £14,000. This system will produce 10% more electricity than your bog standard mono silicon based system.

We only use the most reliable proven manufacturers. REAL assured and everything is guaranteed! Check out the web site of

Thanks Paul

by Lily Rhodes on 18 May 2011 Reply
We have decided to invest in solar pv and have had 4 quotes. All the men/women who visited us were highly professional, (no high pressures sales techniques used), informative, thorough and a credit to the industry. The quotes we have received are all for very similar systems, Sharp/Samsung panels, Sunny Boy/Fronius inverters, Hilti mounting, scaffolding etc. The quotes kWhr are; Solarking £4.96, Tesco (Subcontractors Dyson Insulation visited) £4.96, Mark Group £4.61, MEP Electrical £3.44. All are MCS accredited, members of REA, REAL etc. We have used a number of websites to help us make our decision, (solar panel comparison site),, , ,, are a few of them.

We have made our decision and contacted our chosen installer today. I'll let you guess which we have chosen.

by pete on 17 May 2011 Reply
Looking for a 4KW Sanyo hibrid PV system on my house in the yeovil area. Can anyone recommend a company in my area and a rough price. Cheers
by Matt townsend on 12 June 2011 Reply
Hi Pete, have a look on our website. A full system of sanyo HIT hybrid PV panels on a standard roof (roman tiles) would cost around ?14.500 fully installed including scaffolding and registration to the FIT. This would be subject to a site survey at no cost to you.
by michael Psaila on 19 July 2011 Reply
Hi Pete Sorry about the delay in responding, if you're still interested in a Sanyo system please contact me via the web site or call us and I'll be happy to discuss your requirements. We Fit Sanyo 240 HIT x 16 SMA inverter Fully fitted with all Paper work MCS reg etc From ?14,095.00 INC VAT NOTE: ROOF MOUNTED SYSTEM ANYWHERE IN U.K

we are well estabished Electrical & Solar Power Installer we have been a LTD company since 2008 & install 2- 3 Solar Power Systems Per Week.

Would like to thank For this great web site & letting installers & the genral pubilc discuss Solar Pv togetrher GREAT IDEA

Thanks Michael Psaila

M.E.P Electrical Services Ltd.

01706 625375

by M Evans on 06 June 2011 Reply
Had a 3.99KwP system installed by Eco South Ltd. They are an MCS accredited installer based in Crewkerne near Yeovil. Very pleased with the job they did and for £11k was the best price.
by Trevor on 28 May 2011 Reply
4 kW Sanyo Hybrid HIT/HIP best price approx £14,700.

4 kW Samsung, Caymax, Siliken, Canadian, REC Schco, Moser Baer, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Kyocera, Trina, Kioto, Romag, Hyundai, ET from £10,500 - £14,500 best prices.

You can browse our instant solar panel price search or request a price match.

Hope that helps


by nicola sullivan on 26 May 2011 Reply
I have used Evoenergy they are 100% proffesional and know their stuff they also if asked give you contact details of jobs they have done in your area for you to speak to or visit i still have a contact number his name was Darren 07890549401 they are not pushy just helpful
by Jim T on 17 May 2011 Reply
Until someone offers a good quality 4KW installation for under the £10K mark there will never be a good take up of people wanting to instal a PV array.

I live in Bedfordshire and have had quotes ranging from £11,500 up to £18,000. Neighbours and friends are all of the same opinion that anything above the £10,000 mark is way too much of a luxury in these tough (only to get tougher?) economic times.


by Simon Greycat on 19 July 2011 Reply
Jim T - Yes I agree with you. the prive of PV equipment has fallen by around 20% over the last 12 months, but none of this saving is being passed on to the customer????

DO NOT accept the first figure quoted by any installation company and haggle hard. These are tough times for all tradesmen and deals are out there.

by kevin on 14 June 2011 Reply
I just joined a solar buyers club called solar communities. Very pleased to say that we have a group price of under ?10,000 for a 4kw system. One of the managers helped run a similar scheme in Holland which worked very well. The more that join the scheme the cheaper they are but we have been given a max price of ?9700 inc vat.
by Roy Bulcock on 20 June 2011 Reply
Sounds a good deal and I am close to purchasing a system


by Peter Chamberlain on 20 June 2011 Reply
We are very keen to hear all about your group purchase deal as we are getting quotes and beginning to realise that there should be some below ?10,000, somewhere! We want a 4kw system and wish to go ahead ASAP.

We are near Burton on Trent Staffs. Would your installer work in our area or have a contact who would? Hear from you soon

by john on 14 June 2011 Reply
I'm very inetersted, would you post the contact details
by John Swindells on 18 June 2011 Reply
If you would like to know more about this club then please contact me and I will forward your request on to Kevin.

Make sure that you provide your email address so that he can reply to you!

by rob on 11 June 2011 Reply
i agree ,being a prudent type of person i have played peter against paul and im getting a schuco 4k system with a sma tl4000 inverter fitted for ?9995,,,, and i am tight forget chineese types total rubbish
by Pauline on 30 July 2011 Reply
I am interested in having a shuco system and at that price we could afford it; have you the name of the company and are you pleased with the fit and guarantee?
by rob on 31 July 2011 Reply
Hi Pauline,

UP untill now i have had no problems with my system, install was a breeze ,in my case it is a south facing garden no obsticles,doormers etc

3 guys all up and fitted on my roof 6 hours tops then electrical running the cables through loft outside along wall to garage below installing everything , "and it looks like a electrical substation now " installing and commisioning was all done in the day,

because of my previous knowledge i held back the remainder of the chq untill all paper work was completed ,signed and emailed back to me as i heard previous people were still waiting , i explained this and they were happy to go along with this, my intention was never not to pay them but to get all that i needed before i paid them, once bitten and all that !!!

Fit only apply from commisioning date of paper work and not install date so you dont get back payments , basically i was covering my arse so i did not loose out financially

i am chuffed tto bits in less than 1mth install date i have earned 252kwh which roughly equates to ?106 . and free electric it really is a no brainer,

where do you live and what direction is your garden roof etc you do have to take a lot into consideration ,

they do all the paper work for you , and they do represent good value for money, return to outlay. 4kw for ?10k is good enough for me ,i am totaly chuffed, i still get people telling me you should have gone for sanyo , but in one ear out the other, as i say do your research and go for it were all different ,let us know how you get on , i am in touch with a few people who have used them and we are comparing data and income to see if there are determining factors.

please read my other post if it is of any help good luck rob from peterborough mention my name

by George on 22 August 2011 Reply
Hi Rob I can only find greenerpowersolutions based in Maidstone Kent. Nothing like that based in Essex! Is it the same company do you know, thanks>
on 22 August 2011 Reply
Hi George,sorry having a senior moment, yes it is the same company based in maidstone kent me14 2au.

regards rob

by Robert Burck on 16 July 2011 Reply
Hi Rob

I am interested in a 4 kwh system for no more than ?10000.Please could you tell me the name of the company who installed it and their location; as I live in the West London area. Thanks, Robert

by rob on 19 July 2011 Reply
the company i used is based in essex , 2 directors Basim and Floyd, , completed full instalation and commisioning in a day all for ?9995

regardless what any one says 10k for a 4k German system is good. payback in 6 yrs ?1700 @yr approx

They do all the paper work 25% dep and remainder when job done, quick ,clean and efficient,

This was my choice , i felt the sanyo hibrid may be a better system but not worth the xtra 4/5 k with the xtra 15% return

my mean average is about 17kwh a day . hope this has been of use

good luck and bring on the sun !!

by Al on 25 September 2011 Reply
Hi Rob, This company does indeed advertise their 4kw schuco system for under ? 10000. However they do add ? 600 for scafolding , did you pay that too ? Also their warranty is 5 years on the installation my other quotes offered 10 years , is this a substancial increased risk factor , thanks
on 25 September 2011 Reply
Hi Al,, i was charged under 10k inclusive of scaffolding, if they have added this now as an xtra ,i cant comment.

as for the warrenty 5yrs is for the inverter and 25yrs for pv panels ,

i at present am performing above expectations and netted over 980kwh all ready , all i can say is im happy and i cant comment no more

by Robert on 21 July 2011 Reply
Thank you Rob for the information, much appreciated.Did the installers supply you with an export meter? How many panels did they fit on your roof?
by rob on 21 July 2011 Reply
Hi Rob, yes they supplied me with an export mtr,

they are mcs approved and registered me with microgeneration to obtain the fit.

i have 2 strings 18 panels in total working out about 3.9kwh, fitted potrait as i have approx 10mtr pitch roof, no gables,so space was not an issue,what ever and who ever you do it with is personel,do your research and go with your gut feeling, but doing it is a no brainer, then switch off.

by Robert Burck on 23 July 2011 Reply
Thank you for your reply.I am wondering if you are not confusing generation meter with export meter, as we were told generation meter would give information on exporting as well as generating.Are you paid the 3.1 p/unit for the deemed amount of 50% of the total amount generated or on the amount registered on your meter? some installers tell us you don't need an export meter and others say it is up to the electricity company to install one. The ?1700 a year yield does it include the saving from the electricity you use or just the money you receive for the electricity generated?

When the system was installed was there a delay in receiving the feed in tariff or did it start at the same time. Which electricity company you are registerd with for your feed in tariff? Thank you for your help.

by rob on 31 July 2011 Reply
Hi rob , sorry for delay,been on holiday and the confusion i have only a generation meter fitted as i was told i dont need one, i get paid a full 43.3p of accruded kwh,

a export meter is generaly required by your supplier ie scottish power, power gen etc, mine does not require one.

dependent on your personel conditions, sun, direction of roof obsticles etc every one is differnt even location in the country, for me in less than a mth 253 kwh gives me ?109.54 this is a no brainer chq to be paid to me quarterly, this will include free electric giving me a return of about 6/7yrs.impresive for a 4k for under ?10k.

Payment is not credited from instal date but by commisioning date so you dont get back payments,some companies state it takes up to 3 weeks ,so you loose out on this ! hence me being me i paid 25% dep and held the rest back untill all relevant paper work was in place and i had acknowledgement supplier had all paper work to hand and confirmed when i was being paid from, i personaly dont buy in to sales man talk and it aint christmas round here and did not fall of no tree's

its amazing when you hold back money things happen quicker, my intention was never to not pay them but to get everything i paid for.

i am with Atlantic gas and electric, i would change regulary untill i found the cheaper supplier,now i dont have to bother, my out goings bills have been reduced to half and i should get chqs back balancing it out.

hope this helps you

by peter chamberlain on 20 June 2011 Reply
Great reading your experience, please tell me if your installer would work our way, near Burton on Trent. And tell me more about your system.
by kevin on 14 June 2011 Reply
I'm realiably informed that even the German panels are made in China with only the alloy frames made in Germany so who do you trust?
by rob on 31 July 2011 Reply
Hi kev , totally agree pv panels are chineese or asian maily, but shuco do come with a German warrenty and in less than 1 mth 254kwh has netted me ?109.98. there is no guarentee apart from pay tax's and die !! do your reserch and go for it i am totaly happy
by Mike Smith on 11 May 2011 Reply

This is a great article and it's good to see that people appreciate good service, honesty and reliability.

At the end of the day MCS Accreditation gives the customer a fair amount of protection as does REAL but at the end of the day it's down to integrity and honesty.

We operate throughout the North of England and will be happy to give advice as required

by Mike Newton on 03 September 2011 Reply
I am researching specs / prices for the supply and installation of ground mounted Pv system in Northwich Cheshire. Framework would be ready to take pv mounting rails and situated approx 50m from house. Cables can be installed by others if required. 15 x 250watt Sanyo Hit 4000tl sunny boy

Any further info required please advise.

Thanks Mike Newton

by Robert Weeks on 21 July 2011 Reply

I'm takin quotes for 4 kw installation. Lowest is 10500. Are u an installer? Can u compete with this, with an appropriate addition for changing from Sharp to Sanyo?


by Mike Smith on 22 July 2011 Reply
Hi Robert

Sorry I missed your reply if you're still in the market for a 4KWP system - email or call me - We have some great deals on Sanyo at the moment.


Mike Smith

by James GORDON on 28 July 2011 Reply
Hi Mike,I'm looking to do four installations using sanyo 250HIT panels(2x3kw & 2x3.5kw)including two bungalows so no scaffolding ?Could you give a an idea of the best prices,and discounts for getting four systems.Regards Jimmy Gordon.
by Mike Smith on 28 July 2011 Reply
Hi James

Please contact me on and I'm sure we can help out.

Kind Regards


by Nicola Sullivan on 11 May 2011 Reply
I have used a company called Evo Energy they are I.W.A. backed the service was excellent they know their business as my roof was a very complicated installation. The choice of panels and inverters was good and Darren from their Bristol office who carried out the site survey was honest and informative and no pushy sales which I like I read somewhere they are the third biggest installers in U.K. There are a lot of cowboys out there at the moment I had six quotes and Evo were definately the most comprehensive in checking electrics, roof etc two companies did not even check the electrics I am very happy with my mini power station
by john on 10 May 2011 Reply
Im in Norwich and very happy to recommend Solar Essence Ltd.

They have been around for many years, MCS and REA listed, the quote was presented very well, very well priced and excellent service.

I would definitely suggest a quote from these guys.

by John Swindells on 10 May 2011 Reply
Thanks for your recommendation!
by finbarr keating on 06 May 2011 Reply
Obtained quotations from 4 installers for the 3.96 KW system.

System had to be ground based as we have land but not a south facing roof.

Solar advanced systems at East Grinstead came up with the best solution slightly expensive , but not much in it.

The inverter( Sungrow) used too much energy in conversion DC/AC & one bank of panels became disconnected

Within 24 hours , bank reconnected , Inverter changed to a SMA , a day later cheque received for the feed in tariff lost due the above problems

can't praise them enough

by Sue Jones on 03 June 2011 Reply
Sounds good. We are going to have an A frame on the ground. Did you need to contact your local building authority re a ground mounted installation? Did you have to have your electricity company involved to go above the 3.6kw or whatever the normal limit in Amps is? Would appreciate your experience.
by sharon sammon on 27 April 2011 Reply
3.9Kw with samsung panels sma inverter for only 11,299 inc vat & free sunny beam

call M.E.P Electrical 0800 644 0040

by Michael Psaila on 27 April 2011 Reply
We Do a 3.9 Kw WITH Samsung panles , sunnyboy sb4000tl and sunny beam for £11,299 inc vat

See our installs on facebook CALL 0800 644 0040

Thanks Michel Psaila

M.E.P Electrical Services Ltd

by brian connelly on 18 July 2011 Reply
hi i would like to know if you do the west of scotland
by Michael Psaila on 19 July 2011 Reply
Hi Brian we cover all u.k we have done a recent job in scotland pictures on our facebook page & install videos on our case stuides page on our website .


Michael Psaila

by paul on 25 April 2011 Reply
I used this company for solar panels for my home - It definitely pays in the long-run, financially as well as ecologically!

by James on 12 April 2011 Reply
Good morning,

We are disappointed not to see our company mentioned on here - KN Renewable Energy. We have been supplying and installing Solar PV systems and Wind Turbines thoughout England for the past 4 years. We are MCS accredited and a member of the REAL Assurance Scheme. We have the in-house ability and resources to design, install and commission quality systems from

This is a fantasic resource with huge amounts of useful information for all people interested in investing in solar panels, great stuff!
by Debra on 21 March 2011 Reply
Our Spring offer:

4 KW Yingli Solar Panels & SMA 4000TL Inverter & Schletter Mounting & MCS Installation ?11.600 incl. VAT

10KW Yingli Solar Panels & SMA 10000TL Inverter& Schletter Mounting & MCS Installation ?28.000 incl. VAT

>10 KW Yingli Solar Panels & SMA Inverter & Schletter Mounting & MCS Installtion ?27000 incl. VAT

4 KW Schott Solar Panels & SMA 4000TL Inverter & Schletter Mounting & MCS Installation ?12.400 incl. VAT

10 KW Schott Solar Panels & SMA 10000TL Inverter & Schletter Mounting & MCS Installation ?29000 incl. VAT

For a free quote Please email us

by michael psaila on 27 April 2011 Reply
We do 3.9kw samsung & sma 4000TL with hilti mounting & FREE sunny beam for £11,299 incl. VAT
by G.Tizzard on 19 April 2011 Reply
I am interested in the 4Kw Schott panel system the SMA 4000TL inverter. Can you email me a formal quote
by Ken on 14 March 2011 Reply
Have also been impressed by Nick a Sunray Solar from Portishead. Have visited two of his recent installations and have been very impressed by the installations and feedback from his customers. A small but very knowledgeable firm who have been into the solar business for 5 or 6 years. Will be going with them using the Sanyo HIT panels which seem very efficient in most conditions and having the bonus of avoiding the bright metal frames that look a bit, 'garish' on some installations.Moneywise where can you get such a great return on your modest investment? Certainly not at any bank I know! Come on Nick and get the money box fitted! Oh yes,and it also helps offset global warming!!
by David Norris on 08 March 2011 Reply
We at housechoice provide a National Solar Pv Instalation Service which can offer a first class service from start to finish. WE pride ourselves on high quality products with a huge focus on customer service . We have a vision to be the largest installer of Solar Pv in the uk.
by William on 06 March 2011 Reply
Our company operates throughout the U.K. feel free to contact us regarding Solar panels or heat pumps. We are MCS accredited, but the key to any product is good installation, ie using lead around brackets to ensure a 25 year water proof solution. Correct sizing of cabling to reduce loses. We only work with one type of panel and we warrant it's output and functioning for 25 years. Regards William 0800 032 50 80
by Maria Serriton on 23 February 2011 Reply
I spoke direct to and had an informative conversation with the sales staff about what to expect from a new P.V system, I requested a survey and it was done within the week the quote was competitive against 3 other quotes they have been trading for over 8 years were everyone else who quoted were upstarts , they installed a 3.9 kWp system for 15k the service was first class throughout
by john summers on 19 February 2011 Reply
SOLAR ADVANCED SYSTEMS where one of the most professional companies I came across for my solar PV installation. From the moment the surveyor/ sales guy came along who did not try any kind of high pressure sales at all to the outstanding install team who where 5*. I would recommend this company to anyone thinking of having solar power.
by Stacey on 14 February 2011 Reply
I work for a company who sell and install Solar PV. We aim to make sure that our business is sustainable and that the system is sustainable for you.

Please get in touch for further information. Or, check out our website.

by Trevor Kenwrick on 08 February 2011 Reply
Instant Solar PV Price Search by post code. Compare Solar Panel Systems and Suppliers/Installers - Beta version for non-logged in users is now live. Search by price, system size or distance.

Visit Renewable Savings. Feedback on this forum is welcome.

by Eco energy on 07 February 2011 Reply
We are a fully registered MCS,Real,Corgi company working nationally we only install schuco mono panels due to the -0 tolerance and will provide quotes on any size system typically a 3.8kw will cost ?13650.00 including 5% vat negotiations are welcome!! feel free to give our office a call or email.
on 31 January 2011 Reply
Posative Energy Solutions (PES) is MCS and NAPIT accredited, Birmingham based social enterprise specialising in Photo Voltaic Solar Panel Installations. We operate within the UK and offer our services to private homeowners and to residential, commercial and non-profit organisation.

Also, at Posative Energy Solutions we understand the value of knowledge and for us, providing a knowledge that is sustainable is Key, not just towards personal development, but for a more efficient socio-economic growth.

Through our proven organisational effort, we are already putting in place investments in the people opportunities for schools, military, hospitals, charities, and religious organisations who are excited about an alternative energy solution that shall respond to our environment positively.

Our green energy seminars and workshops deliveries are administered at request.

Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from our organisation.


Tel: 0845 269 8956

by Joanna Zhou on 21 January 2011 Reply
Hi, I'm Joanna from Samil Power Co., Ltd. It develops, manufactures and markets PV grid-tied inverters to all over the world. We offer you high quality PV inverters with very competitive price and better service. Should you have any request, please feel free to contact me by
by Neil Kerley on 20 January 2011 Reply
I work for PV SOLAR UK LTD which is a national company.We offer Sharp Nu180 Mono crystalline panels Power1 inverters (125v kick in) Click Fit mounting system. Plus a 10 year IWA warranty on all parts of our installations. The warranty is a fully paid up policy covered by the FSA . If you would like a quote please email me.
by S Chawner on 29 January 2011 Reply
Hi Neil can you email me I would like a price on 3.88 kw sharp mono crystalline system, power invter and installed please
by Neil on 30 January 2011 Reply
Hi thanks for enquiry. Is your roof concrete or slate
by S Chawner on 03 February 2011 Reply
It is slate and the house is about 20 years old. South West facing garden / roof
by Jason Kang on 17 January 2011 Reply
We are Solar module manufacturer from Korea.

We are looking for distributor. If anyone interested in, please let us know.

Jason Kang

by Gerry Deeney on 07 June 2011 Reply
we are interested in supply and installing of solar panels in Scotland
by Daniel Lawes on 02 January 2011 Reply
Here at South Downs Solar (SDS) we aim to be the South East Premier Solar PV company. We are MCS certified and believe we offer the best deals out there. If you are looking for a company that have highly qualified installers that you can trust please call or email for a free no obligation quotation. We have two offices in Brighton/Hove and Haywards Heath and will look at residential and commercial installs within 90 minutes from these locations. Email: our Website is .
by Russell King on 03 December 2010 Reply
New Horizons Solar, new start up Solar PV installation & PV system design company. My company aims to offer a 8% ROI based on year 1 income. We supply Schuco panels & SMA sunny boy inverters. At present we are offering a free Yeild monitoring hardware & software on systems on 2.4KW. Please call for a quote.
by Susan on 03 December 2010 Reply
We're interested but have no idea about what to choose, where to go. What should I be looking for?
by Russell King on 03 December 2010 Reply
Hi Susan

The the energy saving trust website has good background information on solar energy, and is independent. I would also suggest that you are best to obtain three quotes, its more work, but you get a range of products & ideas on the install layout.



by Jenny on 02 December 2010 Reply
We are solar panel installation systems manufacturer. If you are in the market for solar bracket pls contact me by email fengweisolarenergy at hotmail com
by George Kattapuram on 12 December 2010 Reply

Please can you tell me what types of brackets your are looking for? Id it Tiled Roof, Flat roof, free standing post type brackets, Caravan type fittings?

I can supply most variety of brackets.



by Jenny on 12 December 2010 Reply

We are supplier of solar panel installation systems.

We are looking for distributors in the worldwide. if you are interested you can contact me. Our website is

by Mike Davies on 30 November 2010 Reply
I live near Lymington, Hampshire and am looking for a recommended PV installer. Can anyone recommend a good company that has completed a recent installation?
by James on 24 January 2011 Reply
Hi Mike,

Myenergystation has Very good pricing of 15k for a 3.88kw systems

by Chris Montgomery on 21 January 2011 Reply
Hi Mike. we offer fully MCS accredited installations throught england and wales.

As an example of our prices a 2.1kw fully MCS accredited system and fully installed by MCS installers costs ?9650, this includes vat @ 5%.

We offer site surveys for ?189 (includes vat) which is redeemable if you decide to go with us as your installer.

Many thanks


Galeforce Renewable Energy Systems

01283 220264

by nur on 02 December 2010 Reply
Hi mike,

we can help you! please take a look at and give us a shout.



by Trevor on 24 November 2010 Reply
Hi, I run a website which gathers quotes for renewables. I have been given quotes by a national installer for a 3.7 KW system 20 sharp 180's mono fully installed for ?13,500 by REAL registered and MCS accredited installers with high quality 2 string inverter.

Get in touch if you want us to find you the cheapes quotes

by Susan on 03 December 2010 Reply
could use some help about what to look for etc
by Trevor Kenwrick on 04 December 2010 Reply
Yes sure. What advice are you after? Please contact me through the website and we will give you free advice and can offer great prices from many local and national suppliers.
by Phil on 16 August 2011 Reply
Their website currently has errors and does not work for a number of options e.g. "instant solar PV price search" Oh dear
by Trevor on 17 August 2011 Reply
Hi Phil,

Sorry, the error has now been fixed. Apologies for the downtime.

All should be working now.

by peter on 15 November 2010 Reply
i had a 1.8kwh system installed by Cost me just over ?9000, the installers were friendly and professional, and its exceeding their estimated output. Wouldnt hesitate to recommend them.
by Michael Psaila on 27 April 2011 Reply
We offer around 2.9kw system with sharp or samsung panels for around £9000 .

Visit our install or Call our last customers

CALL us 0800 644 0040

by michael on 06 November 2010 Reply
i have an quote from Tectonic PV Ltd. for 3.24kW system using romag glass panels,have a quote of ?13000.Do you have any experience with them or any recommendations? Thanks
by Chris Montgomery on 21 January 2011 Reply
Hi Michael. we offer fully MCS accredited installations throught england and wales.

As an example of our prices a 2.1kw fully MCS accredited system and fully installed by MCS installers costs ?9650, this includes vat @ 5%.

We offer site surveys for ?189 (includes vat) which is redeemable if you decide to go with us as your installer.

Many thanks


Galeforce Renewable Energy Systems

by Steve Potter on 02 November 2010 Reply
My wife and I looked at Sungrid modules and went with a 4kW, everything seems to fine so far, especially nice was the flash power tests on the modules that added up to in excess of 4.2kW (even though it was officially 4kW). The installer did a good job, they seem to have been around for a while so I'm not sure why they are not in the original study above. Their name is Intelligent Energy Solutions, website

I've also got a Sunnybeam data monitor, nice coffee table gadget but I'm having some trouble getting Sunny Data Control to work, has anyone else has success with this?

by MickM on 17 November 2010 Reply
Steve, I'm planning on installing 4kW and IE Soln look good. Would you mind telling me how much your installation came to please?
by Steve Potter on 08 December 2010 Reply
Hi MickM,

My installation cost ?18k. There were a few cheaper systems but I wanted top spec, I figure for a 25 year investment it's not worth cutting corners. Give them a call and see what they can come up with.

by nur on 02 December 2010 Reply
Hi Mick, We can do you a 3.99kwp solar pv installation for ?14,930 installed, using shuco (very efficient German product). Cheaper solutions are also available but we believe schuco represent the best overall value.
by Solar PV on 01 November 2010 Reply
EvoEnergy have so far been the most helpful for me. I shall keep you all posted!
by Steve Wells on 27 October 2010 Reply
I used Tectonic PV, and they were pretty good. They're in Kingston, Surrey, UK.
by fromweb on 23 October 2010 Reply
If you live in the Yorkshire and you're looking for a quote in solar PV, you can obtain a free quote online from Rai Systems at
by Tom Swarbrick on 06 October 2010 Reply
HI there, I woudl be really interested if any body knows of simmilar discussions more recently where lots of companies are compaired. I'm looking for a 1.9kW system in Bristol.
by Trevor Kenwrick on 04 December 2010 Reply
Hi, just saw your post. Yes we do offer just that. We give a list of quotes in the form of a table with various prices which you can compare like for like or different panel/inverter brands from different suppliers offering their lowest prices.
by nur on 02 December 2010 Reply
Hi Tom,

we cover Bristol, our website is

we offer a friendly, professional service and good value.

we are working on an online quotation system, however give us a call in the meantime for a price or any advice.



by Steve Bailey on 17 October 2010 Reply
I've been following your updates and just had a system installed from a company called Access Renewables (they are north east based - that's where I am).

By far the best customer service and sales and the install team were great too. I'm not sure if they cover all of the UK.

by nur on 02 December 2010 Reply
Integr8 have just opened an office in Gateshead and we are willing to beat any price to get ourselves established in that part of the country. if a customer allows us to use them as a case study or recommends us to another customer we will provide a good discount/ commission.
by Ryan on 13 October 2010 Reply
Hi All im currently in the process of setting up a solar distribution company where i can link end users with MCS approved installers supplying them with MCS approved High quality panels and G83 inverters, we are looking to drive down cost of the an instalation to the end user, ie 3.3kw system yingli panels monocrystal ?10K VAT if you guys have anymore market info it would help alot.
by nur on 02 December 2010 Reply
give us a call, maybe we can collaborate together.



by John Swindells on 06 October 2010 Reply
There are so many companies all across the country that comparative studies are going to be ad-hoc, on a geographical basis. Even though I got my quotes several months ago, I think that they should give you some pointers for the sort of prices and detail to look out for. I hope you find them useful!
by William on 05 October 2010 Reply
I have just had a 18 panel Sanyo HIP 215 system installed with 3 Sunny Boy inverters (I am concerned about shade and did not want whole system to be adversely affected when trees block part). Cost was ?15800 by local company (North Bristol). I think price was good for these quality items. My question is: 18X215 is 3.87. Is this kWp (peak) or is it kW(net) or are both the same? Can anyone advise? William
by nur on 02 December 2010 Reply
thats kw peak.
by William on 05 December 2010 Reply
by Bernie on 19 October 2010 Reply
Well that's an excellent price I can't find the panels for that kind of money can you let me know your supplier/contractor please.
by nur on 02 December 2010 Reply
are you still looking for an installer? please take a look at



by William on 20 October 2010 Reply
My supplier is in Portishead - Sunray Solar, phone 01275 844033, ask for Ashley Wright and if you contact him please mention my name. William
by John Swindells on 05 October 2010 Reply
Hi William, unless otherwise stated your power output figures will be the peak rating.

Your actual estimated electricity generation (units per year, for example) is more relevant will be something you should have been advised on, with factors such as your roof's aspect taken into account.

by William on 05 October 2010 Reply
Thank you. Well of course you are right and there are some bad boys around. But I am an engineer and have done some of my own research also. The installer quotes 3309kWh. My own calculation using the JRC European Commission tool is 3410 taking the roof pitch and orientation (-30 to South) and 106m elevation so my expectation is a bit less. The 3 inverters was partly my choice. I have to get trees cut and trimmed I know. But you see even a chimney shadow in mid to late afternoon can have an effect. I expect to monitor all 3 inverters like a scientific experiment for a retired engineer! My hope is not less than 3000kWh for year but we will see. The JRC calculation is I think good because it is set for exact location, and result is shown by month (i.e. the breakdown of the 3410) so it should not be too hard to get a feel even in the first months of autumn and winter.
by A. Adhami on 22 December 2010 Reply
Very impressed with your feedback and also your calculation as an enginieer for a pv system. Could you please pass me your installer details. Thanks
by John Swindells on 06 October 2010 Reply
I think you've got it all under control, and it sounds like a really valid experiment! Let me know what your readings are over the months.
by William on 06 October 2010 Reply
Yes of course I will feed back some numbers, William
by Bernie on 03 September 2010 Reply
We are interested in who you went with in the end

as we are looking into installing PV panels. We live near Worthing

by Steve Edwards on 20 September 2010 Reply
Recently had a system quoted from

Nice lady called and had a visit from them within a week. Non pushy salesman came along and left me some information pertaining to my house. Comprehensive and the lowest quote I had. Definately going with them.

by John Swindells on 20 September 2010 Reply
Global Renewable seem to be properly certified, so you should be covered tariff-wise. What sort of kit would they install (panels/inverter)?
by Bernie on 14 September 2010 Reply
Southern Solar is based near Lewes. Just had a survey from them. Still waiting to receive a written quote from them. Don't think they are very competitive. Really have to shop around.
by Derek on 14 September 2010 Reply
I looked at the Which report on solar heating and they had very good things to say about Southern Solar (not sure where they're based). Did you manage to contact them at all?
by John Swindells on 14 September 2010 Reply
Hi Derek, thanks for the info. I didn't come across Southern Solar; what were their strengths in Which?
by Derek on 14 September 2010 Reply
They didn't go into too much detail as the thrust of the article concerns "cowboy" companies (of which it seems there are many), the report simply said that Southern Solar was the only company who provided reasonable and sensible advice

I have not yet called them as I am still researching my energy needs but I am keen to use a respected company as it is a significant investment. I'll keep you posted.

If you're interested (though it's not so much about PV) the full which report is here:

by John Swindells on 14 September 2010 Reply
Excellent, thanks!
by John Swindells on 03 September 2010 Reply
Hi Bernie, we did get cold feet because of worries about needing the money in the future, so haven't proceeded yet. We also intend to research the environmental impact of solar pv panel manufacture/disposal.

Best wishes for your decision-making!

by Paarl Electrical on 12 June 2010 Reply
Photovoltaic panels are fixed to or near your building; they harness solar radiation transforming light intensity into electricity. The panels can be connected together to suit your power requirements. The electricity created is then directed into your electrical installation which is then consumed or can be sold back to the National Grid.

by Anna Farlow on 20 March 2010 Reply
I have just ordered my system from Kerry Durrant at (Norwich), whom I would highly recommend. Give him a try.

by Jeremy on 08 October 2010 Reply
What has been your experience with green home energy solutions?
by John Swindells on 23 November 2010 Reply
That's exactly my experience, Anna - Kerry Durrant was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He would probably be our top choice if we proceeded with a PV installation. Not tied into a particular supplier, and knows the technology very well.
by Anna on 23 November 2010 Reply
Kerry Durrant at Green Home Energy Solutions was great - and I think John agrees. My system has been up and running since April and I think this is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Kerry is a delight. Give them a try.

by David on 17 November 2010 Reply
I've been looking for a while for a decent installer in the South of England, hard to pick out the decent ones, reminds me of the double glazing days!!

I wanted to use a local company.

Finally decided on Bexhill Solar. Prices very resonable and service very good- not quite as cheap as Tescos but you get what you pay for.

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