Budget Helmets

Bell Venture Helmet 250g - ?24.99
Met Formula Helmet - ?24.99
Met Volo Helmet - 275g - ?19.99
Specialized Air Force 3 Helmet - ?24.99
Met Sfero Cycle Helmet - 280g - £14.99
Met Dedalo Helmet 07 - 260g - £29.99
Met Ippogrifo Helmet 06 - 270g - ?34.99
Giro Monza 2006 - 256g - ?29.99
MET Aliseo - ?29.99
MET Scatto - 260g - ?24.99
http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/ - MET Scatto or MET Aliseo
http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ - MET Volo
I ended up buying a Bell Stylus helmet, for £20, from Performance Cycles in Norwich. The price was really good, and I really couldn't see (or feel) any difference to more expensive models. It was a big help actually trying the different helmets on, although all of the ones in my size (in the 54-61cm range) were pretty comfortable. Also, they had the Stylus in yellow and silver, which matches my bike. Sold!


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