Beware of free health checks for Solar PV

Rip up that British Trading Solar Association letter!

Rip up that British Trading Solar Association letter!


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Have you had an unsolicited letter from a company you've never of, offering a free health check for your solar PV system? My recommendation: bin it!

Ignore this "Free health check" letter

Ignore this "Free health check" letter


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If you have had solar electric panels on your roof for several years then the inverter (usually in your loft-space) may well be out of warranty. Companies like BTSA (British Solar Trading Association) have somehow obtained this information and are offering a free health check. In all likelihood they will do a sales pitch on you to buy an extremely expensive extended warranty, or will try to sell you a new inverter. The best thing for you to do though, if you're concerned about your inverter's performance, is to get back in touch with your original installer or to look one up on the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) website. Unsolicited communications should always be treated with extreme suspicion, and these letters from the "BTSA" are no different.

According to Companies House, "B T Solar Ltd" was incorporated in March 2018 and is involved in environmental consulting activities. It has just a single director, and is registered at 39 Halton Brow, Runcorn WA7 2EH - which appears to be just an ordinary house on a residential street. It doesn't seem to stack up as a real association, does it?


by Andy on 23 June 2019 Reply
I received this letter on Friday and contacted them. I go their prices and said that I would think about it.

I decided that I would check them out on the internet.

I put their name into Google and one of the links is a ruling from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about this letter.

There have been complaints about the whether the letter was obviously identifiable as a marketing communication and whether it was misleading because it implied that your solar panel systems warranty was conditional on responding to the letter.

In their assessment the ASA noted that the trading body for Solar Panel systems is actually the Solar Trading Association.

I'm glad I took the time to check the company out. I going to throw the letter in the bin and block their number on my phone.

by Mike on 19 June 2019 Reply
Just received this letter today, did not look official, so decided to look them up online, clicked onto this post. Thanks for saving me a lot of time and money.
by Kev on 18 June 2019 Reply
This is their companies house record.

Registered office address

39 39, Halton Brow, 39, Halton Brow, Runcorn, England, WA7 2EH

Company status: Active - Active proposal to strike off

Company type: Private limited Company

Incorporated on 12 March 2018

Accounts: First accounts made up to 31 March 2019 due by 12 December 2019

Confirmation statement overdue

First statement date 11 March 2019

due by 25 March 2019

Nature of business (SIC)

74901 - Environmental consulting activities

by Kath on 16 June 2019 Reply
I was suspicious of the letter and glad I have looked it up. I shall rip it up as advised. Thanks for the info.
by Angela on 13 June 2019 Reply
Just had one of these letters. So glad I looked them up and thanks for your information.
by Paul on 11 June 2019 Reply
Just been on Companies House and they are applying to strike BT Solar Trading from Companies Register

Looks very suspicious and I would avoid,

by Nigel on 11 June 2019 Reply
Both my son and I have just received letters from BTSA. I was a little suspicious and the letter was addressed to just "Homeowner" with no actual name given in the address. I then went on to the internet and found this site. I contacted my original installer who were aware of this scam and stated that BTSA or BT Solar Ltd will try to persuade you to let their salesman call, who then spends two hours or so pressurising you to replace your existing inverter at a huge inflated cost of 900.00 plus and to extend the warranty or your existing warranty by 20.00 a week. BT Solar Ltd have no business address in Goodlass Road Liverpool. BTSA and BT Solar Ltd are clearly a SCAM. I hope that mine and the previous comment will prevent any one else being potentially scammed.
by Maggie on 28 May 2019 Reply
Just had a letter and phone call from this company.

Since their information was wrong I got suspicious and asked a lot of questions. She soon rang off. This is a scam.

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