Strava keyword cloud

Here's what the current mood is on Strava! It's based on the titles of activities uploaded to, and highlights trending phrases over the last few days.

2 days to 30 March 2020

covid-19 lockdown lockdown day sanctioned daily exercise isolation quarantine escape day 12 social distancing lockdown day 7 rouvy essential corona stad lockdown day 5 #ridesolo lockdown day 6 ration government sunday solo social distance wind hail local loop run part socially

Here are some previous keyword clouds of note:


by Robert Armour on 11 January 2021
I'm not seeing a word cloud, at all, I'm afraid
by John Swindells on 10 April 2021
Actually, there was a transient bug to do with selecting the keywords to display; it should be fixed now!
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