Seal Skinz All-weather Cycle gloves

These gloves come from the Bike-hut (Halfords) but are made by a Norfolk company - Seal Skinz - who know what they're doing when it comes to water-proofing and retaining body heat.

Other features:

  • Totally waterproof, highly brealthable membrame
  • Lightweight construction, pressure point padding on palm, silicon grip on fingers
  • Using Porelle inserts, provide wind and rain protection and allow sweat to be released
  • Can be washed at 30 degrees, but mustn't be spun and the shop assistant said that it's safer to wash them by hand, so that the membrane isn't damaged
  • 100% polyester lining (fleece)
  • 87% polyester / 13% elastane outer.

At £30 these gloves aren't cheap, but should beat the cold and wet. Seal Skinz also do socks, but at £23 are a bit too pricey.


by Nick on 07 July 2011
I was a bit disappointed when I bought a pair of their all-weather (non-cycling) gloves. One of my fingers popped through the inside lining after a month or two, so now when I cycle in the winter I get one chilly finger tip. Maybe they're skimping a bit on the construction. Nicely waterproof though, and about adequate on warmth except for really cold weather (and that one finger tip!). I might try another make next time, though. My last pair of foul weather cycling gloves lasted 10 years and were better padded, but I can't find them any more.
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