Silly Suffolk Audax 2020

Location: Carlton Colville, Lowestoft, UK

Only a dozen or so riders made it out for the 200km edition of the Silly Suffolk that was organised by John Thompson of VC Baracchi. Iceni Velo managed a group of three, and we set off just before 7:30 on back roads that were very wet from considerable overnight rain. We enjoyed good weather and even a nice dose of sun, although our bikes and legs got fairly filthy from the spray kicked up off the road.

Setting off

Always good to have a bit of sun at the start of a long ride!

Go West

We first had to head a long way west, collecting a receipt each at the Londis in Gislingham.

Up the coast

After a bit of a slog heading down to Bawdsey, we were able to head up the coast with a pretty decent tailwind.

To the finish

We were all quite glad to be back at the HQ, just as the sun was setting - although I still had over 20km more to ride as I'd parked in Loddon.

Silly Suffolk audax - plus a bit of Naughty Norfolk 😄 #stages

Ride on 2020-10-25 06:11:14, at with 2 others

Gear: Orro (Orro Terra)

247km in 8:58:15

Average speed27.5 kmh
Max speed47.5 kmh
Average power204 Watts
Elevation gain1377 metres

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by Dave bloom on 27 October 2020
Superb ride, especially the last 30 or so KMs with the tailwind and beautiful sunset.
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