Lotus League 2013: Round 1

The first evening's racing got off to a smooth start, and efficient organisation meant that everyone got signed in promptly and were racing on time. The track was in tip-top condition, and a brisk westerly breeze made things interesting on the finishing straight.

Regional C+ race

The race was handicapped, so 4th cats were given around a half lap head start over the E/1/2 riders, and 3rd cats had around a quarter lap head start. All three groups stayed together until they finally merged, at which times there were various attempts at a breakaway. After almost an hour of well-disciplined racing it came down to a mass-sprint, which felt decidedly chaotic as a lot were scrambling for the line whilst others were burnt out just too soon. There were no incidents at all though, even on the final chicane when people were getting very twitchy.

  • 7:00PM Youth A, B and C race. £5 fee.
  • 7:30PM Regional C+ (E/1/2/3/4) handicap race for full licence holders. £10 fee.


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