Mad March Audax (in February)

Fairly arduous ride this, starting in rain and ending in defeat. We were supposed to ride 300km from Norwich to March, Cambridge and Ipswich, finishing in Norwich. After Downham Market, a hude Fenland south-westerly wind made cycling very difficult and actually made it hard to stay on the road at times. We were fairly exhausted by the time we got to March, and took the easy decision to hard straight back home.

Mike's March Madness

Ride on 2020-02-23 05:55:52, at with 1 others

Gear: Orro (Orro Terra)

204km in 7:37:48

Average speed26.8 kmh
Max speed46.1 kmh
Average heart rate144 bpm
Average power176 Watts
Elevation gain675 metres

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by Ferg Muir on 25 February 2020
Hi John

Was that an Audax Permanent ?

by John Swindells on 25 February 2020
It was supposed to be, Fergus - a variant of the Cambridge 300. Sense got the better of us though, and we shortened it to an unofficial 200.
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