Bulb: energising your home!

After a long series of domestic electricity price rises iver many years, we decided to try our luck with a new supplier that doesn't appear to have the inefficiencies and administrative baggage of the traditional companies. The energy supply company we settled on was Bulb, and after a painless switching process that started in January 2019 we have found the simplicity of readings and payments very refreshing.

One slight sting is that Bulb is a pay-in-advance supplier, and since we switched from a post-payment supplier we had a month of effectively paying twice. This wasn't a problem, and we don't mind the advance-payment system. Indeed, Bulb makes it so easy to adjust monthly payments that maintaining a healthy credit balance is neat.

A great feature of the Bulb app is its meter-reading capability, using the smartphone camera to quickly recognise and read the digits. They only ask for readings every few months, but this simple feature takes the drudgery out of squinting at the meter and carefully typing the numbers in.

We get referral commission! It's £50 account credit for us, plus £50 credit for your new account. This is a great incentive for us to talk about how great Bulb are, but we certainly wouldn't do this if we weren't genuinely happy. So, sign up and start saving! If you need to quote it anywhere, our referral code is johns3483.

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