National Road Championships & Sportive

Location: Norwich, UK

There were two very hard races in the fabulous Norfolk sunshine. The men's race in the morning was extremely fast and whittled the bunch right down on the run-in from the coast back to Norwich. The women had to cope with a rising south-westerly wind for their afternoon race; the wind - combined with the rising temperature - caused many splits and a final bunch of under 30 riders.

Photos from the men's race

Photos from the women's race


Spectating at National road race champs

Ride on 2019-06-30 05:34:33, at with 1 others

Gear: Orro (Orro Terra)

180km in 5:59:31

Average speed30.0 kmh
Max speed50.0 kmh
Average heart rate141 bpm
Average power235 Watts
Elevation gain1085 metres

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I felt (slightly) honoured to receive an email from Strava informing me that none other than Alex Dowsett (the new National TT champ) had taken one of my KoMs! By the time other racers had completed their uploads, I was relegated to around 50th place -- time to let that one go, eh!

I was helping out first thing on the Cycling UK stand at the GB Cycling Festival in Norwich, where Andrea Auburn was doing a great job promoting the No 1 charity in the UK for cyclists' interests and campaigning. Here is Andrea chatting with Iceni Velo's Dave Bloom, who was also helping out during the morning.

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