Long ride for lunch at Mum's

Location: Holland-on-Sea, United Kingdom

To make the most of favourable weather conditions I decided to spend the day away from the family and ride down to my Mum's - around 90 miles away. With sunshine, a south-easterly breeze and warm (not hot) temperatures, it had to be done! I kept the pace steady on both the outward and return legs (trying to keep HR around 140), and consequently had no problem finishing the long ride. My feet, however, were in a fair about of discomfort, and I later put it down to the shoes being slightly too tight. Nutrition was good too; I only drank a single 750mL carb/protein bottle on the way down, plus a gel, and a 500mL carb/protein bottle on the way back (plus 2 gels, a banana and 50mL of water).

I took a bunch of photos on the way down, but half way home my Garmin bike computer warned about a low battery - so I decided to forego more snaps and turn off my phone in anticipation of using that for recording the last part of the ride. Sure enough the Garmin died just south of Norwich, and a nice Strava person later stitched the rides back together for me.

Down to Mum's for a spot of lunch

Ride on 2016-05-07 04:30:16, at Norwich

Gear: Ridley Noah (Ridley Noah 1303am)

280km in 8:25:42

Average speed33.2 kmh
Max speed61.2 kmh
Average heart rate138 bpm
Average power187 Watts
Elevation gain1181 metres

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