Google is huge. It is huge on the web and it is a huge corporation. Being cash-rich it is able to research lots of new technologies and provide all sorts of 'freemium' services (give it away free of charge, but offer a paid version with all the trimmings).

By way of a short history lesson, watch this infographic by

Connect with Google+

Connect with Google+ (more)

Options for escaping Google Workspace

Google initially offered free accounts with custom domains many, many years ago, and kept these "legacy" accounts free when they started charging for new accounts. They have now announced that everyone must pay; accounts without payment info ... (more)

A Social Feed

This is a feed of everything I'm interested in, filtered and categorised according to my choices. Channels: Twitter (multiple accounts) Facebook groups Facebook pages Google+ LinkedIn Flickr Youtube Website RSS Webpage updates ... (more)

Paris-Brest-Paris 2023

event info PBP 2023 is scheduled to run between August 20 and 24. The starting town is Rambouillet (view on Google Maps). This is a massive event, and 8000+ riders are expected to take part. There are also qualifying criteria, and ... (more)

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