Pedal Park: a Norfolk cycling revolution!

Pedal Park rider survey

Pedal Park rider survey


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Grass roots cycle coaching, training and racing is often not as simple as just hopping on your bike and hitting the open road. Coaches will typically need to run their sessions from a small circuit. Training can be problematic when roads get mucky or when riders wish to train in a group. Road racing is an extremely expensive affair nowadays, and involves lots of red tape for the organiser. Add on top of all this the desire for novices, children and disabled people to get into cycling as a recreational or competitive activity, but lacking the confidence to ride amongst motorised traffic. So, what's the solution? For Norfolk, Pedal Park is a distinct possibility!

Pedal Park map

Pedal Park map


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Based on a roughly circular tarmac road on the old RAF Coltishall base at Badersfield, North Norfolk, Pedal Park would allow cycling events to be laid on, traffic free, for a large number of evenings and weekends. It would operate out of a set of buildings, so there would be shelter and even changing rooms and a caf! Neil Turner is driving the initiative along with the financial clout of Norfolk bike firm Pedal Revolution, but needs the support of the wider cycling community to make the project a success.

Your opinion matters! Spend a few minutes to fill in the Pedal Park rider survey, and let the team know what you think! You can also take my quick poll on Twitter.


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30 April 2017 (Sunday): Duff Morgan / Iceni Velo Road Race

01 May 2017 (Monday): Ixworth Cycle Races

10 May 2017 (Wednesday): CC Breckland 10-mile time trial

14 May 2017 (Sunday): Ken Wright Memorial Road Race

20 May 2017 (Saturday): ECCA 10-mile time trial champs

25 May 2017 (Thursday): Iceni Velo club 10-mile time trial (Ketteringham)

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