Tour of Cambridgeshire

Location: East of England Showground, Oundle Road, Alwalton, Peterborough, UK

The exposed, straight, flat roads of the Fens provided the ultimate test of endurance for riders on a hot, windy day. The early rolling roads were soon replaced by a strong tailwind, and the last 40 miles was a combination of nasty crosswinds and savage headwind - with only the last few miles providing an opportunity for some tailwind speed. With so many riders on the road there was always the chance of sharing the efforts into the wind, but it was difficult locating groups that were riding at the same pace!

All in all, a great event and very well organised. Full marks Golazo!

Working on the tan at the ToC100!

Ride on 2019-06-02 06:59:29, at with 4 others

Gear: Orro (Orro Terra)

241km in 7:35:49

Average speed31.7 kmh
Max speed62.6 kmh
Average heart rate149 bpm
Average power259 Watts
Elevation gain829 metres

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