Dawn 'til Dusk ride 2020

The route I took

The route I took


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I've had a "longest ride in daylight" challenge in my bucket-list for a long time, but there have always been other events getting in the way. The lack of competitive events in 2020 (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) gave me the opportunity and motivation. I was aiming for the weeks around the summer solstice, giving me a solid 17 hours of daylight, and so started studying the weather forecasts - waiting for a steady westerly wind to appear. I live near the east coast of England, so a tailwind home needed to be a nailed-on certainty.

I'd originally planned on riding my road bike, on smaller roads, for comfort and enjoyment. I mapped this out on Garmin Connect, and was hoping to ride it with a club-mate. When he was unable to join me I had a change of heart and opted for bigger roads on my time trial bike. I started from scratch, on Strava Routes this time, primarily because Garmin Connect's course designer gets incredibly slow to update the route when it goes beyond 100 miles or so (due to its elevation gain calculator). The final route I opted for can be seen on routes.fun.

Dawn ‘til dusk

Ride on 2020-06-19 03:04:24, at

Gear: Ridley Noah TT

Managed to stick to my planned route, and hit the 300-mile target. Power measured by #teamzwatt

485km in 15:41:00

Average speed30.9 kmh
Max speed63.0 kmh
Average heart rate139 bpm
Average power177 Watts
Elevation gain2416 metres

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I set off shortly after 4am - slightly before dawn, technically. It took around 50 miles to find myself on unfamiliar roads, as they flattened out for the vast expanse of the Fens.


The hills started appearing after 85 miles as I passed through the Deepings, heading out of Cambridgeshire and into Rutland.

The mid-way point

At midday I reached the furthest point (around 150 miles) at Walton-on-Trent in Derbyshire. It was raining a bit, so I didn't stop for long. A stopped a few miles later, in Rosliston, for a lunchtime fish & chips. Just what I needed!


The journey home saw me brushing the southern edge of Nottinghamshire and the northern parts of Leicestershire, before heading once more into the flatlands of Lincolnshire. The wind had fortunately played to the forecast and I had a healthy tailwind for almost all of the last 130 miles, so all I really had to worry about was refuelling. The lunchtime stop, plus protein bars and fig rolls, was all the food I needed, but I was feeling quite tired mid-afternoon so stopped in Spalding for a coffee - plus a juice top-up for my bottles. I also stopped at a car wash near Kings Lynn (around 50 miles to go) for water; they seemed confused by my request, but happy to oblige!


Dusk: Entering North Walsham!

Dusk: Entering North Walsham!


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As the sun was slowly sinking I knew I was going to make it home ok, and even had the energy for a brief chat with legendary time trial volunteer Bruce Williams (of North Norfolk Wheelers) who just happened to be passing as I was easing myself along the A148 towards Holt. After that I just counted down the miles and tried to enjoy the familiar roads.


I traveled very light, taking with me a multitool, spare tubes, puncture repair kit, pump and a Rehook (next generation, with tyre levers and hex keys). I also had a Cycliq Fly6 rear light/camera and a small LED front light. I carried three battery packs - for the rear camera, my Garmin and my phone. Unfortunately I had the Cycliq on charge when it started to rain, and water ingress killed what was otherwise a fine rear camera.


by Ben Findlay on 22 June 2020 Reply
Hey John, great ride, you went through my home town Oakham! i did a similar ride (albeit only as far as Oakham) a couple of years back and really enjoyed it. Well done!
by John Swindells on 22 June 2020 Reply
Cool! Your ride must have been at least 200 miles - good work.
by Ricardo Santos on 21 June 2020 Reply
Absolutely love this!!! Well done and you did it in great style.
by John Swindells on 22 June 2020 Reply
Thanks Ricardo!

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