SOLVED: Pair a speed sensor to a Garmin 310XT

Garmin has a really neat ANT+ speed-sensing device, which fits to the hub and does away with the need for a spoke-mounted magnet. It can also be bought in conjunction with a magnet-less cadence sensor, and if you don't want the cadence sensor, that is where the pairing problem can arise.

By the way, my motivation for doing this is to create a little bit more realism when turbo training. I have a crank-based power meter that also measures cadence, and fancy keeping a reasonable track of the distance I might have covered in the session. When you're turbo training, every motivation counts!

First of all, install the ANT+ speed sensor on the rear wheel as per instructions in your manual. Also disable any other ANT+ sensors nearby (eg, a power meter) by removing the battery.

On your Garmin computer (in my case a Forerunner 310xt) use the mode, enter and arrow keys to navigate Settings: Bike Settings:

Then choose your custom bike profile. If you don't already have one, follow the instructions in your user manual.

Then select Ant+ Spd/Cad: More: and then select just "Spd Sensor". If Spd/Cad Sensor is selected, a speed sensor by itself will not be found.


by Frank Gadelha on 06 November 2016
The same is valid for WAHOO CADENCE SENSOR.
by Andrew on 13 April 2016
My 310xt only seems to have run settings and not bike or swim. why is this
by John Swindells on 13 April 2016
You need to hold down the 'mode' button, Andrew, and that will show a menu of the different activity modes.
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by Doug on 31 March 2016
Remember to update the 310X via Ant USB using Garmin Connect software first. Then follow the directions above.
by John Swindells on 31 March 2016
Ok, sounds sensible. I wasn't aware of whether mine had updated or not
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