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Location: Reepham NR10 4JT, United Kingdom

This was an excellent course, on a mixture of bridleways, lanes and old railway lines. There was plenty of standing water, mud and debris due to the wave of recent storms that has been rolling across the country recently, which made it all much more fun.

I rode with a couple of newfound friends - Ian and B - and we enjoyed a steady ride with lots of stops to check the route. Ian's mudguards seemed like a good idea at the start, but when he took a tumble the rear one came loose - and caused problems from then on. It was all part of the fun!

Big thanks to organiser Sara, Dave and Jenny at signing-on, and everyone else who helped with the event! Entries were very low, so we may see a repeat of the event - I'd definitely recommend it!

Here's my Strava ride (including the ride over):

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by 'B' Royce on 10 May 2014
Great ride, those of you that stayed in bed because of the weather missed a really good one ! Thanks for navigating John! I would have been lost without you :)
by John Swindells on 02 June 2014
I quite agree, B! It was great fun riding with you.
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