Replacing a Karndean floor

You might imagine that it would be prohibitively disruptive to replace a tired kitchen floor with a professional Karndean surface, but you'd be mistaken! Certainly, all of the free-standing appliances (including the cooker) need to be removed from the kitchen, and there will be a short time when the kitchen is completely inaccessible, but it'll be worth it!

Firstly, remove the kick-boards under the kitchen units and strip off the old floor. Old Karndean can be difficult to remove, but our floor wasn't glued properly in the first place - so was satisfyingly easy to pull up.

The professionals will lay a new latex screed to get it completely level. This will take no more than a couple of hours to be walk-able, and it won't matter if you get it dirty (within reason) as the workmen will be roughing it up and cleaning it before sticking the floor to it.

Just take care to keep your pets out of the way when the floor is still wet! Footprints can be dealt with, but it makes more work.

After a couple of days the professionals will be back, laying the new floor. This is a time-intensive operation, and you should expect your kitchen to be out of bounds all day.


on 06 February 2023
Nice flooring
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