GYCC Spring Road Race

Location: Fritton and St. Olaves, St Olaves, United Kingdom

This was a very fast and twitchy race that saw a few breaks make a few seconds gap before being reeled in, until mid-way through when Dougal Toms (Iceni Velo), Mark Richards (VC Baracchi) and someone else took off up the road and managed to stay away until the end. Dougal took the win, and Mark was second. The third rider had retreated to the bunch, allowing top Iceni Velo sprinter Spencer Laborde to nab third place.

I initially found the race quite exciting, keen to help drive at the front and even managing to break away for a few minutes with James Browne (VC Norwich). When a few riders crashed right in from of me and fellow Iceni rider Tim Guy, however, I felt rather more perturbed about the whole thing. I was happy to help my team-mates out on the run-in to the finish, but was more relieved just to cross the line without incident.

Gt Yarmouth CC Spring Road Race

Ride on 2016-04-17 08:04:34, at with 23 others

Gear: Ridley Noah (Ridley Noah 1303am)

75km in 1:56:10

Average speed38.7 kmh
Max speed57.2 kmh
Average heart rate153 bpm
Average power289 Watts
Elevation gain251 metres

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