East Anglian CC 75-mile reliability ride

Location: Horsford, United Kingdom

Lots of keen riders turned out for this 75-mile ride into North Norfolk, despite overnight rain and forecasts of more rain and high winds. As it turned out the morning stayed dry but the wind was brutal - especially on the south-bound leg between Salthouse and Dereham.

I had a good ride, spending half of it with IV clubmates Dougal and Gary, but had to ride on alone as the pace slowed.

East Anglian CC reliability ride #tough #windy #belgiantan #fun!

Ride on 2016-02-21 08:25:38, at Norwich with 4 others

Gear: Giant SCR 1.0

164km in 5:10:33

Average speed31.7 kmh
Max speed55.4 kmh
Average heart rate149 bpm
Average power172 Watts
Elevation gain782 metres

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