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We placed our order for an Isla Luath 24" bike on the evening of Monday 29 November. The Luath 24 is the red one, with drop handlebars; we ordered it with custom name transfer - a sticker on the top tube - and mudguards too. We also ordered a couple of spare sets of wheels. Isla warned us that the delivery may take some time because of the bad weather (snow and icy conditions) that had kicked off across the country, so imagine our surprise when the whole package arrived under three days later! It was all in tip-top condition and the standard pre-ride tweaks and checks for the Luath were a breeze.

The continuing bad weather meant that the Luath 24 remains pretty much un-ridden, but we are certain that it will be the perfect kit for our nine-year-old. The spare set of wheels mean that we can keep separate off-road and on-road wheels. This is well recommended to give a smooth, efficient ride on the roads, and decent grip and reduced tyre wear on the trails.

The reason we chose Isla Bikes this time was because of how well tailored they are for children. Others in our collection are the Luath 26 (26" wheel), Beinn 20 (20" wheel, straight handlebars) and the Cnoc 16 (single speed with 16" wheels) and they all do the perfect jobs for their respective age groups. Isla bikes aren't cheap, but they are worth it for the light weight, geometry and resale value (so we've heard, anyway).

See the Isla Bikes website for for information on the Luath 24.


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