Project Sunroof is Google's Micro-generation Solution

You would expect a forward-thinking hi-tech company like Google to be active in solar electricity, and indeed it is. Not just for its own considerable power requirements (with its army of datacentres and internet infrastructure around the globe) but also for the general public. Project Sunroof allows a resident to perform a "solar analysis" on their own house, to estimate how much electricity they might be able to generate in a year (based on known weather patterns). Simply search for your property on the Project Sunroof website and see what you might be able to generate!

As of 2017, Project Sunroof is limited to the USA. Furthermore, the solar data map doesn't appear to include very much of the land area within the US - but this may simply be due to the vast areas of the country that have no rooftops. Google has plans to expand this solar micro-generation project to other countries, so it's worth signing up for updates.

For more information, please visit the Project Sunroof website.


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