Solar Rebates

Some information about solar rebates.

Get Paid Tax Free for Solar Energy with Solar Panels Grants. For Solar Panels on your home, you need local experts you can trust.

Residential Solar Panels

Try using Solar Comparison Sites, to compare Solar Quotes for Photovoltaic Roof Systems. You need to get and compare many quotes for Solar panels in your area. You want to end up with quality Solar PV systems designed for the built environment. Solar Panels vary from 20w to 120w solar panel and can be less than £1.90 per watt. Simple easy-install Solar Panels may cost under £4000 installed.

Solar Hot Water

You can also get free Hot Water with Solar Panels.

New Solar Panel Grants

There are no longer grants in the UK. Companies will give free quotes and may offer their own solar grant. You could earn £1,500 Per Year.