Iceni Velo club ride to Raveningham

There were nine riders out on this mild and fairly windy club ride to Ravenous Cafe near to Raveningham Hall in south Norfolk. Overnight rain meant the roads were wet for the first hour or so, but sunshine and the wind gave us dry roads for the rest of the ride. There were three puncture stops (Jay, Andrew and Rob), probably fair enough given the stones washed out into the back lanes.

When I'd got home I did a wind-down 50-miler with youngest son Michael.

IV to Raveningham, then a torrid ‘50 with Michael

Ride on 2020-03-08 06:57:29, at with 2 others

Gear: Orro (Orro Terra)

208km in 7:53:11

Average speed26.4 kmh
Max speed49.7 kmh
Average heart rate123 bpm
Average power177 Watts
Elevation gain1155 metres

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