National Road Championships & Sportive

Taking place on at 9AM

Location: Norwich, UK

Golazo Cycling have teamed up with British Cycling to bring us a first for Britain: the road race championships and a mass-participation sportive on the same roads - all the same day!

Norfolk is the county to host this huge event, with Norwich city centre as the event HQ. The men's race will start first, and the women's race runs concurrently with a later start time. The sportive will happen afterwards, although it's not clear whether it starts after the championships have finished.

For more information on the sportive, head over to the GB Cycling Festival website. To read British Cycling's announcement, read this: HSBC UK | National Road Championships to be staged in Norfolk.

In case that wasn't enough Norfolk cycling, round 5 of the National Cross-Country Series is also going to he hosted on the outskirts of Norwich, on June 2! See the Push Sport event on Facebook for more details. Unfortunately it does clash with the Tour of Cambridgeshire - another Golazo Cycling closed-roads event. There just aren't enough weekends in the year!

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