Trans-Con Race 2023

This year's edition runs from Belgium to Greece, with controls in the Italian Alps, southern Slovenia, southern Albania and northern Greece. At around 3700km it's much shorter than in recent years, but is still set to be a huge challenge. More info on the website.

Below is a table of some Strava athletes who are riding TCRno9 (Transcontinental number 9). Their stats are updated here as soon as they upload their ride data to Strava.

8 riders

  Start time End time Distance covered Moving time Elapsed time Moving speed Elapsed speed
Paul Hesen
from Helmond, Netherlands

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25 July 03:17 04 August 18:58 3006km 137.5hrs 253.1hrs 21.9kmh 11.9kmh
Will Vousden
from Munich, Germany
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25 July 00:28 02 August 13:00 2949km 152.4hrs 190.1hrs 19.3kmh 15.5kmh
Espen Mykleby
from Trondheim, Norway
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24 July 10:21 04 August 23:32 2848km 146.6hrs 260.5hrs 19.4kmh 10.9kmh
Joep van L
from Eindhoven, Nederland

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24 July 07:38 03 August 21:28 2666km 123.5hrs 250.8hrs 21.6kmh 10.6kmh
Jim Armshaw
from London, United Kingdom

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25 July 05:20 04 August 22:52 2537km 130.1hrs 256.8hrs 19.5kmh 9.9kmh
John Wood
from Harrogate, United Kingdom

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25 July 05:07 04 August 21:59 2491km 128.0hrs 252.8hrs 19.5kmh 9.9kmh
Raymond Cox
from London, United Kingdom

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25 July 03:39 05 August 09:56 2360km 135.9hrs 256.5hrs 17.4kmh 9.2kmh
Katharina Siegel
from Berlin/ London

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26 July 05:40 01 August 18:06 962km 51.9hrs 156.5hrs 18.5kmh 6.1kmh


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