An afternoon's riding in the Yorkshire Dales

Location: Yorkshire Dales, Swineside, United Kingdom

This Sunday (Mother's Day, as it happens) was particularly full for me. Up at 6am, and out the door at 7am I drove four hours with eldest son Dan to deliver him to the Army Foundation College at Harrogate. After two hours at the college, I hit the road on my bike and followed a pre-planned route through Hebdon, Malham and Kettlewell. The climb out of Malham was quite difficult, and I passed a couple of other cyclists struggling up.

From Kettlewell I went up a ridiculously steep road that went between Walden Head and Whernside. After plummeting down the other side I discovered that the planned right turn at Arkleside was actually just a dirt track, and had to carry on heading north-east until I could finally start heading south at Jervaulx. With the extra 13 miles added to my journey, I ended up riding 104 miles - and climbing 9000 feet. It was a tough day in the saddle.

Ton of fun in the Dales

Ride on 2017-03-26 12:11:04, at

Gear: Ridley Noah (Ridley Noah 1303am)

168km in 5:58:19

Average speed28.2 kmh
Max speed70.2 kmh
Average heart rate147 bpm
Elevation gain2743 metres

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